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# 1 Ssl Certificates

There are few different types of SSL certificates such as:

Level of validation:
Domain Validation
Organization Validation
Extended Validation (EV)

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a global standard technology that enables encrypted communication between a web server and a web browser. In essence, SSL allows for a private conversation just between the two intended entities.

We choose the best 5 plans available on the market so you can decide which one to take, based on your needs!
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Name Silo
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Name Cheap
namecheap.com logo
Total Reviews: 18
Average Rating: 3 / 10
Good Reviews: 5
Bad Reviews: 13
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Total Reviews: 140
Average Rating: 9 / 10
Good Reviews: 127
Bad Reviews: 13
Official Responses: 11
Go Daddy
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Total Reviews: 78
Average Rating: 3 / 10
Good Reviews: 22
Bad Reviews: 56
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Price$ 3.11/yr. VAT exc
$ 9.59/yr.
$ 5.88/yr.
$ 49.95/yr.
$ 63.99/yr. VAT exc
($ 79.99 after first term)
Plan nameGoGetSSL Domain SSLPositive SSL CertificatePositiveSSLRapidSSL CertificateProtect one website
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GoGetSSL reviews
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Name Silo reviews
#3Total Reviews: 18
Average Rating: 3 / 10
Good Reviews: 5
Bad Reviews: 13
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Name Cheap reviews
#4Total Reviews: 140
Average Rating: 9 / 10
Good Reviews: 127
Bad Reviews: 13
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A2hosting reviews
#5Total Reviews: 78
Average Rating: 3 / 10
Good Reviews: 22
Bad Reviews: 56
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Quick comparison of the top 100 plans in this category ordered by brand rating

