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In the web hosting business, the best dedicated hosting ( also referred to as dedicated servers) are the top choice. A dedicated server is a powerful computer that is used solely as a network server.
It refers to the rental and exclusive use of a computer and it provides services for only one account or domain name. It is therefore solely for use by one organization, and is leased and stored in the data centre of the host company

We choose the best plans available on the market so you can decide which one to take, based on your needs!

Company1&1 Web Hosting
1and1.com logo!
Total Reviews: 85
Average Rating: 2 of 10
Good Reviews: 19
Bad Reviews: 66
Official Responses: 6
InMotion Hosting
inmotionhosting.com logo!
Total Reviews: 44
Average Rating: 7 of 10
Good Reviews: 31
Bad Reviews: 13
Official Responses: 6
Dream Host
dreamhost.com logo!
Total Reviews: 31
Average Rating: 5 of 10
Good Reviews: 15
Bad Reviews: 16
Official Responses: 0
Liquid Web
liquidweb.com logo!
Total Reviews: 3
Average Rating: 10 of 10
Good Reviews: 3
Bad Reviews: 0
Official Responses: 0
Rack Space
rackspace.com logo!
Total Reviews: 8
Average Rating: 3 of 10
Good Reviews: 2
Bad Reviews: 6
Official Responses: 0
Price$ 0.00/mo.
($ 69.99 after 3 mo.)
$ 119.99/mo.
$ 169.00/mo.
$ 199.00/mo.
$ 499.00/mo.
Plan NameA8iEssential4 Cores, 1TB HDD, 4GB RAMSingle Processor: Xeon E3-1271Single Processor
Produt typeDedicated Hosting
Dedicated Hosting
Dedicated Hosting
Dedicated Hosting
Dedicated Hosting
Disk Space1000 GB1000 GB1000 GB250 GB SSD300 GB HDD 15000 RPM
Bandwidthunmetered6 TBunmetered5 TBunmetered
CPUIntel®Atom™ C2750 @8 Cores x 2.4 GHz (2.6 GHz Turbo Boost)Intel® Xeon® X3430 2.8GHz Turbo 4C/4T4 CoresIntel Xeon E3-1271 v3, 4-core @ 3.6 GHz / 4.0 GHz TurboIntel Xeon E5-2640 2.5GHz @6 Cores
Dedicated IP's15111
Free domains10000
PaymentsCredit / Debit / Prepaid Cards, PayPalCredit / Debit / Prepaid Cards, PayPal, Check Payments, Money OrderCredit / Debit / Prepaid CardsCredit / Debit / Prepaid Cards, PayPal, Check PaymentsCredit / Debit / Prepaid Cards
Control panel[In-house]CPanel[In-house]  
Features Backup, DNS, VPN, Green HostingFully Managed Fully Managed
Support optionsEmail, Help Desk, Phone / Toll-Free, Forum, Live Chat, Available 24/7Email, Help Desk, Phone / Toll-Free, Live Chat, Available 24/7Email, Help Desk, Forum, Available 24/7Email, Help Desk, Phone / Toll-Free, Live Chat, Available 24/7Email, Help Desk, Phone / Toll-Free, Live Chat, Available 24/7
Server Location
Special features1&1 SSL Certificate, SiteLock    
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Read ReviewsTotal Reviews: 85
Average Rating: 2 of 10
Good Reviews: 19
Bad Reviews: 66
Official Responses: 6

1&1 Web Hosting reviews
Total Reviews: 44
Average Rating: 7 of 10
Good Reviews: 31
Bad Reviews: 13
Official Responses: 6

InMotion Hosting reviews
Total Reviews: 31
Average Rating: 5 of 10
Good Reviews: 15
Bad Reviews: 16
Official Responses: 0

Dream Host reviews
Total Reviews: 3
Average Rating: 10 of 10
Good Reviews: 3
Bad Reviews: 0
Official Responses: 0

Liquid Web reviews
Total Reviews: 8
Average Rating: 3 of 10
Good Reviews: 2
Bad Reviews: 6
Official Responses: 0

