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people this is a scam
I signed up to test the company's services. After registration, I added my credit card. I created a virtual machine and started testing the service. The next day, my account was banned. Paul said that I was banned automatically by the system. Paul did not find the solution to the problem (terrible support) do not recommend using this company for your purposes. 0/10. I think it's a trap and fraud.
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About Elastic Hosts

ElasticHosts makes flexible virtualization easy. You configure our sophisticated cloud infrastructure to match your needs with any web browser, giving you an unmatched combination of instant flexibility, ease of use and cost efficiency.

We were inspired to found a new cloud computing provider by the enormous impact of virtualization on every aspect of server technology, but realized that our customers sometimes find it a challenge to achieve the scale and expertise necessary to exploit this alone. We provide easy-to-use web hosting solutions, offering all the power and control of a traditional hosted server, but managed from any web browser to expose all of the additional benefits of virtualization.

We believe that widespread use of virtualization from cloud computing companies is key to revolutionize data centre energy efficiency, and to avoid projections that the global carbon footprint of data centres will surpass even that of airlines by 2020.

Our virtual servers run on our sophisticated server farms, located three fully-independent premier-class data centres across two continents. We monitor, service and upgrade the underlying cloud hosting infrastructure, providing you with high performance, availability and scalability.

Our virtual servers offer all the power and control of a traditional hosted server, whilst giving you the benefit of:

Instant flexibility: to scale your machine up or down using any web browser
Peace of mind: of running on professionally managed cloud hosting architecture, with automatic failover
Cost efficiency: of buying exactly the capacity you need on a cloud hosting infrastructure built to scale, and growing only when you need to

Cloud hosting infrastructure: technical details

Each layer of our cloud hosting infrastructure has been carefully designed and configured by our team to provide optimum performance to your virtual servers. We have deep understanding of this entire stack, and have contributed to the development of many of the software packages which we use in order to add features which we needed to provide you with our flexible, scalable and efficient service.

Virtual server environment: you have complete control to choose the operating system, applications and configuration of your machine, just like a physical hosted server. In addition, you can use any web browser to scale your machine up or down and to manage all of the full suite of cloud hosting services that you need for your web application (e.g. domain registration, DNS).
Virtualization platform: we use Linux KVM, the advanced virtualization platform built into mainline Linux. As described below, we believe KVM is superior to Xen, VMWare and Virtuozzo.
Clustering technology: we cluster our servers for redundancy, load balancing and automatic failover, using RAID to keep your data safe and your virtual server running even in the (unlikely!) case of hard disk failure.
Server OS: we run our own stripped-down Linux distribution on our servers to host the virtualization platform with maximum efficiency and security.
Server hardware: we use high-end multi-processor servers, fitted with quad-core AMD "Barcelona" Opteron CPUs (B3 revision). These are the first processor released by either AMD or Intel to offer second generation hardware support for virtualization, greatly increasing performance and effectively eliminating MMU virtualization overhead.
Network connectivity: we connect via Peer 1's high performance 10 Gbps SuperNetwork and C4L's Multihomed IP Transit.
Data centres: we operate two completely independent UK availability zones and one US availability zone. Our UK zones are located with Peer 1 in Fleet and BlueSquare 3 in Maidenhead, both near London. Our US zone is located with Peer 1 in San Antonio, Texas.

Why we chose KVM virtualization

Before selecting Linux KVM for our cloud hosting architecture, we evaluated VMWare and Xen, two other virtualization platforms providing similar capabilities to KVM (Virtuozzo only provides OS-level containers). We selected KVM as the best architecture for virtualization on modern processors with fast hardware virtualization support (VT-x and NPT on Intel or AMD-V and EPT on AMD).
Increasing hardware virtualization support

Historically, virtualization platforms used software to trap and simulate certain instructions, memory management and I/O in the host virtual machines. VMWare was an early leader in this software technology.
With the first generation of hardware virtualization, the VT-x/AMD-V extensions trapped these instructions in hardware, giving a significant speed improvement. However, virtualized memory management and I/O remained bottlenecks. Xen was an early proponent of paravirtualization, which attacks those bottlenecks by modifying the host operating system at compile time.
With the second generation of hardware virtualization, the NPT/EPT extensions minimize the memory management bottleneck. As a result, MMU paravirtualization is a legacy approach, leaving just scheduling and I/O to be virtualized in software by a hypervisor. (I/O virtualization requires a good set of device drivers for the underlying hardware, of course: an area in which Linux excels.)

Hypervisor architecture and device drivers

Linux KVM is a hypervisor which is built into mainline Linux. It uses the full range of hardware virtualization support, and directly uses the regular Linux scheduler and I/O device drivers.
Xen runs an external hypervisor for scheduling, and uses a modified Linux kernel in domain 0 to provide device drivers.
VMWare runs a proprietary external hypervisor, which includes scheduling and device drivers, many of which are adapted from Linux.
We believe the KVM architecture is superior to both Xen and VMWare, since the mainline Linux scheduler and device drivers are both extremely well designed, widely deployed, professionally maintained and throughly tested, to a level likely well above what a single company can achieve on either their own proprietary codebase or locally maintained fork of Linux.

