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About Nu Blue

We are located in Lancaster's state-of-the-art InfoLab21 complex right by the M6, situating us perfectly for working with clients across the North West and the rest of the UK. We offer a complete range of professional services, including:

Digital Services

We like to think of ourselves as a passionate team - we really do love all things 'Web'. In our early days we set out on a mission to deliver high quality web design and development services and found that we really are good at it. Since then we have grown with gusto, adding loads of new skills to our team to become a 'full service web agency.' In other words, we can do it all. And we do it for those who expect the best.

So what's our difference? It's all in our people. A common desire to be the very best at what we do and a team of lively personalities means that we haven't lost our human touch. We communicate in English as well as we communicate in code so despite our IT prowess, you will still find us refreshingly easy to talk to. Never be afraid to bring your craziest ideas and questions to the table - we want to work with you, not for you. Besides, sometimes the craziest ideas turn out to be the best.
Fast Reliable Hosting

Established in 2005, NuBlue has quickly become one of the leading Hosting providers in the UK, building up an extensive portfolio of clients.

We are privately financed and owned, meaning our clients are our sole priority. We focus on you, the customer, as much as the technology we are providing you with. Our goal is to continue going that extra mile (and a little further!) in the name of providing the most outstanding support and service that you can find.

From a humble, single server beginning, NuBlue Hosting now provide a range of hosting services, spanning multiple platforms and serving the needs of thousands of clients. From 2008 we have established ourselves as a leading provider of Web Hosting in the UK for the Magento and Interspire eCommerce platforms, and forged a reputation for efficient, friendly, and highly capable support.

When you're aiming for 100% uptime, resilience in the network is key! Here at NuBlue we have a very simple rule, if a device is critical to network availability, there will always be a hot-standby available.

All critical hardware, such as switches, power supplies or server components are duplicated. This means that the failure of an individual piece of hardware will have minimal impact upon the overall running of the network.

We also ensure that every byte of data is backed up, using multiple methods and to multiple locations.

Dell Servers
Quality and reputation is important when you have hardware that needs to run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (366 for leap years!).

For this reason we only use Dell servers. We do not and will not compromise on quality! You can therefore be sure that whatever platform you are using, it is running on the finest hardware available.

24/7 Monitoring
All our hardware is monitored at all times. From major services to hardware configurations, if there are any problems or discrepancies we will be immediately notified via email and SMS and our on call engineers will respond to the issue.

UK Datacentres and Support Staff

When you're hosting a website that caters to a UK or EU audience, it doesn't make sense to host your website on the other side of the world. Furthermore, when you have to deal with support staff, you want to know that the Manchester call centre is in Greater Manchester (not India).

That's why we are proud that we're based, located and serving all our clients exclusively from the North West of England. Our 0845 number doesn't route to Dubai, and neither does your website

Network Monitoring

The entire Datacentre network is redundant and monitored on several levels to ensure the optimal uptime and stability is achieved. Every service, switch, router, firewall and managed server is monitored internally and continually by dedicated support staff who are on hand 24/7 to resolve issues before they affect your services.

Fast, Resilient Network

The Datacentre network is a fibre-optic, multiple facility design, that connects all services to the Internet at no fewer than four top-tier locations, ensuring maximum speeds and availability.

Magento Hosting
The world's fastest growing open source shopping cart is available with all our hosting accounts. It is FREE to download and install using our bespoke 1 Click installation. Our optimised servers provide the perfect Shared Hosting platform for your Magento store, and a simple upgrade path for clients who begin to outgrow the Shared platform.

In house support

Our UK based support team are here to resolve your problems quickly and easily, and we have made sure you can contact them in whichever way you choose. We have a direct number to the team, a live chat service, public forums and an advanced ticketing system to choose from. Take your pick.