Rack Space reviews

Quick comparison of the top 100 plans in this category ordered by brand rating

Plan NameBrandProduct TypePlatformDiskSpaceTransferMemoryPriceSetupHosted Websites /
Free Domains / IP's
Date Plan
Intel Xeon E3-1220, 500 GBnamecheap.comDedicated HostingLinux500 GB10000 GB8000 MB$ 58.88/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 12016-06-06
Basic 1.4aruba.itDedicated HostingLinux1000 GBunmetered4000 MB€ 19.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 12016-09-09
HP DL160 G9 4LFFcafe24.comDedicated HostingLinux/Windows2000 GBunmetered8000 MB$ 69.79/mo.0unlimited2017-12-01
SP-32ovh.comDedicated HostingLinux/Windows4000 GBunmetered32000 MB$ 79.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 12016-08-24
Entry Serversiteground.comDedicated HostingLinux500 GB5000 GB4000 MB$ 229.00/mo.0unlimited / 1 / 52016-05-28
EASY M G1home.plDedicated HostingLinux/Windows2000 GBunmetered8000 MBPLN 105.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 12016-10-25
Linux D38strato.deDedicated HostingLinux1000 GBunmetered4000 MB$ 39.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 12016-08-05
RD-30103reg.ruDedicated HostingLinux/Windows2000 GBunmetered8000 MB$ 93.24/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 22016-08-13
Intel Xeonpersiantools.comDedicated HostingLinux/Windows1000 GBunmetered8000 MB$ 11.70/mo.0unlimited2017-12-01
Dell Dual 3220register.itDedicated HostingLinux/Windows1000 GBunmetered2000 MB$ 76.23/mo.0 2016-12-01
Sprinta2hosting.comDedicated HostingLinux500 GB SSD10000 GB8000 MB$ 141.09/mo. ($ 169.99 after first term)0unlimited / 0 / 22018-03-19
S123-reg.co.ukDedicated HostingLinux/Windows1000 GBunmetered8000 MB£ 49.00/mo.£ 49unlimited / 0 / 12016-06-17
4Coredothome.co.krDedicated HostingLinux/Windows500 GBunmetered4000 MB$ 55.12/mo.0unlimited2017-12-01
Server L v6all-inkl.comDedicated HostingLinux1000 GBunmetered8000 MB€ 99.95/mo.0unlimited / 1 / 12017-07-26
Essentialntt.comDedicated HostingLinux/Windows1000 GBunmetered32000 MB$ 0.00/mo.0unlimited2017-12-01
Dedicated-01pars.hostDedicated HostingLinux/Windows2000 GB SSD500 GB16000 MBIRR 4.500.000/mo.IRR 1000000unlimited / 0 / 12016-12-30
1mihanwebhost.comDedicated HostingLinux/Windows1000 GBunmetered16000 MB$ 8.33/mo.0unlimited2017-12-01
Intel l5.630 1x4 core de 2.13 ghzlocaweb.com.brDedicated HostingLinux/Windows600 GB HDD 10000 RPMunmetered12000 MBBRL 82.90/yr.0unlimited / 0 / 12016-11-16
DS1 - USAresellerclub.comDedicated HostingLinux1000 GB5000 GB4000 MB$ 90.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 22016-07-24
Bronzeafrihost.comDedicated HostingLinux2000 GB2000 GB8000 MBZAR 950.00/mo. (ZAR 0.059/GB)0unlimited / 0 / 12016-12-07
Basichosteurope.deDedicated HostingLinux500 GBunmetered8000 MB€ 99.99/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 12016-09-08
Reseller L7df.euDedicated HostingLinux250 GB SSDunmetered16000 MB€ 119.99/mo.€ 49.99unlimited / 5 / 12016-08-12
Blade E3beget.comDedicated HostingLinux/Windows960 GB SSDunmetered32000 MBRUB 9,800.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 62016-08-16
Plan 1hostiran.netDedicated HostingLinux1000 GB1000 GB4000 MBIRR 2.500.000/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 02017-03-16
Dedicated Serverhe.netDedicated HostingLinux/Windowsunlimitedunmetered on request0unlimited2017-03-16
IR-E5-2609 v3iranhost.comDedicated HostingLinux/Windows1000 GB500 GB4000 MBIRR 909.000/mo.IRR 10000unlimited / 0 / 52017-03-17
