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Time Hosted: over 3 years
Global rating
As a loyal ex customer for over five years I finally had to pull the plug on Superb hosting. Repeated outages, at times three times a week are simply unacceptable. We had to endure hour-long downtime, which remained unexplained and handled abysmally. Earlier this year their power failed and as poorly as they are organized their backup power failed, too! This meant my online services were inaccessible for half a day. Of course, they did not bother with an apology or even keeping customers in the loop. Over the years we have been plagued with their incompetence to deal with DDOS or just plain stupid mistakes, which brought down the network. 99.99% uptime? You wish – I don’t’ think they even believe this themselves. I would have had better uptime by hosting from my laptop at home. The overall infrastructure and management UI is outdated and has not improved in years. The servers kept getting slower due to improper management of virtual clients. It's been nothing but downhill for years [read more...]
Mary Landis (mtlndis@y...)
Time Hosted: over 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
Superb is not for the "little guy"
We were with Superb for 4 years. During the first 1.5-2 years things were OK. Then we started having issues - 3 bad disks, faulty power supplies, a few techs that seemed clueless. The end for us was on 12/30/11. Our hard drive failed and all data was lost. The back ups which were stored on the same machine but a separate disk were also corrupted. (In March 2012, 1 of our techs went to visit the datacenter and noticed the box had a faulty power supply.) After a month of back & forth with their tech people, we had a sever again but no data. We wound up going elsewhere and never using that server again. We forgot to cancel our contract until then sent us a bill in the beginning of July 2012. (Because I was on manual pay not automatic pay I got a bill). We canceled the service. Superb responded by sending us a note saying we would be billed up to August 3rd because we had to give them 30 days notice. On top of this I was getting a jillion notices everyday that if I didn't pay my [read more...]
Tom (tom@w...)
Time Hosted: over 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
Warning - Stay Away from
I was a customer of for several years. They started out okay, but over the years, I had frequent problems with unreliable servers, email downtime, and sudden billing changes. After losing some of my own clients due to their unreliable service, I finally had enough and decided to move my business to another hosting company. I submitted a service cancellation request. Within days after submitting the cancellation, I was informed that they had "discovered" an error they made in billing over a year ago and they should have been charging us more for our account. Therefore, they decided to BACK-CHARGE us for over a year's worth of THEIR billing errors. We were never informed of this supposed increase in monthly charges - and now they were back-charging and telling us they wouldn't cancel our account until we paid for 14 months of charges. We tried to contact their billing, customer service, and tech support departments and could not get a response. Our support tickets, [read more...]



Superb Internet

We are a world-class web hosting company founded in 1996. We've led the industry ever since, because our top priority is meeting the needs of our customers. Most customers who come on board, never look back. Some may leave temporarily to try the competition, seeking lower price-points or taking advantage of short-term promotions, but in almost every case, they come back to Superb. Why? For the sake of quality: our reliable service, reliable network, and reliable solutions.
The Superb Standard®:
Your Service Never Stops

We offer superior, award-winning service 24 x 7 x 365 from our SAS-70 Type II Certified & Audited data centers, ISO 9001:2008 Certified & Registered and ITIL certified staff in McLean, Virginia; Springfield, Virginia; Tukwila, Washington; and our Honolulu, Hawai'i headquarters. Providing a complete range of managed web hosting services, from virtual hosting to high-volume, mission-critical dedicated service solutions, we are able to serve customers in over 150 countries throughout the world. How? Through our proprietary coast-to-coast network infrastructure.
Three state-of-the-art, fully redundant, fault-tolerant data centers for 100% uptime, guaranteed

We are customer-focused, and network-driven. Our Network Operations Centers are staffed with dedicated technicians, and our professional System Administrators are constantly monitoring server and network status to ensure that your servers are
always up.

To ensure lightning fast connectivity, we have multiple redundant connections to several backbone providers through OC3 and GigE connections. Our network infrastructure, which we own, was designed with no single point of failure. With fully redundant cooling and power systems, disaster management plans, and careful proactive monitoring, we can prevent almost any cause for downtime. But should an issue arise, we make sure any concerns are addressed immediately. When? Within 24 hours, guaranteed. In fact, most support queries are answered within 24 minutes!

