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Auto-renew/issue Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL Certificate (Plesk), Cloudflare External DNS

There are many cases nowadays when a user is using Cloudflare External DNS for his domain.

Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL Certificate (Plesk) with External Cloudflare DNS

Features offered by Cloudflare (even on free plan) are very usefull and far more advanced (apart of DNS), therefore many users hosted on Plesk or cPanel uses Cloudflare, even if they actually have DNS management part of their server.

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Top 10 Cheap Domain Registrar Providers 2020

You can find domain registrars easily on the web, but finding one that is budget-friendly, does not have high renewal fees or requires customers to pay extra for essential features (such as, SSL certificate, WHOIS privacy protection or e-mail integration) can be difficult.

Top 10 Cheap Domain Registrars 2020

However, first thing first, choosing the right domain registrar comes down exactly to the customer’s needs. Some can be more expensive or some can include free features whereas others don’t.

WHTop.com has a full directory of all worldwide providers offering domain registration (1289 brands)(some of them ICANN official registrars or even reselling domains). Please keep in mind that during special events (like Black Friday or Cyber Monday the prices can be highly discounted). Most of companies sell domains for yearly price term, but some European companies offer even monthly payment.

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Old WHTOP server uptime: 2730 days

We deliver our website services with 100% uptime. See our server screenshot proving 2730 days uptime, before being changed for a much newer machine.

Uptime 2730days

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Types of Webhosting Services

Most of peoples don’t know about all types of web hosting services available on today’s market. In order to make them familiar with available options, we present here an overview. Types of webhosting environments Shared Reseller Dedicated Colocation Virtual Servers (VDS or VPS) Cloud Clustered Grid Email Hosting Shared Web Hosting One’s website is setup […]