Old WHTOP server uptime: 2730 days

May 12, 2015 under Dedicated Web Hosting, Linux Hosting, Linux Server

Just to show you our website uptime over the years, here is a picture of the recently retired server where we hosted whtop.com (old web-hosting-top.com)

Uptime 2730days

Basically the server had 2730 days before we released and changed with a new one .. that’s about 7 years and half of no downtime! Machine used Linux CentOS 4.4 Final and had no issues over time.

The reason to move is to use the new software and hardware available, so you get the best experience using our top web hosting reports, which started to be slow since we list around 20.000 active companies.

Our website will stay always up & running with fast response time, so our users and visitors can benefit from our unique web hosting top reports.

We got such a huge uptime using GoDaddy.com as dedicated server provider and we recommend to anyone their superior servers. See current special offer and discounts for Go Daddy or go directly to their dedicated server page

Whtop team!

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Nov 23, 2015

Ok Nice lol, and without kernel security updates? O hope you are using ksplice