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New things prepared for 2011

Current year is getting closed for it’s end. It’s the time to analyze here some interesting whtop.com stats of 2010. (approximate values)

2500 new hosting companies (total over 16.000 providers)
5300 new customer reviews (total about 14.000 reviews)
2800 new hosting plans (total about 20.000 active plans)
1900 added news (total over 21.000 news)

We will share and reveal what’s next, therefore here are some of new features (also thanks to our members and visitors who submitted their recommendations). The biggest change will be a new structured website, a lot easier and intuitive to navigate. Along this change, there are many improvements, including:

website speed – overall page load will be faster (for visitors/customers and companies)
– a better verification of customer reviews – making easy for companies to respond to these reviews. [including a better way of reporting fraud/false reviews]
– much better RSS feed distributions, for pretty much any content. One of the favorite features which customers really like is our RSS hosting plan distribution for each company, making their life easier when is time to get a better deal from their hosting company. As usual, our webhosting coupons list [ RSS ] has been greatly appreciated.

For hosting companies we will offer ability to:
– place job requests
– sell/buy related hardware or software products
– get email alerts on different events (like expired coupons/promotions, customer reviews, etc..)
– plans import tool (easy to add/update hosting plans)
– publish hosting companies blogs along twitter or other social communications features & a lot more interesting ideas will follow.

We will extent our country top (based on Alexa and Google) with more information & a new way of representing the top 10 companies per categories (not only shared/budget hosting, used mainly at this point)

whtop.com team is committed on providing better services for 2011 and we thanks to all of our members (customers / companies) along our visitors for giving us your trust and confidence. Our goal stays to offer you a better web hosting life!

For suggestions, feel free to contact us!

Happy new year everyone! Good luck in 2011 !


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