DEDICATED SSDnatro.comDedicated HostingLinux/Windows120 GB SSDunmetered8000 MB$ 79.00/mo.0unlimited2017-12-01
Dell R220 4GB RAMisimtescil.netDedicated HostingLinux/Windows3000 GB5000 GB4000 MB$ 129.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 12016-10-25
Powerintermedia.netDedicated HostingWindows288 GB200 GB2000 MB$ 299.00/mo.$ 299unlimited / 0 / 52016-08-19
Single Processorsoftlayer.comDedicated HostingLinux/Windows500 GBunmetered2000 MB$ 158.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 12016-08-11
Intel Dual-Core Atominterserver.netDedicated HostingLinux/Windows250 GB10000 GB1000 MB$ 50.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 52018-03-19
Root server Entryworld4you.comDedicated HostingLinux/Windows1000 GBunmetered4000 MB€ 89.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 12017-09-14
Startupnames.co.ukDedicated HostingLinux1000 GB5000 GB8000 MBon request0unlimited / 0 / 12016-08-13
571fasthosts.co.ukDedicated HostingLinux/Windows500 GBunmetered4000 MB£ 29.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 22016-09-22
Startupfatcow.comDedicated HostingLinux500 GB5000 GB4000 MB$ 119.99/mo. ($ 149.99 after first term)0unlimited / 1 / 32018-02-27
WINDOWSkinghost.com.brDedicated HostingLinux1000 GBunmetered4000 MB$ 286.00/mo.0 2016-12-01
Standardipower.comDedicated HostingLinux500 GB5000 GB4000 MB$ 119.99/mo. ($ 149.99 after first term)0unlimited / 1 / 32018-03-19
PRO 4arsys.esDedicated HostingLinux/Windows500 GBunmetered8000 MB€ 125.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 12016-10-29
Dedicated Server 6-Corecontabo.comDedicated HostingLinux/Windows2000 GBunmetered24000 MB€ 59.99/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 12016-07-17
Dedicated Class - Started SSD Serverarvixe.comDedicated HostingLinux/Windows125 GBunmetered4000 MB$ 128.70/mo.0unlimited / 02016-05-26
Value Dealbanahosting.comDedicated HostingLinux2000 GB100000 GB8000 MB$ 159.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 32017-05-06
Server 1ifastnet.comDedicated HostingLinux2000 GBunmetered32000 MB$ 149.99/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 12016-08-15
Dual Corerosehosting.comDedicated HostingLinux500 GB2000 GB2000 MB$ 229.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 12016-08-18
DS 1fastcomet.comDedicated HostingLinux96 GB SSD4000 GB4000 MB$ 139.00/mo.0unlimited / 1 / 02016-08-23
Plan 1wadax.ne.jpDedicated HostingLinux2000 GBunmetered16000 MB$ 274.83/mo.0unlimited2017-12-01
Root Server EX40hetzner.deDedicated HostingLinux/Windows2000 GB30000 GB32000 MB€ 41.18/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 12016-07-29
DS 210nexcess.netDedicated HostingLinux500 GB3000 GB4000 MB$ 189.95/mo. ($ 0.5/GB)0unlimited / 0 / 22017-07-27
Intel Quad Core Xeon E3-1220 - NLleaseweb.comDedicated HostingLinux1000 GB10000 GB8000 MB€ 85.99/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 12016-10-01
Intel Xeon E3-1220 v6websupport.skDedicated HostingLinux/Windows2000 GBunmetered16000 MB$ 173.25/mo.0unlimited2017-12-01
Enterprise SP-64ovh.esDedicated HostingLinux/Windows4000 GBunmetered64000 MB$ 101.44/mo.0 2016-12-01
Power-3000sweb.ruDedicated HostingLinux1000 GBunmetered8000 MBRUB 8,550.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 12016-12-22
Value Rangeheartinternet.ukDedicated HostingLinux/Windows1000 GBunmetered8000 MB£ 49.00/mo.£ 49unlimited / 0 / 12016-06-16
Entry Servergreengeeks.comDedicated HostingLinux500 GB10000 GB2000 MB$ 169.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 52017-08-02
