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Josep Valls (web@s...) / sntalent.com
Time Hosted: 1 to 2 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
Service started nice, but lately they began thretening me to shut down my account because of over use if "resources" but never specifying any solution.
Cron and backups stopped working and when I realized a week later they told me I was over resource limit. Again no warnings of any kind.

Too bad they market theirselves as a good support company, their prices are not worth their ruthless methods.
Marco (-no email-)
Time Hosted: under 1 month.
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
I was almost scared off my above review when we were in the process of signing up for Dinahosting. But I really don't see it that way. Service is quicker than with any other tech company I know - plus: support comes from them directly and not from some call center where people reproduce prefabricated lines and bore you with false politeness.

And in order to like the fast2host panel as much as the other reviewer does, you almost have to work there. It looks as if it was forgotten in 1995. I don't think there is any company out there that will give you your money back if you signed up for a one-year-deal and then decide to leave.

Anyhow. We're just starting with Dinahost, but so far it all looks pretty good.
Listed and verified since 2007
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Services: Web HostingDomain Registration Own datacenter

About Dina Hosting

At dinahosting we've been offering you since 2001 everything you need to grow on the Internet with guarantees and peace of mind. The domain name that introduces you to your visitors, your email, hosting plans (from the simplest to the most powerful and flexible solutions like our cloud hosting), VPS, and Dedicated. We bet on our own technology and on the development of solutions that are always oriented to your own needs.

The number one independent company

We bet on our own

We open our own trail, by paying attention to the evolution of the industry, and bearing in mind that it's thanks to you that we can keep going. It has been your trust and that of 56 thousand people like you which made us the leaders in this sector. And we have been independent from national and international investment groups. Our capital is 100% our own: 100% dedicated to give you the best possible service.
With tested quality and professionality

Our bet has obtained the acknowledgment of organizations, institutions, and the most important international companies like ICANN, Verisign, ESNIC, setting up quality and security standards and criteria for top level registrars. We are also partners with Cisco, IBM, Dell… which accredit our professionals on network support and hardware maintenance; and as for software: Microsoft, Xen and LPIC certifications, etc.

Quality customer service and support

We depend on you only

From the start we always had one thing clear: we wanted to keep a close and honest relationship with you. How to achieve it? Offering you the type of service we would like to receive as clients. This way we began planning a line of support, 24/7, which today is one of our distinct identifiers. In fact, we were the first company in the sector to include chat and Skype as free alternatives for providing support on real time, just as return-calling and, finally, a free hone 900 854 000. Can you imagine having to wait several days for an answer, in a language that is not your own?

We help you with whatever you need

We attend questions related to the selection and advanced configuration of our services: we listen and help you to personalize the plan the suits your needs completely, the project now in your hands. Our main objective is to respond in record time any question you may have, whatever the time and, of course, through the means that suits you every time.

We develop everything for you

Creativity and independence

We've always preferred to have our managed platform to be developed and implemented at home and by ourselves. No doubt, it's been and still is a good decision, because this way we are guided by your real interests, while following any changes in the industry standards. We have taken care to keep control, at all levels, of every service. Why depend on third parties when we can give you directly what you are asking for?

Exclusive solutions

At dinahosting all our solutions are exclusive and based on our own development: our administrative platform; our own tools for managing services; our virtualization structure; and cloud… Of course, we can also give your other software like cPanel or Plesk, but over 90% of our clients choose our own Control Panel. It's meant to be efficient, secure, and very easy to use; this way you can focus strictly on what motivates you: to carry out your project.

Quality in each and every detail
We always choose the best

We are sure that you only want us to set up high quality servers, thoroughly tested; that we have a modern and safe data center, with the best network infrastructure in the State. Of course, sparing on what is basic doesn't seem the best option when we want to give you the best hosting your project deserves.
Because you are looking for quality

We know you are not looking for a low cost or a multinational. We know you're looking for someone who really cares. That's why the following is a constant thought in our minds when it comes to planning the development of out network, or of our data center: to achieve the highest stability and performance possible.

We speak your language
We listen to you in your language of choice: Spanish, Catalan, Galician, English, or Portuguese.

24/7 at your service
We respond on average 16 thousand queries every month, most get resolved in just one communication.

