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WordPress hosting refers to hosting plans with PHP & MySQL support. Sometimes can be ONLY the blog it self, customizable for a web interface.
WordPress is an open source CMS released in May 2003, very often used as blog publishing platform powered by PHP and MySQL. It has many features including a plugin architecture and a templating system. Used by a lot of websites, WordPress is the most popular blog software in use today.

We choose the best plans available on the market so you can decide which one to take, based on your needs!

CompanyHost Gator
Total Reviews: 39
Average Rating: 5 of 10
Good Reviews: 19
Bad Reviews: 20
Official Responses: 0
IX Web Hosting
Total Reviews: 98
Average Rating: 5 of 10
Good Reviews: 49
Bad Reviews: 49
Official Responses: 9
Blue Host
Total Reviews: 53
Average Rating: 4 of 10
Good Reviews: 20
Bad Reviews: 33
Official Responses: 17
Price$ 4.95/mo.
($ 12.95 after first term)
$ 7.95/mo.
$ 12.49/mo.
($ 24.99 after 1 mo.)
Plan NameWordpress StarterWordPressWordpress - Blogger
Produt typeCloud
Shared Hosting
Disk Space50 GBunlimited30 GB
Free domains031
PaymentsCredit / Debit / Prepaid Cards, PayPalCredit / Debit / Prepaid Cards, PayPal, AliPayCredit / Debit / Prepaid Cards, PayPal
Control panelCPanel[In-house], H-SphereCPanel
FeaturesCDN, Fully ManagedWordpressWordpress
Support optionsEmail, Help Desk, Phone / Toll-Free, Forum, Live Chat, Available 24/7Email, Help Desk, Phone / Toll-Free, Live Chat, Available 24/7Email, Help Desk, Phone / Toll-Free, Live Chat, Available 24/7
Server Location
Special features   
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UpdatedJun 2016May 2016May 2016
Read ReviewsTotal Reviews: 39
Average Rating: 5 of 10
Good Reviews: 19
Bad Reviews: 20
Official Responses: 0

Host Gator reviews
Total Reviews: 98
Average Rating: 5 of 10
Good Reviews: 49
Bad Reviews: 49
Official Responses: 9

IX Web Hosting reviews
Total Reviews: 53
Average Rating: 4 of 10
Good Reviews: 20
Bad Reviews: 33
Official Responses: 17