Intel Atom 330 - 1.6 Ghzwebd.plDedicated HostingLinux250 GB1500 GB4000 MBPLN 244.77/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 12017-01-27
HP DL160Gen9gabia.comDedicated HostingLinux/Windows300 GBunmetered8000 MB$ 2,121.72/mo.0unlimited2017-12-01
Server i3-8-120-SSDhekko.plDedicated HostingLinux/Windows240 GB SSDunmetered8000 MB$ 62.39/mo.0 2016-12-01
Arctic 1 Serverfreehostia.comDedicated HostingLinux500 MB10000 GB4000 MB$ 65.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 12018-01-29
E3-1230 V3 4x3.2GHztmdhosting.comDedicated HostingLinux500 GB10000 GB $ 229.00/mo.0 2016-04-24
Dell Xeon E3-1240v2netsons.comDedicated HostingLinux/Windows2000 GBunmetered8000 MB$ 66.48/mo.0 2016-12-01
A medida. Configura el tuyo.donweb.comDedicated HostingLinux/Windows500 GBunmetered2000 MB$ 82.00/mo.0 2016-12-01
QS Xpair.comDedicated HostingLinux500 GB3000 GB8000 MB$ 199.95/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 12016-08-19
Zoom1znetlive.comDedicated HostingLinux/Windows250 GB5120 GB $ 66.68/mo.0 2015-06-15
Server BASIC 1.3forpsi.comDedicated HostingLinux250 GBunmetered2000 MB€ 18.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 12018-03-03
DC1 Single Processorsmartweb.com.ngDedicated HostingLinux/Windows1000 GBunmetered16000 MBNGN 114.000/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 12017-05-07
MANAGEDhetzner.co.zaDedicated HostingLinux500 GBunmetered4000 MB$ 109.03/mo.0unlimited2017-12-01
Serial Server E5000pavietnam.vnDedicated HostingLinux/Windows500 GBunmetered4000 MB$ 53.59/mo.0 2016-12-01
QUANTA S910-X31Ewedos.comDedicated HostingLinux240 GB SSDunmetered32000 MBCZK 1,500.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 12017-02-06
Lmittwald.deDedicated HostingLinux480 GBunmetered16000 MB$ 101.40/mo.0 2016-12-01
X1gmocloud.comDedicated HostingWindows500 GBunmetered16000 MB$ 180.00/mo.0unlimited2017-12-01
Budgetresellerspanel.comDedicated HostingLinux500 GB10000 GB4000 MB$ 60.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 32016-05-31
Valueecowebhosting.co.ukDedicated HostingLinux/Windows1000 GBunmetered8000 MB£ 79.99/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 12016-05-29
Dedicated XSalfahosting.deDedicated HostingLinux1000 GBunmetered8000 MB€ 29.99/mo. (€ 59.99 after 3 mo.)0unlimited / 0 / 12016-09-29
D1uk2.netDedicated HostingLinux/Windows1000 GB2000 GB4000 MB£ 47.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 12016-09-21
G2030phpnet.orgDedicated HostingLinux240 GBunmetered8000 MB$ 55.20/mo.0 2016-12-01
DS Server 4.3.1amen.frDedicated HostingLinux/Windows2000 GB10000 GB8000 MB€ 30.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 12016-12-13
DedicatedServer XP1blu.deDedicated HostingLinux2000 GBunmetered16000 MB€ 69.00/mo.0unlimited / 1 / 22017-01-21
Linux DS1tsohost.comDedicated HostingLinux300 GB SAS2000 GB16000 MB£ 298.80/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 12016-11-01
Dual Processor Intel Xeon E3-1230v3qservers.netDedicated HostingLinux1000 GB20000 GB8000 MBNGN 100.000/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 22017-03-11
Intel Core 2 Quadlunarpages.comDedicated HostingWindows250 GB10000 GB4000 MB$ 170.00/mo. ($ 0.6/GB)0unlimited / 0 / 52016-06-09
IIzone.eeDedicated HostingLinux/Windows600 GB SSD15000 GB64000 MB€ 450.50/mo.€ 121.4unlimited / 0 / 12016-10-29
Intel Xeon D1520 (4c/8t, 2.4 GHz)accuwebhosting.comDedicated HostingLinux/Windows4000 GB HDD 15000 RPM10000 GB32000 MB$ 101.00/mo.0unlimited / 12018-01-08