Personal touch
At dinahosting you are always served by a person, never an automated response system.

Product trial
We fully trust our services and we invite you to try them. The immense majority stay!

Domains and hosting
We work with over 90 domain TLDs and have very complete hosting packs, adapted to what your project needs.

VPS, Dedicated and Cloud
Your capacity for growth at dinahosting is always guaranteed, with native solutions, reliable, high performance, and high quality.

Housing… and much more
We attend to the most advanced and specific needs. Call us and we'll help you find the solution that best suits your needs.

We give you all the tools necessary for you to sell and personalize our services with your own corporate image.

Quality components
We work only with top quality Dell servers, with Cisco routers and switches… never sparing a detail.

High performance network
We use 4 providers for a totally redundant network. Nobody else can offer you better latencies and transfer.

233 m² of surface area
Three self-sufficient rooms, planned with the growth capacity needed and the latest security technology.

Over 1300 servers
We manage some 1340 servers in a U placed in open frame racks, with a 70 to 80% density.

Guarantees provided when having your web hosting at dinahosting

You can have the assurance that at dinahosting your project is in good hands: a Data Center and network infrastructure of high quality and performance; top quality hardware, tested; and close technical support, always mindful of your needs.

Our Data Center

Meet our Data Center
With the latest technological advances in matters of security and connectivity, making it one of the best data centers in Europe. 233m² of space holding over 1340 high quality servers.

Guaranteed power
Substation guaranteed through extreme redundancy: double electical connection; UPSs; diesel generators... your web could be online for days even in extreme situations.

Environmental control
Extremely controlled environment in regards to humidity and temperature, always between 18 and 25ºC, to guarantee that all servers are at optimal conditions and to facilitate the smoothest performance.

Leak and fire controls
Many detectors placed under room floors and at sensitive locations. A fire extinguishing system based on inergen gas bottles that exhaust the oxygen in the room in case of a fire.

ISO certification
Our data center is ISO 27001 certified, one of the most demanding international standards regarding systyems, planning, and constructions of data centers and security measures.

Green hosting
As for environmental policy our data center is currently associated to The Green Grid, an international consortium that fosters the implementation of more efficient energy strategies among relevant companies in this sector.

Dinahosting Network
BGP and independent connection providers

We guarantee, in case of a node not resolving, that traffic will be directed through an alternative route in less than 5 ms, while offering the best connectivity in Spain, the smallest latencies nationally and internationally, and real uptime of 99,999%. Our average latencies are lower than 0.2 ms.
Netcraft™ independent monitoring

Our network is being audited on real time by NetCraft. They continuously make public the results of their monitoring.

Hardware that we use at dinahosting

Only components we trust
Along the years we have worked with different types of hardware and it wasn't hard to figure that the best choice is always to offer a good hardware and proved quality.
Dell PowerEdge R210
Our Dell PowerEdge R210 includes Quadcore processors of low consumption and high power (3.2 Ghz, máx. turbo) and develops a remarkable access speed to memory, of 1333 Mhz.
Backup racks
To guarantee the integrity and consistency of all your backup data, we use backup racks with green power discs of low consumption set always on Raid 10.
Life guarantee
All the hardware we use for the services you hire at dinahosting is guaranteed for life. We respond for all components that need replacement.
Dell PowerEdge R410
Our Dell R410 has 2 Intel Xeon L5520 processors at 2.2g GHz; two hard drives of 600 SAS on RAID-1 at 15,000 rpm; double power feed; and much more.
Network elements: routers and switches
We use high quality network hardware with Cisco routers of the series 7600 and Switches, also by Cisco, of series 6500 and 4900 to ensure the best performance and reliability.

Meet our Data Center
233 m² area used

We have three independent rooms planned with the capability to expand and the maximum of comfort for our technical team.
Over 1,300 servers

We currently hold over 1,340 servers of one U, mounted on racks with open frame and a density of 70 to 80%.
Electrical redundancy and refrigeration

Duplicated power supply

The substation for the center is guaranteed by a duplicated power source, that is, two phases of power completely independent from each other.
UPS Battery

UPS infrastructure with back-up batteries that support power feeding at all times.
Redundant diesel generators

Even in the event of a protracted failure a redundant system would be activated (N+1) diesel generators that could work indefinitely.