Plan Name Brand Product Type Price Hosted Websites /
Free Domains / IP's
Date Plan
SSL Starterionos.comSSL Certificates$ 20.00/yr.122 Mar, 2019
Let's Encryptxserver.ne.jpSSL CertificatesJPY 0.00/yr.122 Nov, 2019
Positiveiranserver.comSSL CertificatesIRR 9.000/yr.1 2 Oct, 2019
Name.com provided SSL certificateonamae.comSSL CertificatesJPY 24,000.00/yr.121 Nov, 2019
Certum - DV one year certificatenetafraz.comSSL CertificatesIRR 20.000/yr.1 2 Oct, 2019
Positive SSLwhois.comSSL Certificates$ 9.96/yr.114 Jul, 2019
OV Enterprise certificatewest.cnSSL Certificateson request114 Oct, 2019
Xpressnetworksolutions.comSSL Certificates$ 59.99/yr.117 Jun, 2020
Domain Validated SSLipage.comSSL Certificates$ 35.99/yr.113 Apr, 2020
Free (Let's Encrypt)infomaniak.comSSL Certificates€ 0.00/mo.1 7 Nov, 2020
Free SSL Gatewayovh.comSSL Certificates$ 0.00/mo.unlimited27 May, 2020
Thawte SSL 123hetzner.comSSL Certificates€ 34.80/yr.124 Dec, 2020
Rapid SSLname.comSSL Certificates$ 4.99/yr.1 1 Jan, 2021
Domain SSLreg.ruSSL Certificates$ 85.54/yr.124 Jun, 2019
DV-SSLiranhost.comSSL CertificatesIRR 105.000/yr.131 Dec, 2019
Secure Site Pro with EVenom.comSSL Certificates$ 1,499.00/yr.117 Jun, 2020
Standard SSLdigicert.comSSL Certificates$ 207.00/yr.125 Dec, 2019
Organization Validation Certificatesalibabacloud.comSSL Certificates$ 390.00/yr.115 Dec, 2019
Standardnexcess.netSSL Certificates$ 39.95/yr.120 Nov, 2020
Standardgandi.netSSL Certificates€ 12.00/yr.127 Jan, 2021
Domain Validatedmediatemple.netSSL Certificates$ 75.00/yr.115 Mar, 2020
RapidSSLnoip.comSSL Certificates$ 19.99/yr.126 Mar, 2020
Certum CApersiantools.comSSL CertificatesIRR 195.000/yr.131 Dec, 2019
Comodo Essentialpapaki.comSSL Certificates€ 12.50/yr.1 7 Feb, 2020
Comodobizcn.comSSL CertificatesCNY 169.00/yr.111 Oct, 2019
SINGLE DOMAIN SSLepik.comSSL Certificates$ 69.99/yr.1 4 Sep, 2019
GlobalSign SSLfastcomet.comSSL Certificates$ 69.00/yr. 22 Aug, 2019
Comodo PositiveSSLnatro.comSSL Certificates$ 9.99/yr.116 Oct, 2019
Positive SSLinet.vnSSL CertificatesVND 270.000/yr.1 3 Jan, 2020
Standard SSLonlydomains.comSSL Certificates$ 14.00/yr.123 Nov, 2018
Positive SSLcndns.comSSL CertificatesCNY 399.00/yr.1 6 Dec, 2019
RapidSSLpavietnam.vnSSL CertificatesVND 406.800/yr.1 1 Jan, 2020
Secure Sitebroadcom.comSSL Certificates$ 399.00/yr.126 Dec, 2019
DOMAIN VALIDATIONtelenet.beSSL Certificates€ 50.00/yr.125 Mar, 2020
Domain Validated SSLdomain.comSSL Certificates$ 3.00/mo.120 May, 2020
Comodo Positive SSLniagahoster.co.idSSL CertificatesIDR 115.000/yr. 31 Aug, 2018
Rapid SSLmatbao.netSSL CertificatesVND 580.000/yr.1 3 Jan, 2020
Comodo (DV) SSLwevrlabs.netSSL Certificates$ 35.00/yr.  1 Dec, 2019
AlphaSigngabia.comSSL CertificatesWON 40,000.00/yr.1 8 Dec, 2019
SSL Serviceshostwinds.comSSL Certificates$ 75.00/yr.120 Mar, 2020
DV-SSL-Singlewebramz.comSSL CertificatesIRR 1.490.000/yr.118 Feb, 2020
Alpha SSLdynadot.comSSL Certificates$ 16.99/yr.113 Apr, 2020
Alpha SSLhosting.krSSL CertificatesWON 55,000.00/mo.1 8 Dec, 2019
SSL PERSONALnamebright.comSSL Certificates$ 14.95/yr.111 Oct, 2019
POSITIVE SSLhostgator.inSSL CertificatesINR 1,452.00/yr.1 4 Sep, 2019
Singlehostpapa.comSSL Certificates$ 19.99/yr.114 Mar, 2020
QuickSSLazaronline.comSSL Certificates$ 760.00/yr.1 3 Oct, 2019
Thawte SSLWebServer EVnic.ruSSL CertificatesRUB 18,200.00/yr.124 Jun, 2019
AlphaSSLhawkhost.comSSL Certificates$ 14.99/yr.113 Mar, 2020
Positive SSLbigrock.inSSL CertificatesINR 1,425.00/yr.1 4 Nov, 2020
Wildcard SLL (Unlimited Subdomains)register.comSSL Certificates$ 342.00/yr.unlimited 3 Nov, 2020
Positive SSLneubox.comSSL CertificatesMXN 390.00/yr.1 2 Aug, 2019
