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Top 10 cities where are located webhosting companies in this country are:
Cairo (14), Alexandria (3), (3), Dumyat (2), Mansoura (2)

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(Giza) - TE data is by far the market leader of the fixed broadband industry in Egypt. Millions of customers join TE data to enjoy surfing the Internet at the highest speed and quality. With over 99% geographical coverage, we provide the highest reach. OUR VISION To become a world-class ...
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  • Alexa Rating5,028
  • Links Count: 508

(Cairo, Cairo) - شركة استضافة مواقع رسمية مرخصة تقدم لك افضل استضافة عربية شركة استضافة ريسلر فى بى اس حجز دومين سيرفرات تصميم و برمجة المواقع شركة استضافة مواقع تبحث عن تصميم مميز لشركتك أو موقعك بجودة وبأسعار معقولة عندك فكرة تعتقد أنها صعبة التنفيذ نفذ كل أفكارك الان بحيث تصبح واقعًا ملموسًا يفوق ... updated May 2015
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  • Alexa Rating95,326
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HostKda /

(Dumyat, Damietta) - About HostKda Free Web Hosting ,We can't talk about ourselves a lot, but we can show that we are "Hostkda" site specializing in providing free web hosting to all Internet users World Wide Web, a product of the information revolution services, and hosting service sites for free in the ... updated Feb 2017
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  • Alexa Rating108,870
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Rise Technology | (WIT) Web Information Technology and (CIT) Computer Information Technology - Risecompany - offer a free domain name, real 24/7 support, and superior speed. web hosting provider php hosting cheap web hosting, Web hosting, domain names, front page hosting, email hosting. We offer aff
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  • Alexa Rating116,910
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(New Damietta, Dameitta) - محجوز . كوم تسعى للتقدم بمستوى الفكر العربى بتكلنولوجيا المعلومات الى مستوى اعلى للوصول بالعالم العربى الى طبقة التقدم والرقى الفكرى سعيا للحصول على اسمى درجات الامتياز وتكوين عالم تكنولوجى منفتح ويرسم بداية طريق الأمل. aims to make a great achievments in Middel east thought about the information thechnology , and grow up with the arab thouhgt level , to reach with the Arab world to the best level of progress and intellectual advancement , In order to obtain the highest degree of excellence , and creating an open world technological paints the beginning of the path of hope ..
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  • Alexa Rating127,192
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Comparison of the new added plans for providers in Egypt

Plan Name Brand Product Type Platform Diskspace Transfer Memory Price Hosted Websites /
Free Domains / IP's
Date Plan Icon101gen.comShared HostingLinux20 GB SSDunmetered $ 83.99/yr.1 / 0 / 0 8 Oct, 2019
Plan Iconglaxu.comShared HostingLinux1 GB10 GB $ 30.00/yr.  8 Aug, 2019 Iconebnsafaa.comShared HostingLinuxunlimited SSDunmetered $ 83.88/yr.1 / 0 / 019 Feb, 2019 Icon3stores.netShared HostingLinux100 MBunmetered $ 1.08/mo.unlimited 1 Dec, 2018 HostingLinux100 GBunmetered $ 56.68/mo.unlimited 1 Dec, 2018
Web Hosting Icongreens247.comShared HostingLinuxunlimited SSDunmetered $ 0.99/mo. ($ 4.97 after 36 mo.)1 / 0 / 025 Oct, 2018 Iconarabhosters.comShared HostingLinux1 GB20,000 GB $ 37.00/mo. 26 Jul, 2018
الغير محدودة Iconhosttee.comShared HostingLinuxunlimited SSDunmetered EGP 57.00/yr.unlimited / 0 / 026 Jun, 2018
Individual Iconhostsenior.comShared HostingLinuxunlimitedunmetered EGP 499.00/yr.unlimited / 1 / 0 8 Apr, 2018 Iconramahost.comShared HostingLinux3 GB SSD30 GB EGP 1,150.00/yr.3 / 0 / 0 6 Feb, 2018
استضافة غير محدودة - تمهيدية Iconmhgoz.comShared HostingLinuxunlimitedunmetered $ 2.50/mo.1 1 Dec, 2017
1GBx3host.comShared HostingLinuxunlimitedunmetered $ 0.95/mo.unlimited 1 Dec, 2017
Distinctive Iconlife-host.infoShared HostingLinuxunlimitedunmetered EGP 120.00/mo.unlimited / 0 / 019 Jan, 2017
Free Web Iconhostkda.comShared HostingLinuxunlimited SSDunmetered $ 0.00/yr.999 / 0 / 029 Nov, 2016
FREE Domain Name - Iconspctec.comShared HostingLinux2 GB15 GB $ 40.00/mo.  1 Dec, 2014
Neklawy networks Iconneklawy.comShared HostingLinux100 MB2 GB $ 1.83/mo. 27 Oct, 2008 Iconnetworkegypt.comShared HostingLinux1 GB5 GB $ 5.83/mo. 27 Oct, 2008
Linkedware Plan Iconlinkedware.comShared HostingLinux/Windows1 GB2,000 GB $ 2.16/mo. 27 Oct, 2008
DServer Iconvpsforextrader.comDedicated HostingWindows584 GBunmetered8000 MB$ 90.00/mo.unlimited 1 Dec, 2018
VPS Windows 1 GB Iconhvips.comVPSWindows30 GBunmetered $ 10.00/mo. 10 May, 2015

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Major Undersea Internet Connections Severed - Dec, 2008 - In a disruption that may bring back memories of an earthquake off the coast of Taiwan that cut eight undersea cables in December 2006, Internet and phone communications in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia have been seriously disrupted after as many as four submarine ...
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