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SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), is cryptographic protocol that provide security for communications over networks such as the Internet. Choice from our list of providers the SSL Certificates plan which meets your need

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(Dallas, Texas) - ScalaHosting LLC is a cloud hosting provider in Dallas, TX providing services since 2002. Today, we operate in two data centers – one in the US at Tierpoint Dallas facility and another one in Europe. Backed up by 16 years of experience, we host 700k+ websites for clients in 120+ countries. updated Apr 2019

  • RapidSSL
    : $ 30.00/mo. : SSL Certificates
  • No. plans: 22
  • No. testimonials: 1
  • Alexa Rating55,837
  • Links Count: 66

  • No. plans: 39
  • No. testimonials: 7
  • Alexa Rating168
  • Links Count: 66,506

(Ann Arbor, Michigan) - Give your sites a BOOST! Host them on our high performance SwiftServer platform. Choose our TURBO Servers featuring 20X FASTER page loads compared to competing hosts! Our WordPress Hosting, Drupal Hosting and Joomla Hosting lead the industry! Try our blazing fast web hosting completely risk free wit updated Mar 2018
  • No. plans: 38
  • No. testimonials: 1
  • Alexa Rating12,458
  • Links Count: 1,280

(Los Angeles, California) - The Namecheap Mission We work hard to provide unparalleled levels of service, security and support. We strive to offer intuitive products at the most competitive prices in the business. We never bombard our clients with unwanted upsells or in-your-face advertising. Our goal is to be honest, ...

  • No. plans: 31
  • No. testimonials: 0
  • Alexa Rating2,842
  • Links Count: 97,723
  • No. plans: 11
  • No. testimonials: 2
  • Alexa Rating5,670
  • Links Count: 27,327

Comparison of the new added plans for providers in Ssl Certificates

Plan Name Brand Price Hosted Websites /
Free Domains / IP's
Date Plan
Comodo PositiveSSLmegatrhost.comTRY 69.90/yr.118 Oct, 2019
Comodo Positive 33.00/yr.118 Oct, 2019
Sectigo EssentialSSLinc.clCLP 17,100.00/yr.118 Oct, 2019
Comodo Positive$ 9.00/yr.117 Oct, 2019
Comodo$ 9.99/yr.116 Oct, 2019
RapidSSL$ 11.95/yr.116 Oct, 2019
ComodoSSL$ 261.75/yr.unlimited16 Oct, 2019
Základní certifikát SSL 123gigaserver.czCZK 990.00/yr.116 Oct, 2019
Alpha SSLqwords.comIDR 190.000/yr.115 Oct, 2019
Comodo Positive SSLhb.byRUB 32.79/yr.115 Oct, 2019
Domain SSLbesthost.byBYN 18.00/yr.115 Oct, 2019
OV Enterprise certificatewest.cnon request114 Oct, 2019
Basic€ 89.99/yr.113 Oct, 2019
Comodobizcn.comCNY 169.00/yr.111 Oct, 2019
RapidSSL Single Domain22.cnCNY 200.00/yr.111 Oct, 2019
SSL$ 14.95/yr.111 Oct, 2019
RapidSSLgzidc.comCNY 422.00/yr.111 Oct, 2019
Comodo PositiveSSL EV Multidomän-certifikatoderland.seSEK 2,490.00/yr.110 Oct, 2019
WildCard SSLipserverone.comMYR 600.00/yr.unlimited 6 Oct, 2019
DV- Comodo FREE SSL (90 Days)bigdomain.myMYR 0.00/yr.1 5 Oct, 2019
CERTIFICADO$ 24.72/yr.1 5 Oct, 2019
Protect one$ 63.99/yr. ($ 79.99 after first term)1 4 Oct, 2019
Positivefaraso.orgIRR 890/yr.1 4 Oct, 2019
Commercial SSLradcom.coIRR 2/yr.1 4 Oct, 2019$ 760.00/yr.1 3 Oct, 2019

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