New website features released – March 2011

Apr 21, 2011 under New features

Some of you probably already notice, website has been rewrite from the ground on a new structure.
We got many requests on adding new features, but some of these features were depending on a better website organization.

We already revealed end of last year, some of the future improvements, which are now up & running. On top, we recently added a new balanced server to serve static content, making a better user experience for our members and visitors.

All listed companies are encouraged to login (securely using SSL encryption) and update or add new hosting plans, respond to new reviews and for new companies to get started faster on getting more visitors.

As a side note, a new companies top based on countries and states is now computed, along important hosting plans, top brands customer reviews & user testimonials.

Considering our growing webmasters community using our services a new RSS structured format is ready to provide you all our content. For instance, you can always collect rss new reviews, rss feed of new plans, rss latest companies, rss fresh testimonials & rss coupon codes & discounts for all companies or for specific brand.

At this point a new list of improvements are considered, but we listen also on our users and companies for suggestions, just follow contact us form.

PS: The next short release will include a better company association with logins, similar like you associate your domain on Google Webmaster Tools.

We thank again to all our supporters, we will not disappoint our members & visitors and stay the best web hosting reviews website also in 2011!


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