Innovative plans for cost savings, and the latest hosting equipment for shared hosting and dedicated servers

Despite being one of the larger providers around, our customers always receive the personal attention and care associated with small companies. We conduct regular customer surveys, and our services and prices reflect customer input. With the recent launch of SuperbCare™ on Twitter, we have yet another avenue of two-way communication with our customers to get input on your needs and concerns. There are plenty of other avenues of communication. Where? Check out News, and discover our newsletter, blog, social networking channels and more.

Here's How it All Began...

Back in 1994, Haralds Jass was just a 14 year-old eighth grade high school student. He and a group of like-minded online developers decided to take advantage of the emerging Internet's new possibilities by inventing an immersive and interactive online computer game called "Woodlands." They even composed original music for the game's soundtrack just as MP3 was being invented.

Their project was proceeding so well that a publisher expressed interest in bringing the game to market. So Haralds and his group founded the company Superb Entertainment. Unfortunately, development kept being plagued by technical difficulties, as they were pushing the limits of current web capabilities with their innovations. Commercial web hosting itself was still quite new, and their shared hosting provider was unable to resolve the sporadic power outages, unexpected crashes and other performance problems that not only hampered development, but made the launch of such a product an uncertain venture.

So with regrets the game was shelved for the time being. Instead of giving up, Haralds saw this as an opportunity to research the industry and see if he could find demand for a reliable web hosting operation that was well managed and could meet performance expectations. As he puts it, he saw the need for a company that was "more responsive, more reliable, and more customer-centric." Despite his young age, this was the seed that eventually germinated to grow into one of the oldest and most respected web hosting companies in the world.
The Formative Years

December 1996

In the summer of 1996, Haralds stepped up to the next level. Having located a number of online contacts who had similar problems with their hosting providers, he began taking pre-orders for his new shared hosting service. His family dentist loaned him six hundred dollars to buy a single Sun Solaris server at a colocated facility in Maryland, with Haralds' promise that the entire loan would be repaid within two weeks of the launch.

True to his word it was; Superb Internet Corporation was actually profitable within ten days of launch! The loan was repaid and from that day on, the company was self-funded and self-financed, operating on positive cashflow from its initial clients and others who soon signed up, attracted by word of mouth. By the end of the year, the company owned ten servers and had to hire a contractor to help with the workload.
Growing the Industry

October 1999

By the summer of 1999, Haralds was in his first year of University studies. His company, Superb Internet, already had over four hundred servers hosting ten thousand websites. The company now employed ten remote employees, and all of the major reputable agencies consistently rated them as the #1 web hosting provider. In particular, Superb Internet was becoming known for its quality of service and reseller services, as well as an important internet "first": name-based virtual hosting, which brought down costs and helped pave the way for even individuals to have their own websites. Superb also introduced customer-controlled virtual hosting with unlimited third-level domains, and a number of other innovations that not only helped the company grow, but drove the industry as well.

First Data Center

April 2001

Superb's potential for even greater growth was becoming clear. Haralds decided to postpone returning to school so that he could devote his full time to managing his company. By this time, Superb had opened a physical office in Vancouver, Canada, but was starting to outgrow the colocation facility in Annapolis, MD—where it was already using more than fifty percent of the facility's space. With dwindling room, the company had to make a move in order to maintain its ability to grow. Superb made an offer to buy the data center outright, as this seemed to be a logical solution, but the offer was refused.

Management began the search for a new facility they could purchase outright in an area that would allow for future growth. The team found a site that met their needs in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, DC, one of the best connected areas in the entire U.S. for a web hosting company.
Branching Out

2002 to the Present

In early 2002, Superb Internet grew again—with the opening of DCA2, its second data center, located in McLean (Tyson's Corner), VA. At the same time, a coast-to-coast IP backbone network was added, using the services of HopOne Internet Corporation. This vital addition ensured that Superb's customers were connected to the fastest and most reliable network available, and greatly helped its push for further growth.

