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Top 100 Web Hosting Ratings, based on Google Page Rank, 26 May 2015

Website ProviderSocial linksGoogle PRAlexa RankLinks Count
SiteGround (City Of Panama, Panama)9182129357
Green Reseller WebHosting (Santa Monica, CA)8014
Github (San Francisco, CA)819685850
Weebly (San Francisco, CA)8223201091
Cloud Flare (San Francisco, CA)8143899084
Homestead (Menlo Park, CA)8272345782
Media Temple (Culver City, CA)831566193
EasyDNS (Toronto, ON)847831730
Bytemark Hosting (York, North Yorkshire)8927011151
Svenska Domaner (Stockholm)827950954 - Web Hosting & Internet Servi (Athens, Attica)7013 (Houston, TX)7054
123Webhosting (Richmond, BC)701
Cotendo (Cambridge, MA)70232
i/o Data Centers (Phoenix, AZ)70126
Yahoo Web Hosting (Sunnyvale, CA)741471241
Yahoo! Small Business (Sunnyvale, CA)741450804
GoDaddy (Scottsdale, AZ)790552790
HostGator (Houston, TX)717245428
BlueHost (Orem, UT)734944869
Image Shack (Los Gatos, CA)7363164467
Square Space (Monkton, MD)791916687
OVH (Roubaix)793713793 (Montabaur, Rheinland-Pfalz)797242460
Pingdom (Stockholm)798214815
1and1 Web Hosting (Chesterbrook, PA)7107920937
Rack Space (San Antonio, TX)712877389
NetworkSolutions (Herndon, VA)7141431484
InMotionHosting (Marina Del Rey, CA)716916804
DreamHost (Brea, CA)7201717535
000webhost (Kaunas, Kaunas)7201724917
Arvixe (Calabasas, CA)724618330 (Denver, CO)724998485
Bigcommerce (Austin, TX)7288628828
Volusion (Simi Valley, CA)7323824176
Angelfire (Herndon, VA)7332282145 (Beijing)734037518 (Jacksonville, FL)7352912679
Fatcow (Burlington, MA)7356414144
Linode (Absecon, NJ)736206431
LiquidWeb (Lansing, MI)747271817
Heroku (San Francisco, CA)747397724
Microsoft Azure (Redmond, WA)754634816
MaxCDN (Los Angeles, CA)755721528
Bravenet (Parksville, BC)7627920468
Free Webs (Silver Spring, MD)7716056526 (Firenze, -)775704542
iWeb (Montréal, QC)78133787
UOL Host (, Goiás)793132388
Swisscom (Bern, CH)796943101
Hosting24 (Kaunas, Kaunas)7107729914
GreenGeeks (Santa Monica, CA)7111151725
Natro (Istanbul, Mecidiyekoy)7115631614
Single Hop (Chicago, IL)7118181367
Nexcess (Ann Arbor, MI)7121263450
eUKHost (Leeds, +1 773 305 5641)7121782801
Namesco (Worcester, Worcestershire)7128281207 (Kista)7198161224
Hivelocity (Tampa, FL)7262533204
EdgeCast (Los Angeles, CA)740490727
Krystal (Torquay, Devon)744637422
Joyent (Greenbrae, CA)7542332582
Register 365757019128
VTX.CH (Pully, CH)761032352
metanet.ch777092231 (Guangzhou 510031)777130691 (Izmir)778246223 (London Sw17 8tp)7810266584 (Dana Point, CA)783488166
Canadian Webhosting (Richmond, BC)794140319 (Zürich, -)794994800
Memset (Cranleigh, Surrey)7107635535
Spry (Renton, WA)71103001288
Server Central (Chicago, IL)7125935190
ICN.BG (Sofia, Sofia)7131927584
Duplika (Ciudad Autónoma De Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires)7132888654
Server Grove (Miami, FL)7140959295
Windstream Business (Tulsa, OK)7147646295 (Fulda, Hessen)7171502246
Brick Host (Thunder Bay, ON)7174072457
Osuosl (Corvallis, OR)72139441736
Web Wiz (Poole, Wimborne)7217170251
United Hosting (3 Centro Boundary Way, Hemel Hempstead)7235382166 (Milton Keynes, +1 773 305 5641)7334675526 (Istanbul, -)746333748
Tera Byte (Edmonton, AB)7498252401 (Chicago, IL)751263188
Active 24 (Oslo)7530062412 (Panama, -)7694552224
Safe Names (Milton Keynes Mlo)775309531
Art Motion71279143165
IWeb (Montreal, QC)71908599174
Active ISP (Risor)7297510376
Uk Domains (Worcester, Worcestershire)7489667156
Inmotion (Los Angeles, CA)749697284
Hosting365 (Wayne, PA)7555650849
Marmarahosting (Istanbul)799011877 (Bowburn, Durham)712876756209

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