Our cloud servers offer you all the power and control of full administrator access to your own machine. You have complete control to choose the operating system, applications and configuration of your machine, and can even upload and boot your own custom disk images, giving you full flexibility over your cloud computing platform.

Common cloud server configurations
Customers run a full wide range of operating systems, databases, server software and applications on their cloud servers, including:

Ruby on Rails
Ruby on Rails is an open-source web framework that's optimized for programmer happiness and sustainable productivity. Our customers choose Ruby for rapid development of their web applications.

Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. Our customers choose Django to build high-performing, elegant Web applications quickly.

Java Servlets and JavaServer Pages
Java Servlets and JavaServer Pages enable development of platform-independent enterprise-class web applications, running over a servlet engine such as Apache Tomcat Our customers choose Java to build on the wide-spread, platform-independent Java environment.

CGI is the original standard protocol for interfacing to a web server. FastCGI is a more recent development which allows for persistent handler processes and is therefore more scalable and better performing. Our customers use CGI and FastCGI to add dynamic capabilities to their static sites.

Customized advanced technologies
Our virtual cloud servers offer you all the power and control of administrator access to your own machine, enabling you to write your own advanced applications using any technology that you choose. Our customers choose to do this for their most intensive tasks.

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Cloud - Linux/Windows Keep mouse
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Dedicated IPs
RAM : 256 MB
CPU : 1 x 0.5GHz
$14.98/mo.10 GBunmetered 256 MB

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Web Site Title: ElasticHosts | Cloud Server | Linux, Windows VPS Hosting
Website Description: Cloud Servers for Sys Admins, Developers, and Engineers in 10 data centres worldwide. Total Control, Pricing That Works and Expert Support. Get your Free Trial now.
Targeting: Canada, Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States
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ElasticHosts Launches Cloud Hosting Solutions - Customers to be billed on-demand by the hour, unlike traditional hosting contracts which tie customers to fixed capacity for up to two years.
ElasticHosts, the cloud service provider, today announced the launch of its cloud server solutions, which provide flexible and easy-to-use server capacity for scalable web hosting and on-demand burst computing. Customers benefit from a user-friendly interface that can be managed from any desktop and allows them to create virtual servers instantly and re-size their capacity immediately.According to the company its cloud servers allow customers the cost-efficiency of buying exactly the capacity they need today, with the peace of mind that they can immediately scale up. It further avers that the capacity of services used are billed on-demand by the hour, unlike traditional hosting contracts which tie customers to fixed capacity for up to two years. The servers run any PC operating system, are fully configurable and designed to accommodate all ... [search all elastichosts.com news]

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About: Elastichosts is a global Cloud Server provider that offers easy-to-use Cloud Servers with instant, flexible computing capacity. As well as Cloud Servers, Elastichosts also offers Managed Cloud Servers, Cloud Websites and Reseller Programs. The company has thousands of customers in over 60 countries worldwide, its headquarters are in London, UK. It has nine data centres located in UK, Europe, US, Canada, Asia and Australia.

Elastichosts was the first public cloud service built on Linux Kernel-based Virtual Machine (rather than Xen) and were one of the first cloud providers to launch in Europe. Elastichosts are proud winners of the Best Cloud Service at the Cloud Computing World Series Awards 2010. Elastichosts is committed to developing simple, flexible and cost-effective cloud services for businesses worldwide.

Elastichosts (est. 2008) is a Privately Held entity having 306 followers on LinkedIn and 11-50 employees, industry Information Technology & Services.
About: ElasticHosts provides ultra-flexible and easy-to-use cloud server capacity for scalable web hosting and on-demand cloud computing.
ElasticHosts account is having 94 followers and 0 plus one count. Last activity on Feb 1, 2017. See recent Google Plus Posts:
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- The big data trend made R very popular. See how easy it is to import data with R: How to Import Data and Export Results in R
- Tutorial: turn your Linux system into a VPN server How to Set Up an L2TP/IPsec VPN Server on Linux
- Universe is a software platform—software for running other software—and much of it is now open source. In OpenAI’s Universe, Computers Learn to Use Apps Like Humans Do
Elastic Hosts Blog  Using Ghost 1.22. Blog added on 2012 May, with total 57 articles. See recent blogs summary posts:
- Billing system explained - If you are new to our payment & billing system, you might want to read this first: Payment Options & How to make a payment Dual billing system We support both subscription based and pay-as-you-go ...
- Privacy Policy - ElasticHosts cares about your privacy. For this reason, we collect and use personal data only as it might be needed for us to deliver to you our world-class products, services and websites ...
- Major change to Microsoft licensing - We now offer a unified license for Microsoft Windows Server (2016 and earlier versions) and three Microsoft SQL Server licenses for the Web, Standard, and Enterprise edition of MS SQL Server (2017 ...

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Time Hosted: under 1 month.
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
so far so good
I have been with EH just for short time, so far so good. Control panel is ok (seen better panels, for example Sigma Cloud), speed is OK as well.

I will review it again after some time.

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