Enterprise Type Certificate OV SSL1198.cnSSL CertificatesCNY 1,678.00/yr.121 Nov, 2020
homeSSL Starthome.plSSL CertificatesPLN 9.90/yr.116 Jul, 2019
Globalsign Alpha SSLdothome.co.krSSL CertificatesWON 35,000.00/yr.1 7 Dec, 2019
RapidSSL Single Domain22.cnSSL CertificatesCNY 200.00/yr.111 Oct, 2019
Commercial SSLradcom.coSSL CertificatesIRR 200.000/yr.120 Feb, 2020
Positive SSLbeget.comSSL CertificatesRUB 2,300.00/yr.124 Jun, 2019
Sectigo PositiveSSL Wildcard101domain.comSSL Certificates$ 89.99/yr.unlimited18 Sep, 2019
Essential SSLweb.comSSL Certificates$ 27.99/yr.1 1 Mar, 2019
Alpha SSLqwords.comSSL CertificatesIDR 190.000/yr.115 Oct, 2019
Rapid SSLalastyr.comSSL Certificates$ 9.99/yr.118 Sep, 2020
RapidSSL Standarddondominio.comSSL Certificates€ 9.95/yr.113 Jul, 2019
SSL Certificate Sectigo Positivedonweb.comSSL CertificatesARS 15.99/yr.1 6 Sep, 2019
Sectigo OVwhois.co.krSSL CertificatesWON 368,000.00/yr.1 1 Jan, 2020
RapidSSL SSLihs.com.trSSL Certificates$ 11.95/yr.116 Oct, 2019
Let's Encryptheteml.jpSSL CertificatesJPY 0.00/yr.122 Nov, 2019
Symantec Secure Site Pro with EVthesslstore.comSSL Certificates$ 1,199.00/yr.122 Jul, 2020
DV SSLbertina.irSSL Certificates$ 2.53/yr.  1 Dec, 2018
PositiveSSLraiolanetworks.esSSL Certificates€ 19.95/yr.129 Sep, 2019
Comodo Positive SSLyoncu.comSSL Certificates$ 8.99/yr.129 Sep, 2020
Free SSLhostpoint.chSSL CertificatesCHF 0.00/mo.125 Jun, 2019
Comodo Positive SSLglobehost.comSSL CertificatesINR 1,000.00/yr.115 Feb, 2020
RapidSSLdimofinf.netSSL Certificates$ 15.00/yr.119 Dec, 2019
Positive SSLtop.hostSSL Certificates€ 8.50/yr.124 Oct, 2019
Domain Validated SSLnetfirms.comSSL Certificates$ 39.99/yr.119 Mar, 2020
Positivefaraso.orgSSL CertificatesIRR 890/yr.1 4 Oct, 2019
Sectigo Standard SSLinternetbs.netSSL Certificates$ 7.35/yr.unlimited 2 Dec, 2018
Standard Code Signing Certificatestenten.vnSSL CertificatesVND 4.530.000/yr.128 May, 2020
Regular SSLresellerspanel.comSSL Certificates$ 16.00/yr.1 6 Mar, 2020
Bravenet SSLbravenet.comSSL Certificates$ 49.00/yr.116 Nov, 2020
RapidSSLmarcaria.comSSL Certificates$ 19.00/yr.125 Dec, 2019
SSL 123net4.comSSL Certificates$ 28.00/yr.1 1 Jan, 2020
RapidSSLgzidc.comSSL CertificatesCNY 422.00/yr.1 6 Dec, 2019
Wildcard SSLglobalsign.comSSL Certificates$ 849.00/yr.unlimited26 Dec, 2019
Sectigo Positive SSLnetinternet.com.trSSL Certificates$ 9.99/yr.1 6 Aug, 2020
Domain SSL123-reg.co.ukSSL Certificates£ 47.99/yr.126 May, 2020
GeoTrust SSL Certificatesdongee.comSSL Certificates$ 12.00/yr.121 Aug, 2019
EssentialSSLsered.netSSL Certificates€ 14.00/yr.121 Feb, 2020
Comodo Positive SSLatakdomain.comSSL Certificates$ 9.00/yr.117 Oct, 2019
Comodo PositiveSSLvargonen.comSSL Certificates$ 9.49/yr.1 3 Apr, 2020
Positive SSLhosting.com.trSSL Certificates$ 7.99/yr.1 3 Apr, 2020
Positive Wildcardpair.comSSL Certificates$ 100.00/yr.unlimited14 Nov, 2020
Positive SSLhioxindia.comSSL CertificatesINR 999.00/yr.125 Feb, 2021
Digital Certificatesnova.grSSL Certificates€ 196.80/yr.1 9 Jan, 2020
Comodo PositiveSSLhivelocity.netSSL Certificates$ 9.95/yr.1 4 Nov, 2019
خرید SSLxzn.irSSL Certificates$ 4.99/yr.114 Feb, 2020
Premium SSLventraip.com.auSSL CertificatesAUD 79.95/yr.1 3 Aug, 2019
Comodo PositiveSSLwnpower.comSSL CertificatesARS 879.00/yr.112 Feb, 2020
Alphaeurodns.comSSL Certificates€ 16.00/yr.115 Dec, 2019

About SSL Certificates

SSL CertificatesSSL Certificates are data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organizations details. An organization needs to install the SSL Certificate onto its web server to initiate a secure session with browsers.

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