Room refrigeration systems

The space has been optimized with elevated floors for cabling and refrigeration systems that are redundant and by air propulsion.
Environmental control

Temperature in the rooms is between 18 and 25ºC, with humidity levels at 40-60%, and perfect cooling for the equipment.
As recommended by ASHRAE

An international organization that controls and spreads the latest advances in ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration.

Security measures

Access control

Our facilities include the best security measures and a strict access protocol: Security cameras, access controlled by biometrics readers and access cards, and sluice gates.
Fire extinguishing systems

The fire extinguishing systems are based on "inergen gas" bottles, which exhaust the oxygen in the room in case of a fire. VESDA detectors (Very Early Smoke Detention Alarm) are placed under the floor.
Anti-leaks systems

Every area in our facilities maintains an anti-leaks system controlled by devices on ceilings and elevated floors that take care of immediately detecting any incident.

Green Hosting
Environmental policy of our Data Center

Our Data Center is associated to The Green Grid, an international consortium, non-profit, that promotes energy efficiency strategies in the data centers of the most relevant companies in the sector. Some of the organizations associated to this project are Microsoft, IBM, or Cisco. Their basic principles are:

Planning of infrastructures under the basic principle of energy efficiency.
Monitoring and assessment of energy efficiency and obtaining the proposed objectives.
Public information on the conclusions of their assessment reports

Server locations:


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Shared - Linux Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
BasicfeaturesSupport Options : Email, Help Desk, Phone / Toll-Free, Live Chat, Online: Skype, Whatsapp ..., Available 24/7
Hosted domains : Unlimited
Free domains : 1
Dedicated IP's : 0

Free Backups Selfservice
20 E-mail accounts and chat
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CreoWebs available

Your hosting includes free

Each hosting plan you hire at dinahosting includes the necessary tools to ensure the [...]
Plan URL : https://en.dinahosting.com/hosting
4.00/mo. VAT 21% exc.3 GB30 GB 1 / unlimited
AdvancedfeaturesSupport Options : Email, Help Desk, Phone / Toll-Free, Live Chat, Online: Skype, Whatsapp ..., Available 24/7
Hosted domains : Unlimited
Free domains : 1
Dedicated IP's : 0

Backups Selfservice
Unlimited e-mail accounts and chat
PHP, ASP, Node.js, Ruby...
PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MariaDB...
WordPress, Prestashop, etc. unlimited

Your hosting includes free

Each hosting plan you hire at dinahosting includes the necessary [...]
Plan URL : https://en.dinahosting.com/hosting
6.49/mo. VAT 21% exc.6 GB90 GB 1 / unlimited
Emails - Linux Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
MailfeaturesSupport Options : Email, Help Desk, Phone / Toll-Free, Live Chat, Online: Skype, Whatsapp ..., Available 24/7

Email only
Backups Selfservice
Wizard to help you bring your webs to dinahosting
Move your web: to a VPS, dedicated or cloud

Your hosting includes free

Each hosting plan you hire at dinahosting includes the necessary tools to ensure the [...]
Plan URL : https://en.dinahosting.com/hosting
2.00/mo. VAT 21% exc.3 GBunmetered

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Christopher Thomas (chris.thomas@a...) / arquitecnicaruzafa.com
Time Hosted: 1 to 3 months
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
We contracted this company for hosting a website because it was spanish and the client wanted to deal in their own language.

What a mistake, their customer service is awful, their control panel is practically the worst that I've tried to use, it's slow and functionality is hidden and compared to cpanel, practically useless.

Whats even worse is, that when I wanted to cancel my hosting and take my business elsewhere, they refused to refund me the money I had spent, but on unused months. I only used a couple of that time and now, I've lost about 9 months of hosting payments, so doubling my costs because I still have to move.

Their services are incredibly expensive, right now, I pay about 220 uk pounds a year for a reseller account with fast2host.com which gives me practically unlimited flexibility and their customer service is amazing (literally a 2 minute wait for reply to a support request) whereas with dinahosting, they charge 179 euros a year for JUST A SINGLE DOMAIN [read more...]

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