The opening of DCA2 and new partnership with HopOne doubled the available capacity for additional servers and led to increased network quality. These moves also created opportunities for dedicated server colocation, which helped diversify the company's offerings and reach new clients. The second DC facility paved the way for Superb Internet's aggressive plans for expansion to meet growing demands, and positioned Superb Internet to continue its reputation as one of the prominent leaders of the web hosting industry.
Seattle Data Center

June 2005

Another major expansion occurred in 2005, when Superb opened a new data center on the west coast. Known as SEA2, the Seattle data center is located in one of the best connected high-tech cities in the United States, the perfect complement to the existing DCA2 Network Operations Center (NOC). The west coast location provided for multiple diverse-path fiber transport circuits from a variety of stable carriers, adding another level of redundancy to ensure premium connectivity. The launch of the SEA2 data center also opened up a number of new opportunities and provided a critical service to new and existing clients who required a west coast presence based on their user demographics. Some larger high-demand customers could now take advantage of the opportunity to have geo-load balanced servers on both the east and west coasts.

In June 2009, Superb Internet opened its latest data center, located in Springfield, VA, to accommodate its high growth. Superb made significant investments to to ensure this new facility meets Superb's standards for a fully redundant data center. As with all Superb data center locations, the Springfield data center is staffed around the clock, 24x7x365, with experienced, certified system and network engineers who specialize in maintaining IT hosting infrastructures for mission-critical data.

Ever since 1996, Superb Internet has prospered because of the loyalty and satisfaction of our clients. Since 2000, when we became completely independent and controlled our entire proprietary network, Superb has grown from just 400 servers to over 40,000 servers, hosting hundreds of thousands of unique websites that millions of internet users look at every day. As Superb Internet continues to grow, the commitment of everyone—from Haralds, our developers, customer service, and technical staff—to provide the very best to our clients will guarantee that Superb's service is always Ahead of the Rest.

Data Centers.

Along with our committed customers, we believe that web hosting is more than just a web address and an IP address. Besides the latest servers, hardware solutions, ever-expanding bandwidth, and novel colocation packages, we emphasize the value of service. Without superior service, all the hardware in the world is just racks of machines.

That's why our technical care support staff are always available to you, 24x7x365. Because so many of our customers are internationally based, our staff work through the night, through the weekends, even through traditional holidays. (It's true: you can rest assured we're here Thanksgiving and July 4th keeping an eye on your servers!)

All three of our protected data centers provide fully redundant power, cooling, and networking to ensure consistent performance in the event of power failure, weather disturbances, construction cuts, and unforseen events.

Owning our own IP backbone is a huge benefit, because our customer data travels coast-to-coast on our own network, exiting directly at the destination network more than 60% of the time. That means we can provide the most efficient routes, lower latency, as well as minimize overhead.

Don't forget, we've been in continuous service since 1996!

Plus, we offer data center outsourcing services.

We offer clients with specialized needs customized colocation services, which include private cages on our data center floor, as well as self-contained data centers—fully autonomous with their own backup generators, HVAC, and UPS systems—inside our state-of-the-art, secure facilities.

Superb's Coast-to-Coast Proprietary Network Infrastructure

There is little to question why you should host with Superb Internet. We are one of the few web hosting businesses to offer a true 100% Uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA). That means your websites are guaranteed to be up and running, without fail, or you get significant credit for any downtime. And because our state-of-the-art data centers are fully redundant, our coast-to-coast network infrastructure provides superior connectivity with no single point of failure for the ultimate in performance and speed. As our experienced technical staff are constantly proactive, there is very little that happens beyond our control!
Industry-Leading Core Network Infrastructure

Our core network and backbone connectivity consists of 11 sites located in 5 states from the east coast to the west coast. With direct connectivity to all major global Tier 1 backbones and major networks & ISPs, our network offers extremely low latency—and no packet loss—resulting in the best efficiency and performance available. Our network is fully redundant at every level and fault tolerant, designed with geography and history in mind to be able to withstand major disasters. Learn more>
24x7x365 Monitoring by Experienced Network Administrators