SSL certificates
If you need to secure your webspace, then you will want an SSL Certificate. Issued by GeoTrust, one of the leading providers of SSL across the globe, an SSL will secure payment gateways, login areas and other sensitive locations with powerful encryption processes. All SSL purchased through us include everything you need, from the installation to a Dedicated IP for the SSL itself. Facebook Cover
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PlansWebsite Products

Linux - Shared Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
Business Lite features400MB Web Space
Unlimited Email Accounts
5GB Bandwidth Per Month
PHP | CGI/Perl 5.8 | 1 MySQL Database
FREE Dedicated IP upgrade for E-commerce (SSL)

Many more features listed on our website.
Server Specs Provided:Dual XeonIntel CPUSATA HDDFree [...]
$13.84/mo. 400 MB5 GB
Business Hosting Plan featuresMany more features listed on our website.
Server Specs Provided:Dual XeonIntel CPUSATA HDDFree RebootsRemote Reboot100 Megabit PortOperating System:BSDWeb Server Software Offered:ApacheDatabases Features:MySQLWeb Hosting Server Features:FTP [...]
$19.78/mo. 1 GB5 GB
Business Xtra Plan featuresMany more features listed on our website.
Server Specs Provided:Dual XeonSATA HDDFree RebootsRemote Reboot100 Megabit PortOperating System:BSDWeb Server Software Offered:ApacheDatabases Features:MySQLWeb Hosting Server Features:FTP AccountsCron [...]
$29.68/mo. 1400 MB15 GB

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Targeting: United Kingdom

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Lancashire Web Company launches high-performance global serving for UK businesses - Lancaster-based web agency and hosting provider Nublue has released a new Smart Serve CDN (content delivery network) service for its web hosting clients. This method of serving significantly improves websites’ speed and performance in other countries, giving UK businesses the opportunity to increase their market reach on a global scale. Some of Nublue’s clients have already been testing the benefits of Smart Serve CDN for their own hosting, and the web company has now made the service available to all businesses through their website.
CDN is a way of serving websites which makes them faster and more responsive for visitors in other countries, shortcutting the distance involved to transmit parts of a site’s content. Faster, smoother websites can rank higher in search engine results and create a better user experience for customers, which could increase businesses’ conversions too. CDN has also been shown to decrease bounce rate and increase website page views, and can reduce ... [search all news]

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About: Nublue designs, builds and hosts websites for thousands of UK and international clients across a range of industry sectors.

Our digital agency specialises in award-winning design, development and project management, creating high-end websites and bespoke online systems using recognised open-source applications like Magento, WordPress, ExpressionEngine and CakePHP.

Our online hosting team meanwhile provides tailored solutions and personalised client support on a variety of high-performance Linux hosting packages.

Nublue began in 2005 as a two-man operation with a simple aim: to put the human touch back into web design and hosting. To be the big-city agency outside the big cities.

Since then we’ve grown into a thriving multi-disciplinary company in the heart of Lancaster, and we think that’s because of the way we like to work. We don’t just ask our clients what they need, but why – and with a great team of talented people, the how comes pretty easy. Best of all, our [...]

Nublue (est. 2005) is a Privately Held entity having 334 followers on LinkedIn and 11-50 employees, industry Internet.
About: ISO9001-certified specialists in creating beautiful ecommerce websites with expertly managed, superfast UK hosting.
Nublue account is having 188 followers and 501 plus one count. See recent Google+ Posts: GPlus Icon
- Our Senior Developer Dave spotted the fabled Nublue ‪#‎postcard‬ just chillaxing in Copenhagen recently. Having jetted off to the Maldives, the French Alps, Norway, Calais, Iceland, the Italian Dolomites, Poland, the Canaries, Florida and New York over the pas 27/06/2016
- Right now we're looking for a ‪#‎Digital‬ Consultant (£21,150 - £28,435) to join our growing Lancaster team and help us create high-end ‪#‎ecommerce‬ websites for even more clients. Click to learn m 24/06/2016
- Preparing your #ecommerce store for international trade:#business Preparing your ecommerce store for international trade | Nublue
Nu Blue Blog Blog added on Sep, 2011, with total 152 articles, language en-US. See recent blogs summary posts:
- How online visual merchandising is essential to increasing site conversion - Imagine you've got a physical store. Now imagine you don't bother to present any structure or implement any visual merchandising at all. Everything is essentially just thrown wherever it lands. It's t
- Magento 2 Extensions on the Way to a Purchase - As far as the market of Magento 2 extensions develops rapidly, we tried to estimate its current state and find the functionality gaps to become new products just soon. Currently the market embraces ...
- Hosting – big brands that got it wrong - When anticipating extra traffic to your website it's important to consider whether or not your hosting is configured to handle the extra workload that will be heaped upon your server. Lately, we've be

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