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-anonymous- ( harry@w... ) ( - testimonial for Server Freak
Sep 14, 2021 Icon Quick stats
  • No. reviews: 2
  • No. plans: 33
  • No. testimonials: 1 logoServerfreak has served me very professional and very responsive for more than 7 years we have good business interaction and connections. Sam and their leader developer is very experience. i am surprised someone below has the bad reviews. As every tehcnical issue, their technical support sure respond within 5mins and come out with solution not keep asking u questions by questions for unknown. its proven the owner and their technical has very experienced in handling the servers. i have since use ... [more]
Angelika Маrt ( medvedev.tolai@g... ) (kovboia) - testimonial for HOSTKEY
Sep 6, 2021 Icon Quick stats
  • No. reviews: 57
  • No. plans: 15
  • No. testimonials: 12 logoGood hosting has affordable GPU servers. Everything I need for my projects, everything works fine. For all the time, the speed has never dropped. The stability of the work is good. The rates are quite reasonable. If you have any question, you can contact technical support, which will promptly answer everything and help you deal with an incomprehensible situation. He answers everything in an accessible and competent manner. I am very happy with everything. I can safely recommend this hosting. ... [more]
Djesika ( den22042015@g... ) ( - testimonial for HOSTKEY
Aug 23, 2021 Icon Quick stats
  • No. reviews: 57
  • No. plans: 15
  • No. testimonials: 12 logoOur company has been renting a server for a corporate website for the second year. For all the time of cooperation no serious problems or defects have been observed. Good speed from anywhere in the world, free DDoS protection, GPU servers for data science tasks. Yes there were preventive maintenance, but everyone has them, even if there were failures, the technical support quickly eliminated them. On the whole, we are satisfied with our cooperation. [more]
Igor ( polyakus.kortes@g... ) (KLEOS) - testimonial for HOSTKEY
Aug 18, 2021 Icon Quick stats
  • No. reviews: 57
  • No. plans: 15
  • No. testimonials: 12 logoWe were looking for GPU servers with the lowest price and so that they were reliable. Hostkey responded to all our inquiries. Our online store website is not lagging and has never crashed in six months. So far, everything is just gorgeous, we are satisfied with the service. [more]
Brentley Torres ( zac185415@g... ) (zakfrid) - testimonial for HOSTKEY
Jul 22, 2021 Icon Quick stats
  • No. reviews: 57
  • No. plans: 15
  • No. testimonials: 12 logoI have been using hosting services for half a year, I am completely satisfied - both with quality and price. The cms ocstore was raised, the hosting admin panel is convenient, there were no problems. When creating the site, I contacted technical support for some nonsense, they promptly answered and helped. Awesome vps, always fast speeds, and of course a huge respect for technical support! I advise everyone! [more]
-anonymous- ( akanoj1986@g... ) (Link Djeren) - testimonial for HOSTKEY
Jul 19, 2021 Icon Quick stats
  • No. reviews: 57
  • No. plans: 15
  • No. testimonials: 12 logoThe support, though slow, is 24 hours a day. Personally, I broke through the support skype, they of course hide it :) and saying that we are working on a ticket system, but you yourself understand that sometimes you need to quickly contact and without skype it's just not possible. [more]
Sasha ( andi@g... ) (HOSTKEY) - testimonial for HOSTKEY
Jul 7, 2021 Icon Quick stats
  • No. reviews: 57
  • No. plans: 15
  • No. testimonials: 12 logoGPU servers for data science tasks. The service is very necessary and practical. Always helped me. So far, I have not had any failures. Very happy with their services. So far, everything suits me. The hostkey brand is always on top. The quality is very good. For the whole year of cooperation, there were no communication failures. Free DDoS protection. The servers are stable and very reliable. [more]
Jack Neff ( shimorinka22@g... ) (Shimorinka) - testimonial for HOSTKEY
Jul 4, 2021 Icon Quick stats
  • No. reviews: 57
  • No. plans: 15
  • No. testimonials: 12 logoServer speed and up-time are very important for my project, as tests of different hosting showed that Hostkey has the best indicators. I can say that I have not had any failures. I recommend hosting, it works flawlessly. Fast, responsible support, many times promptly helped to resolve all emerging issues. [more]
Beatriz ( premioazul@g... ) ( - testimonial for Web Empresa
Mar 18, 2021 Icon Quick stats
  • No. reviews: 2
  • No. plans: 3
  • No. testimonials: 1 logoLlevo años trabajando con Webempresa, con mis proyectos propios y recomendandolo a clientes, y siempre, siempre, siempre, me ha facilitado la vida. Lo peor ahora es cuando un cliente tiene otro hosting y me acuerdo de lo difícil que era con otros proveedores. [more]
Анастасия ( vishnevskayaa54@g... ) (Hostkey) - testimonial for HOSTKEY
Nov 10, 2020 Icon Quick stats
  • No. reviews: 57
  • No. plans: 15
