StackPath Partners With Sectigo to Offer Free Private SSL Certificates logo!Nov 6, 2018 - StackPath, a rapidly growing provider of secured cloud services built at the cloud's edge that has acquired its way to $200 million in revenues in just a few years time, now partners with Sectigo – formerly known as IT security solutions provider Comodo CA – to include private SSL certificates at no additional cost with StackPath's content delivery network (CDN (, web application firewall (WAF), and Edge Delivery subscriptions.

StackPath customers can receive a private SSL certificate for each CDN or WAF site they create on the StackPath platform, ensuring their end users' traffic is encrypted from the web browser to the content or web application.

"We're on a mission to [...][... Check source for end of article ...]
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"The edge is the new frontier in cloud computing," said Lance Crosby, co-founder and CEO of StackPath. "EdgeEngine gives developers the power to customize workloads at the edge without the burden or overhead of managing infrastructure. It's just the first in a number of edge computing solutions we have in the works, and an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to control how data and traffic is ...
Nov 8, 2018 - Global #CDN Solutions Company @StackPath Joins Cybersecurity Tech Accord - "It was a no brainer for us to join the Cybersecurity Tech Accord ( to promote a safer online world with other global tech companies," said Ryan Carter, VP of Security and co-founder of StackPath.

StackPath, a rapidly growing provider of secured cloud services built at the cloud's edge and with an annual turnover of $200 million, has joined the Cybersecurity Tech Accord.

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Since launch, StackPath's Propel program has provided its members with secured content delivery network (CDN) and virtual private network (VPN) services free for one year.

Starting now, Propel members may receive free for one year up to $2,000/month of usage of all the new and updated services that StackPath ...
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Since its founding in late 2015, StackPath has acquired six companies with "key security and edge-centric" technologies. ‘StackPath 2.0' would mark the integration and advancement of these technologies into a "unified, frictionless platform that delivers multiple, inherently-secured edge services," including edge delivery (for CDN, API acceleration, file distribution, media streaming, and more), a web application firewall, managed DNS, website ...
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Founded by SoftLayer founder Lance Crosby, StackPath's services would enable developers at organizations of any size to build protection and performance into any cloud-based solution – from SaaS to web publishing, gaming, media streaming and beyond.

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