Backup FS-10Tovh.co.ukDedicated HostingLinuxunlimitedunmetered $ 0.00/mo.0 2014-12-01
Intel E3-1271V3hostwinds.comDedicated HostingLinux/Windows1000 GB SSD10000 GB8000 MB$ 100.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 82016-06-18
DEDICATED 1pickaweb.co.ukDedicated HostingLinux/Windows120 GB SSD3000 GB8000 MB£ 119.99/mo.£ 60unlimited / 0 / 22018-03-10
Dedicated serversblacknight.comDedicated HostingLinux/Windowsunlimitedunmetered on request0unlimited2017-01-31
Core i5-2500firstvds.ruDedicated HostingLinux/Windows1000 GBunmetered8000 MB$ 48.19/mo.0unlimited2017-12-01
Intel S1260 HT (8GΒ)top.hostDedicated HostingLinux/Windows1000 GBunmetered8000 MB$ 36.00/mo.0 2016-12-01
Entry Level Pentium IV SATAcombell.comDedicated HostingLinux160 GB100 GB $ 225.00/mo.0 2014-12-01
KH-DS1knownhost.comDedicated HostingLinux1500 GB11000 GB16000 MB$ 179.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 12016-12-16
ISPukfast.co.ukDedicated HostingLinux/Windows120 GB SSDunmetered16000 MBon request0unlimited / 0 / 12016-09-27
Xeon E3-1220 V2, 128 GB SSDasmallorange.comDedicated HostingLinux/Windows125 GB SSDunmetered4000 MB$ 99.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 52016-07-14
ECO-E3 v3iq.plDedicated HostingLinux/Windows2000 GBunmetered16000 MB$ 78.16/mo.0 2016-12-01
BL-1614SAblueweb.co.krDedicated HostingLinux/Windows1000 GBunmetered8000 MB$ 108.41/mo.0unlimited2017-12-01
Server FX 1kei.plDedicated HostingLinux500 GB5000 GB4000 MBPLN 399.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 42017-01-27
2xE5-2620vpb.comDedicated HostingLinux/Windows15625 GB100 GB32000 MB$ 1,096.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 32016-12-29
1U 1xIntel Quad-Core10gbps.ioDedicated HostingLinux/Windows480 GBunmetered16000 MB$ 350.00/mo.0 2016-12-01
Deluxe - Strasbourgvelia.netDedicated HostingLinux/Windows2000 GBunmetered12000 MB€ 44.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 12017-01-23
Dedic-24ihc.ruDedicated HostingLinux2000 GBunmetered24000 MB$ 71.78/mo.0 2016-12-01
Line SSDsuperhost.plDedicated HostingLinux240 GB SSDunmetered8000 MB$ 51.84/mo.0 2016-12-01
Intel WR 1302whois.co.krDedicated HostingLinux/Windows1000 GBunmetered2000 MB$ 45.93/mo.0unlimited2017-12-01

About Dedicated Servers

Dedicated ServersA dedicated hosting service or managed hosting service is a type of Internet webhosting where customers leases the hole server not shared with anyone. This is more flexible than shared hosting, as organizations have full control over the server, including choice of hardware and operating system. Server administration can be provided by the hosting provider. In some cases a dedicated server can offer less overhead and a larger return on investment. Dedicated servers are most often housed in data centers, similar to colocation facilities, providing redundant power sources and HVAC systems.

Big organizations are using multiple dedicated machines (even grid), some for databases, some for web requests, backups, email etc .. but of course the price is notable higher. Maintaining your own machine offers the maximum control (although you still depend on datacenter for bandwidth, electricity and connectivity). This type of hosting is highly recommended for businesses depending on best uptime, speed and security.

The closer cheaper hosting service solution is VPS or VDS (Virtual dedicated servers)

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