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WHTop (a new version of Web-Hosting-Top.com), is a website with editorials and user reviews unique by it's rich content, simplicity and high quality!

Web Hosting Top represent a pioneer in webhosting ratings worldwide, the most reliable resource for customer reviews! whtop.com has certain unique features, offered to our community, apart of top 10 list and top 3 companies per country

  • Great coupons & discounts from lots of providers with over 22.000 news, newsletter and articles well organized with fresh content;
  • Listing per countries, e.g. UK, Canada or US internet brands;
  • Top Hosts ranking based on number of hosted domains and per countries, like Top 100 Hosts Google Rank & Top 10 Hosts on Alexa Rating;
  • The biggest directory with around 22.500 companies worldwide, with over 23.000 plans (with RSS export functionality), promotions, company address/location, customer support with phone numbers, social network id's and more;
  • Around 11.000 webmasters, customers & users ratings with over 750.000 votes, explained glossary terms, a great webmaster tools section and list of available control panels .. plus a lot more!

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Webmasters note: Website providers are ranked by the best web hosting service ratio. Customer happiness, price & affordability, support, reliability, awards & uptime, control panel & features, number of hosted web sites and users feedback have been taken into consideration!

Most peoples don't know which webhosting service suits best for them and they have just lowest price as criteria when signing up, which is OK in most of the cases, but may also be wrong choice. Basically, the cheapest webhosting type you will find is shared solution, where many customers uses the same server. This is acceptable web hosting solution for small business with low to medium website/email traffic. If you are going to pick this hosted solution, verify apart of price the server uptime & customer support (with phone)which are very important features. If you are student or just learning the process of deploying a website, you can also consider going with a free web hosting service on the beginning and once your website is more important switch to a more reliable website solution.

If you earn at least $100/mo from your website, take our advice and go with best VPS hosted solution (from $29.95/mo). You will get your own virtual server, which will not get influenced by other customers using too many resources.

If having your own operating system, control panel, full root access, guaranteed uptime, and system resources matters, then VPS is what you're looking for. VPS gives you control of your self-managed server, just as if you had your own dedicated server.
Rating #1 - IxWebHosting

If your business is bigger in website traffic & emails and you earn at least $500/mo from your website, go with best dedicated server, to make sure you have a stable and fast website which will give you peace of mind regarding downtime, customer support and many other issues already reported by customers so many times on shared hosting platform.

  • Admin access: Install and run virtually anything on the server.
  • Manage multiple Web sites: Host multiple Web sites on one server account.
  • Versatility: A dedicated server/virtual dedicated server can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including gaming, virtual (i.e., shared) hosting, and hosting of traffic-intensive Web sites.
Rating #1 - Godaddy

WHRank : WebHostingRANK

What is WHRank ?

WHRank ( Web Hosting Rank ) is a unique popularity score for web hosting companies computer by whtop.com. Came out after several years of research on web hosting industry and it reflects the importance of any hosting provider on the Internet.Brands get better WHRank by a number of factors, evaluated based on quantity and quality. The higher WHRank means the better position for a specific brand. Here are some factors we count:

  • Numbers of total hosted customers and how fast their numbers are growing.
  • Happiness of the customers, from our uses reviews and other sources.
  • Social Networks activity and users reactions on social media.
  • Many other external factors computed by various brands, like Alexa and Google
  • ... a lot more.

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27 Feb 2015 - Hostpoint, the largest web hosting provider in Switzerland, continues to show strong growth: 11.4 % increase in turnover to hit the CHF 11.7 million mark during the last fiscal year. This translates to steady double-digit growth much like in recent years.Hostpoint, the web hosting provider based in Rapperswil-Jona, increased its turnover during the last fiscal year to CHF 11.7 million, which is an 11.4 % increase over the previous year (CHF 10.5 million). At the end of 2014, Hostpoint was the ...
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27 Feb 2015 - Future Hosting, a specialized VPS hosting and SaaS application hosting provider, has announced the introduction of a new range of Asterisk VoiP and PBX hosting plans.Asterisk is an advanced open source VoIP and IP PBX application that offers everything businesses need to create a robust and flexible communications system. Asterisk is capable of completely replacing legacy business telecommunications systems for organizations of any size: it’s used by the majority of Fortune 1000 companies ...
PCloud Releases New Version of PCloud Drive with Client-Side Encryption Capability
26 Feb 2015 - Cloud storage service pCloud today announced the release of a new version of pCloud Drive, which will offer upgraded security, privacy and data protection.The most significant enhancement to the updated version is the pCloud Crypto feature. pCloud Crypto offers users client-side encryption security, making it one of the most secure cloud storage solutions on the market. Using pCloud Crypto, encryption is performed with a user-generated passphrase, and only encrypted files are uploaded to ...
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