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Added New features: online contacts , important URL’s, new socials accounts

We got requests from many brands to give them ability for a hosting company to add more information, therefore we added new features:

Extra information for web hosting companies

1. Adding online contacts:
Yahoo Messenger
Google Hangout

2. Important URL’s from your website
“Contact us” page
“About us” page
Term of Service (TOS)
Privacy policy
Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Acceptable use policy (AUP)
Knowledge base (KB)
Frequent question asked (FAQ)

3. New socials or important listings where your company website is present


New companies info: Shared Count (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, StumbleUpon)

Some of our members/visitors may already notice that we list now shared count numbers for each listed company.
Currently, we display shared counts from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and StumbleUpon.

Shared Count Example


Login with facebook account now available for WebHostingTop users

We got many inquires from our community to implement alternate login system.
Therefore , we implemented “Login with Facebook account” and the future plan is to introduce other login solutions as well.

Login using Facebook account

The login process is fully secured over SSL on our end, therefore you can stay assured regarding your privacy.

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Supporting new social networks: youtube, pinterest, myspace and google+

In order to give ability for hosting companies to promote their socials accounts, we extended our list of supported social media networks.

We added youtube, myspace, pinterest and googleplus to the existing list (twitter, facebook, linkedin, flickr, blog and forum).

Socials Network Accounts