Where is hosted a website (IP location+ DNS) and by who (ISP name and URL)

Feb 20, 2014 under New features

Since we offer already from long time a free tool for locating an IP (used very often due to fresh database), now it’s the time to extend this feature to any website (not only for IP’s)

Therefore the new tool, which locates a website is already up & running. At this stage (version 1.0) you can get the following info:

  • The IP of the website
  • Location of this IP (Country, Region, City)
  • ISP name (the company owning the IP)
  • The URL of the ISP
  • DNS zone (including MX address)
  • Server Software (like Apache with PHP)
  • The website TITLE
  • The website DESCRIPTION
  • Discover Social accounts (facebook, twitter, google+, blog & forum, youtube and more)

See example:
Where is hosted a website - example

If you want to suggest any new features, feel free to let us know or add in comments.

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