Our core network is monitored at all times by our experienced network administrators, who are on-site 24x7x365 at each of our network operations centers. We set the highest standards when it comes to fulfilling our 100% network uptime guarantee. For this reason, we believe in full transparency. If we learn of a possible power interruption, you will be notified. If emergency maintenance is required, you will be notified. We have multiple back-up and disaster recovery plans in place, just so that you never have to worry about the state of your servers. And with multiple means of communication open to you...SuperbCare on Twitter, your personalized control panel "MyCP," the Superb Blog, our customer newsletter The Spearhead, and always e-mail and telephone access... you will be the first to hear of any events that might possibly affect your service.
100% Network Uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA)

As noted, we are so confident in the reliability of our network that we created a ground-breaking industry Service Level Agreement (SLA) to guarantee that our network will always be available, functioning fully, to ensure the security of your data. This includes no packet loss and below 3ms latency from us to our Tier 1 backbone bandwidth providers. Learn more>
HopOne Internet Partnership

We partnered with HopOne Internet so we can provide our customers a true premium network, with customized solutions for high-demand operations. HopOne Internet maintains a high-performance national commercial transit IP backbone for top-level stability and reliability...the standards we require. IP transit services are available through our partner, HopOne Internet.

100% Satisfaction That's Our Guarantee to You

Whether you choose our shared hosting or our dedicated server plans, we guarantee our performance. There's absolutely no risk, because we own our network, our data centers, our IP backbones—the entire network infrastructure is under our control, coast to coast. We have customers throughout the world, and they all get the same superior level of service, leading-edge equipment, reliable performance, and speed.

Managed Dedicated Servers

Professional Services
You are always backed up by a team of highly skilled technical experts who provide customized services to you on a consultative basis. Services include migration, disaster recovery plan, security services, database management, search engine optimization, and more.

Managed Services
You gain a suite of enterprise-level managed services with our managed hosting plans, because we know protecting your data is crucial to the integrity of your online business. With security services and backup solutions in place, your servers are certain to always run optimally.

Support Team
Your managed support team starts with a dedicated technical account manager who consults you on your system architecture. Your support team also includes experienced security experts, system administrators, and network engineers.

Dedicated Servers

Choose from our Business or Corporate class servers and enjoy affordable and reliable hosting for your business. Superb offers 100% uptime SLA, 24x7 Live Support and same day setup. Reduce overhead by enrolling in our Lease-to-Own Program.

CPU PassMark Chart
This graph shows CPU benchmarks measured by Passmark, a widely-used CPU benchmarking utility. Click the image to display a detailed chart of the performance of your server.

Services that we offer!
From start to finish, we provide a comprehensive array of server solutions to help you launch and grow a succesful online business.

Superb VPS

Superb VPS gives you the security, speed, and total customization of dedicated servers at a wallet-friendly price. With administrative (root) access to the virtual server, you can run any programs you want, change the configuration of the virtual server however you'd like, use more processor and RAM capacity than is available via shared hosting, resell access—you can even completely reinstall a different operating system of your choice.

Virtualization technology allows the physical resources of the server—its processor, RAM, and hard drives— to be shared between multiple virtual servers, with each virtual machine using its own slice of the physical resources. With VPS, multiple operating systems can run in addition to multiple programs.


Guaranteed availability of resources—they're never over-sold!
Dual Intel Xeon Quad-core servers
Guaranteed CPU share and more when available
Reserved RAM
Burstable RAM to double of Guaranteed RAM
RAID-10 disk storage
64-bit and 32-bit Linux and Windows images (available)
Full root access and rebooting
Tier-1 redundant bandwidth
Intuitive myCP control panel for VPS management and reboots
Highly experienced support team
Company-owned equipment and SAS-70 Type II Certified & Audited data centers
Experience of a Web hosting leader since 1996!