  • No. testimonials: 12 logoA great hoster for a developing project. As for me, I was looking for a normal data center with a stable ping for Belarus with priority, in my case, the majority of data centers in Moscow went through Ukraine, which is constantly overloaded. Immediately goes directly through Beltelecom, there are several commercial data centers that go to our country in the same way, but they are too expensive and you need to sign a contract with them.I constantly violated communication channels ... [more]
vicente Carrera Fibla ( info@r... ) ( - testimonial for Hostalia
Oct 5, 2020 Icon Quick stats
  • No. reviews: 5
  • No. plans: 26
  • No. testimonials: 1 logoTuve la desgracia de contratar los servicios de HOSTALIA, no aguante mas y a los 5 meses de trabajo diario para insertar fotos, descripciones, etc. etc. me di de baja porque HOSTALIA es nefasta, muy poca profesionalidad y nunca me solucionaron ningún problema tuve que espabilarme por mi cuenta haciendo malabares de magia para conseguirlo, maldigo la hora que contrate sus servicios [more]
Alex ( as1732644@g... ) - testimonial for HOSTKEY
Jun 26, 2020 Icon Quick stats
  • No. reviews: 57
  • No. plans: 15
  • No. testimonials: 12 logoMy business is closely connected with working on the internet. Host KEY hosting company has a number of advantages over its competitors. Customer support is provided 24/7, stable operation of the server, there are no brakes in operation. The connection speed remains the same regardless of the location, at any time of the day. I intend to continue working with HOSTKEY. [more]
Kyle L ( kylenss@p... ) ( - testimonial for TMD Hosting
May 26, 2020 Icon Quick stats
  • No. reviews: 566
  • No. plans: 21
  • No. testimonials: 12 logoI've been using TMDHosting for nearly 5 years now, I went to them out of disgust with my previous hosting company and have never regretted the move for a moment since. Not only have they delivered all they promised, including 99.9% uptime and 24/7 support, but they have also made me look good to my clients.I do web development, mostly back end work, PHP, MySQL, WordPress plugins, Dolphin customization, and other behind the scenes work. All their automated install tools work as advertised ... [more]
-anonymous- ( tksasha02@m... ) - testimonial for HOSTKEY
May 21, 2020 Icon Quick stats
  • No. reviews: 57
  • No. plans: 15
  • No. testimonials: 12 logoHello, I would like to leave positive feedback about Hostkey. I rented dedicated servers for my project, as a result, everything went fine and works to this day. Essentially good protection, but when checking for DDoS protection, the server missed attacks a couple of times, and this is not very good, the quality of the servers at the highest level, never fell by themselves, withstand heavy loads. In the future we plan to continue cooperation. [more]
Ariks ( kristiust090@g... ) - testimonial for HOSTKEY
Apr 30, 2020 Icon Quick stats
  • No. reviews: 57
  • No. plans: 15
  • No. testimonials: 12 logoI am satisfied with this service in terms of quality of services! The service is made very high quality and with great technical benefit. There are no comments yet. The service has operational technical support. At work, colleagues also use the services of this service. Service speed is quite high. Overall happy and recommend! [more]
irino4ka ( irino4ka1110@r... ) - testimonial for HOSTKEY
Jan 17, 2020 Icon Quick stats
  • No. reviews: 57
  • No. plans: 15
  • No. testimonials: 12 logoGood afternoon, I want to tell you about my find. This is the hostkey. I'll start over. I have a small flower shop of rare plants. You have to travel around the world in search of exclusive and rare items. The Internet should always be with me and with good speed. I tried many services, the quality is low. On the advice of a partner, I used hostkey. Indeed, this is what you need. The service is as active as I am. No complaints. [more]
Diego De Maio ( info@d... ) ( - testimonial for Netsons
Dec 19, 2019 Icon Quick stats
  • No. reviews: 29
  • No. plans: 20
  • No. testimonials: 2 logoConosco Netsons praticamente da quando è stata fondata. Ho scelto da subito i loro servizi (Hosting, Server Dedicati, Domini, ecc.) per qualsiasi progetto interno e per i nostri clienti. Ho avuto anche la fortuna di conoscere direttamente lo staff dell'azienda e i principi professionali che muovono le loro attività. Consiglio a qualsiasi realtà desideri un partner informatico di alto livello, affidabile e presente di sceglierli! [more]
Anthony ( Info@r... ) ( - testimonial for Netsons
Dec 18, 2019 Icon Quick stats
  • No. reviews: 29
  • No. plans: 20
  • No. testimonials: 2 logoNetsons è affidabilità, sicurezza, presenza. L'assistenza è sempre presente in ogni situazione o problema. Tutti gli hosting sono velocissimi. E non per ultimo tutto il comparto commerciale. Consigliato? Assolutamente sì [more]
Ron ( roncraig@p... ) ( - testimonial for Cirrus Hosting
Aug 26, 2019 Icon Quick stats
  • No. reviews: 25
  • No. plans: 26
  • No. testimonials: 2 logoWe recently updated our server and cannot say enough about the tremendous support and assistance that we got to migrate 5 domains and databases. Cirrus technical and sales support is timely and efficient. A pleasure to deal with them. [more]
