Auto-renew/issue Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL Certificate (Plesk), Cloudflare External DNS

There are many cases nowadays when a user is using Cloudflare External DNS for his domain.

Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL Certificate (Plesk) with External Cloudflare DNS

Features offered by Cloudflare (even on free plan) are very usefull and far more advanced (apart of DNS), therefore many users hosted on Plesk or cPanel uses Cloudflare, even if they actually have DNS management part of their server.

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Top 10 SSL Certificates Providers in 2020

Running an online business is not an easy job. A strong reputation on the e-commerce market depends a lot on the quality and the prices of the products, but before a company can present what they offer to customers, they need to make sure the security of their website works accordingly. Every online page is susceptible to cyberthreats of all kinds, such as: ransomware attacks; phishing attacks; malware infiltration; breach of data; edge computing or botnets. Consequently, security is a necessity.

Secured Socket Layer (SSL), just like Transport Layer Security (TLS), is a cryptographic security protocol that encrypts the connection between a web browser and a web server making sure the connection is secured (HTTPS). In order to make the website of an online business secure, you will need an SSL certificate. Secured sites have a padlock icon in front of their URL address and this will also show HTTPS instead of HTTP.

Discover the top SSL providers like:,,,,,,,,,, and over 850 other web hosting providers selling SSL certificates. We also compared the cheap SSL plans so you can have a fast overview.

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Added SSL support for login & register pages

We provide now more secure services to our users, a new SSL certificate is used to ensure your sensitive data is sent over HTTPS (secure connection) to our servers. Direct pages: and

HTTPS connection for login page

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