The Superb Standard

A lot of companies guarantee "great customer service" or "reliability" without ever clearly saying what those things mean. So, how do you know what they're actually promising? How can you be sure exactly what you're getting? We fervently uphold the Superb Standard—our pledge to provide you with exceptional, industry-leading products and services—and we proudly state what that means. Since 1996, we have honored our commitment to keeping our valued customers Ahead of the Rest®. It is because of this commitment, we believe, that we are the industry's most-awarded hosting company.

100% network uptime SLA
Zero Packet Loss from us to our Tier 1 Backbone Providers and Peers
Latency Below 3ms from us to our Tier 1 Backbone Providers and local Peers
2 hours hardware replacement SLA
30-day money-back guarantee
24x7x365 phone support
Free unlimited support for the first 30 days for new customers
Price match against any competitors' current advertised offers

Our Colocation Plans Provide You With Impenetrable Security and Incomparable Network Speed!

For web-based businesses who already own their servers, but want to place their hardware in an enterprise-class facility with adequate space, temperature control, and security, we have another option for you: Colocation. Send us your servers and we take care of them in our world-class SAS-70 Type II Certified & Audited data centers, in your choice of three convenient high-tech hubs.

We are also ISO 9001:2008 Certified & Registered and have a ITIL certified staff.

You can think of it as sending your treasures to an exclusive boarding school! No need to worry about the neighbors, a truly secure and guarded environment, with the latest generation of environmental controls. Because our data centers are truly state-of-the-art, with parallel redundancies, your servers always have reliable power, backups, and physical security.
Reliable Physical Security

No need to worry about fire, vandalism, theft, or natural disasters. Live monitored surveillance keeps an eye on your servers 24x7x365. Your rented rack space is kept under lock and key. Biometric access control systems ensure that only vetted technicians and your representatives ever have access to your servers. Smoke detectors, fire detectors, and surveillance cameras are kept in top operating condition.
Enhanced Virtual Security

With improved, customized firewalls and daily backups, plus as much bandwidth as you need, the applications and policies of your "neighbors" have absolutely no effect on your server performance. Your data is safe from the very first day your server is installed.
Less Expensive Bandwidth

Due to the efficiencies of our proprietary IP backbone and the redundant cross-connections of our infrastructure, you gain the cost savings.
Backup Generators and Fuel on Premises

If the local power supply is ever disrupted, our backup power and fuel on premises keep your servers running.
The Latest in A/C, Temperature and Humidity Controls

Often difficult to control, your servers' physical environment has a powerful effect on optimal performance. Our data centers all have the very latest equipment for steady and reliable temperature, humidity, and particulate control.
Location, Location Location

Consider the proximity of the data they serve your business needs? Our data centers are located in Seattle, WA—the original high-tech city!—and two just outside Washington D.C., at locations originally used by the NSA and other governmental organizations—the original hub of the Internet.

Another key consideration in your choice of Colocation partner is the company's track record. As you know, Superb has a stellar record of consistent performance since 1996. Cover
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Linux - Shared Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
Unix Universal $6.00/mo.50 GB750 GB
Windows - Dedicated Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
Pentium4 2.4GHzfeaturesUnmanaged$149.00/mo. $19 Setup Fee80 GB4 TB
Pentium4 2.66GHzfeaturesUnmanaged$159.00/mo. $19 Setup Fee80 GB4 TB
HP Dual Xeon 5160featuresUnmanaged$394.00/mo. $89 Setup Fee500 GB4 TB
Windows - Shared Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
Windows Universal $8.00/mo.50 GB750 GB
Linux/Windows - Shared Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
GridLite $8.00/mo.20 GBunmetered
GridPro $10.00/mo.200 GBunmetered
GridMax $18.00/mo.unlimitedunmetered

