Advertise your web hosting services on WHTop

  • After getting a lot of requests for advertising on our website, we finally came up with a first solution which offer for now only banner ads capability.
    The current system allows ads on specific set of pages (no main page for now), on the right side (see photo). The rule is by rotating 3 random ads targeting that page for every 10 seconds. With other words on every page during one display (and during page scrool) will be rotated 3 ads. However, ads are only showing for screens larger then 1200 pixels and after starting to scroll, in order to be less disturbing
    We accept advertising only for relevant web hosting URL's, banner designs subject to approval. So far supported ads size are: 160x600 or 120x600 . Some other conditions may apply regarding the quality of the advertised brand.

    Examples of target usage:
    • The hole available pages for visitors from specific countries.
    • Only specific set of pages, like /directory.vps and /directory.vps/* (with or without visitors from specific countries)
    • All pages with specific URL part, like */country-de* (with or without visitors from specific countries)
    • Targeting one particular page, like /top.10-alexa-ranking/country-de or /review/ (with or without visitors from specific countries)

    For prices inquires, you can contact us with your options.
  • Ads placement example

PS: Current system is in beta testing and will be improved/changed over time. We do store stats every time a banner is displayed and is clicked, but reporting is not yet available.