Blue Host reviews

Quick comparison of the top 39 plans in this category ordered by brand rating

Plan NameBrandProduct TypeDiskSpaceTransferPriceHosted Websites /
Free Domains / IP's
Date Plan
WordPressaruba.itShared Hostingunlimitedunmetered€ 19.90/yr.unlimited / 1 / 02016-09-09
WordPress Bloggername.comShared Hostingunlimitedunmetered$ 29.95/yr.1 / 0 / 02016-11-12
WORDPRESS HOSTING BASIChome.plCloud10 GB SSDunmeteredPLN 5.00/mo.1 / 0 / 02016-10-25
WordPress Basicstrato.deShared Hosting25 GB HDD 15000 RPMunmetered$ 2.99/mo.1 / 1 / 02016-08-06
Secure WordPressnetworksolutions.comVPSunlimitedunmetered$ 35.00/mo. 2016-07-23
WP Basichosteurope.deShared Hosting25 GBunmetered€ 4.99/mo.unlimited / 0 / 02016-09-08
WP Starterfatcow.comShared Hostingunlimited SSDunmetered$ 3.75/mo. ($ 8.49 after first term)unlimited / 1 / 02016-07-18
Managed WordPressinterserver.netShared Hostingunlimitedunmetered$ 8.00/mo.unlimited / 0 / 02016-06-20
WP Basicarsys.esShared Hosting1 GB SSDunmetered€ 4.95/mo. (€ 9.9 after 12 mo.)unlimited / 1 / 02016-10-29
WordPress Hosting at only $3.04znetlive.comShared Hosting20 GBunmetered$ 3.12/mo. 2015-06-15
WP Starteripower.comShared Hostingunlimited SSDunmetered$ 3.75/mo. ($ 9.49 after first term)unlimited / 1 / 02016-06-16
WordPress Primaryuk2.netShared Hosting10 GB SSDunmetered£ 9.99/mo.unlimited / 1 / 02016-09-21
WordPress Personalpapaki.grCloud5 GB SSDunmetered€ 9.00/mo.1 / 0 / 02016-08-31
WP Basicwebhostingpad.comShared Hostingunlimitedunmetered$ 2.99/mo. ($ 8.99 after first term)5 / 0 / 02016-06-11
Hosting Wordpressprofesionalhosting.comShared Hosting2 GBunmetered$ 3.79/mo.unlimited / 0 / 02016-05-18
WordPress Personal Planaccuwebhosting.comShared Hosting10 GB SSD60 GB$ 3.99/mo.unlimited / 1 / 02016-11-10
WP BUSINESSvps.netCloud5 GBunmetered$ 20.00/mo.1 / 0 / 02016-08-22
IKL WordPressikoula.comShared Hosting10 GBunmetered€ 1.99/mo.1 / 1 / 12016-11-24
WordPresseasyspace.comShared Hostingunlimitedunmetered£ 10.00/mo.unlimited / 1 / 02016-09-20
Wordpress Starterwebhosting.uk.comShared Hosting2 GBunmetered£ 3.99/mo.5 / 1 / 02016-07-21
Wordpress Primarymidphase.comVPS10 GB SSDunmetered$ 6.63/mo.1 / 1 / 02016-06-12
WordPress Starterfunio.comShared Hosting20 GB SSDunmetered$ 0.99/mo.1 / 0 / 02016-09-26
WordPress Hostingonlinetroubleshooters.comShared Hosting1 GB5 GB$ 4.00/mo. 2016-01-15
WordPress webhotel palvelunanebula.fiVirtual Dedicated Hosting25 GBunmetered€ 19.52/mo. 2015-06-15
Managed WordPress Domainconetix.com.auManaged Hosting20 GB SAS200 GBAUD 49.00/mo.1 / 0 / 12016-09-07
WP Pronrhosting.comShared Hosting2 GB SSD40 GB$ 12.00/mo.1 / 0 / 02016-08-19
WORDPRESSnetcetera.co.ukShared Hosting1 GB80 GB$ 9.00/mo. 2014-12-01
WordPress shared hosting France, Europe - Wordpress Website hostyoorshop.frShared Hostingunlimited SSDunmetered€ 6.95/mo. 2016-05-25
Wordpress Hostinghostbyte.inShared Hosting1 GB10 GB$ 1.00/mo. 2014-12-01
Wordpress Hostingm6.netShared Hosting20 GBunmetered$ 1.64/mo. 2015-09-21
WordPress Advancedhostirian.comShared Hosting1 GB1 GB$ 7.00/mo. 2014-12-01
Managed WordPress Hostingt35.comShared Hosting30 GB100 GB$ 19.00/mo. 2016-01-21
WP Businesshostawesome.comCloud15 GB150 GB$ 39.00/mo. 2014-12-01
WordPress Web Hostingglobaliweb.comShared Hosting1 GBunmeteredINR 299.00/mo. 2016-05-14
WordPress Advancednpsis.comShared Hosting1 GB1 GB$ 7.00/mo. 2014-12-01
WordPress Hostingcognisant-hosting.comShared Hosting4 GB4000 GB€ 5.00/mo. 2016-04-29
Wordpress Hostingcrownhosting.co.ukShared Hosting5 GB50 GB$ 3.00/mo. 2014-12-01
Sheer Web WordPresssheerwebhost.comShared Hosting2 GB15 GB$ 109.00/yr. 2016-09-02
1-Click Wordpress Setup and Hosting Package.rackwire.comShared Hosting5 GB20000 GB$ 4.99/mo. 2010-04-26

About WordPress Web Hosting

WordPress Web HostingWord Press has a templating system, which includes widgets that can be rearranged without editing HTML or PHP code, as well as themes that can be installed. The PHP and HTML code in themes can also be edited for more advanced customizations. WordPress also features integrated link management, clean permalink structure, a search engine-friendly, the ability to assign nested, multiple categories to articles and support for tagging of posts and articles.

Automatic filters that provide for proper formatting and styling of text in articles (for example, converting regular quotes to smart quotes) are also included. Word press also supports the Trackback and Pingback standards for displaying links to other sites that have themselves linked to a post or article. Finally, WordPress has a rich plugin architecture which allows users and developers to extend its functionality beyond the features that come as part of the base install.

Native applications exist for iPhone/iPod Touch, Android, and BlackBerry which provide access to some of the features in the WordPress Admin panel and work with WordPress.com and many WordPress.org blogs.

WordPress supports one blog per installation, although multiple copies may be run from different directories if configured to use separate database tables.

WordPress Multi-User (WordPress MU, or just WPMU) was a fork of WordPress created to allow multiple blogs to exist within one installation that is able to be administered by a centralized maintainer. WordPress MU makes it possible for those with a website to host their own blogging community, as well as control and moderate all the blogs from a single dashboard. WordPress MU adds eight new data tables for each blog.

Lyceum is another enterprise-edition of WordPress. Unlike WordPress MU, Lyceum stores all of its information in a set number of database tables. Notable communities that use Lyceum are TeachFor.Us (Teach For America teachers' blogs), the Hopkins Blogs and BodyBlogs.

WordPress can be deployed using various methods on a hosting environment. Users have the option to download the current version of WordPress from WordPress.org. From there, they can upload the source code and its dependencies to their hosting environment.

WordPress can also be installed via the Microsoft Web Platform Installer which installs WordPress on Windows and IIS. The Web PI will automatically detect any missing dependencies such as PHP or MySQL then install and configure them before installing WordPress.

WordPress can also be installed via package management system or deploying a ready-to-use TurnKey WordPress appliance, which does not require any manual setup or configuration.

Advanced users have the option to have WordPress downloaded to their server and consistently updated using SVN. This will allow users to remain updated easily.

Free hosting services such as WordPress.com offer users an easy way to deploy a WordPress blog on-line without having to install WordPress on your own web server. Many shared web hosting services also offer automated WordPress installation through their control panel.

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