Emre gunes ( Eeemre30@h... ) (Xxx) - testimonial for PiVPS
Aug 7, 2019 Icon Quick stats
  • No. reviews: 12
  • No. plans: 10
  • No. testimonials: 1 logoI never advice this company they never respond you and you can not comtact anybody less than 10 hours!! [more]
Kimberly Honeycutt ( kimberlyhoneycuttboro@y... ) (KR KIMBERLY) - testimonial for Domain It
Jul 19, 2018 Icon Quick stats
  • No. reviews: 1
  • No. plans: 10
  • No. testimonials: 1 logoI purchased a domain name from them. Weeks later I checked into a web and transfer. They not only gave me valuable information but they also went the extra mile to assist me with questions (I'm not tech savvy). I consider DomainIt my silent business partner. [more]
Jose Antonio C. ( davidzequi@g... ) ( - testimonial for Hostinet
May 14, 2018 Icon Quick stats
  • No. reviews: 0
  • No. plans: 19
  • No. testimonials: 1 logoTodo perfecto, un servicio al cliente de 10 que siempre me saca las castañas del fuego cuando lo necesito. [more]
rochelle ( rmefferd@a... ) ( - testimonial for A2hosting
Apr 10, 2018 Icon Quick stats
  • No. reviews: 141
  • No. plans: 34
  • No. testimonials: 1 logothe tech support is phenomenal they helped me with my website problem which was not associated with a hosting problem. They are smart and dedicated [more]
Daniel van Niekerk ( dwhvn@h... ) ( - testimonial for Accu WebHosting
Feb 2, 2018 Icon Quick stats
  • No. reviews: 44
  • No. plans: 71
  • No. testimonials: 1 logoI've tried most free hosting services, and Accuwebhosting ended up being the most efficient and user friendly. I highly recommend Accuwebhosting to everyone. [more]
Michael Simonson ( info@e... ) ( - testimonial for InMotion Hosting
Oct 28, 2015 Icon Quick stats
  • No. reviews: 48
  • No. plans: 25
  • No. testimonials: 2 logoGreetings, When I have more time I intend to respond to your feedback requests in greater detail, but for me it is been a total pleasure to connect with your organization. Every time I have called I have received very professional top-notch help. It is such a pleasure to talk to pleasant honest people. Your response time to my requests is phenomenal. Even in your high calling times to connect to your sales or technical people I have waited only a 3 to 5 minutes the few times you did not answer ... [more]
Paul Kim ( pkim@m... ) (mymedpals) - testimonial for TMD Hosting
Jan 23, 2013 Icon Quick stats
  • No. reviews: 566
  • No. plans: 21
  • No. testimonials: 12 logoBeyond Superb services....I have seen and experience many hosting companies through out my years in technology business but I haven't seen any company such as TDM Hosting that can top their services and quick response time which is vital in today's business. Thanks Jeremy, Morgan and everyone on the Team! Your guys are AWESOME!!!

Paul Kim
Eric D. ( frightenflight@g... ) ( - testimonial for Hostwinds
Nov 7, 2012 Icon Quick stats
  • No. reviews: 783
  • No. plans: 29
  • No. testimonials: 1 logoI found my Hostwinds experience to be fantastic. Not only have I had NO downtime with them since signing on, they have fixed every problem that I could think of almost as soon as I asked it. Also, I actually felt like I was talking to real people.
I would purchase from them again, they are a fantastic team and I think they're doing a great job.
Bailey ( balysk@y... ) ( - testimonial for Hosting 24
Nov 6, 2012 Icon Quick stats
  • No. reviews: 87
  • No. plans: 11
  • No. testimonials: 2 logoHi all,

I can highly recommend them. They might have had some trouble in the past but i have not noticed any downtime / support issues whatsoever.

I have a hosting package and VPS with them, my VPS has been online with 100% uptime for 2 weeks now and hosting account with 99.93% uptime so they deliver.

I opened live chats a few times and they responded nicely in 10-20 seconds each time.
cosmin ( gazdaweb@y... ) ( - testimonial for Scala Hosting
Nov 3, 2012 Icon Quick stats
  • No. reviews: 34
  • No. plans: 18
  • No. testimonials: 1 logoI changed many hosting companies since 1999 bunt with Scala Hosting i feel lucky. I write this review because I read reviews from many sources before I chose hosting.
Customer support is very fast, almost instant (i had only one issue but it was solved in 5 minutes)
Uptime is good. No interruptions of service and a fast server.
I recommend Scala Hosting.
Ibrahim ( ibrahim.garba@a... ) ( - testimonial for Go Daddy
Sep 23, 2012 Icon Quick stats
  • No. reviews: 81
  • No. plans: 38
  • No. testimonials: 7 logoMy sister recommended I use GD to register and host my site for my business. Her timing couldn't have been better because it was just before the set back announced last week regarding the hack. To be honest even before that I surfed the site, tried to weight the options against the competetion and in the end, I couldn't have chosen a better site.The best thing about it not the help I can get from the forums whenever I am stuck but the speed at which discounts are dished just when I need to ... [more]