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Superb Internet Corporation Awarded GSA Schedule 70 Contract - Continuing in its commitment to excellence by achieving ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2013 certifications and years of ongoing SSAE-16 audits & compliance, Superb Internet, once again, surges Ahead of the Rest® by becoming one of very few facilities-based providers of enterprise cloud & hosting solutions to Federal, State and local government agencies via GSA Advantage (GSA IT Schedule 70), thus reducing the procurement challenges and speeding up, simplifying the purchasing process.
Prior to award, Superb Internet has gone through the stringent requirements set out by the GSA. Comprehensive evaluation, thorough customer interviews, regulated background check and rigorous financial assessment were conducted by the U.S. Federal Government to ensure that Superb Internet Corp. not only has the resources to handle large government contracts, but also that the business model is built upon a sound, solid financial and quality control foundations, and that security is always paramount. [search all news]

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About: Superb Internet is a world-class web hosting company founded in 1996, offering customers the best in managed hosting, colocation, dedicated servers, virtual private servers (VPS), domain registration, and more.

Superb Internet provides leading industry technology and top-rate service, 24/7/365, to suit your company’s needs for hosting, data storage, E-commerce, media hosting, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and many other web solutions.

This award-winning Hosting Company, one of the oldest and most established in the world, prides itself on its highest quality of service and delivery with 100% Uptime guaranteed.

Superb Internet Corp. (est. 1996) is a Privately Held entity having 250 followers on LinkedIn and 51-200 employees, industry Internet.
About: Superb Internet Corporation is an enterprise-grade global cloud and web hosting services company distinguished by ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2008, SSAE-16 and other standard compliance, as well as superior network performance and uptime reliability that businesses and organizations need. Superb offers a wide range of hosting-related services, including cloud hosting, managed hosting, server colocation services, dedicated servers, shared hosting, virtual private servers (VPS), and
Superb Internet account is having 8140 followers and 23460 plus one count. See recent Google+ Posts: Icon
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the tea farm (info@t...)
Time Hosted: over 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
from good a few years ago to horrible
i've been with this company for years. they were really good in the beginning. but recently, it's simply been horrible. whenever there's an issue, you write a ticket and they try to solve it. but recently i've had issues with them, instead of trying to solve the error, they try to get you to buy a higher priced hosting. i tried to talk to the manager, instead of having a customer service manager call me, they had their sales manager call me. haha. all he did said was, id like to understand the problem, but the only solution is to upgrade.
Wayne Taylor (waynetaylor@p...)
Time Hosted: 2 to 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
I would agree that their email services are completely unreliable. I can confirm the reports of multiple outages lasting for days experienced by others reported here. In fact as of this writing, (Dec 10, 2009) email is down again!

They do have regular updates, but they're pretty much useless consisting of statements like:

"Our Systems Team is still overlooking the issues we are facing on our shared mail services. We appreciate your continued patience and hope to have more details shortly."

That won't help me get my mail. If you need email I would avoid this company.
Ole Juul (oj@c...)
Time Hosted: 1 to 2 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
I'm on shared hosting so perhaps I can't expect too much. What little interaction I've had with customer support has been excellent. Sometimes there is a bit of a delay in loading my web pages, but generally it is fast enough - especially considering the low price.

The one thing Superb really falls down on is their e-mail servers. They sometimes are down for a day or two. Although they keep you informed as to how they are doing, the bottom line is still that they are not doing well. Lack of e-mail access would probably make this company a no-go for a business which relies on communication - anything sales related, for example. I still plan to stick with Superb for now because they are great for cheap accounts and shared hosting, but if I expand my needs I will probably be looking for a more reliable solution to e-mail.
Pradhan Balter (-no email-)
Time Hosted: 2 to 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
While everyone at Superb is nice and accommodating, their servers are unbelievably unreliable. This year, (2009), they have had 2 major crashes. In the first, servers were down 3 days! While being constantly informed as to status of transfer to new, improved, servers, this revealed a brutal weakness in their redundancy and reliability. OK, it happens. Commitments were made to ensure this would never happen again.
Now, its September, and guess what?! AGAIN, major server crash. It's been 2 days. While these folks are well intended, the unreliability of this hosting service is simply too high to risk your personal and/or business hosting and e-mail.
I am on a shared hosting plan.
I have switched to another host and it is literally night and day...24/7 live voice tech support as opposed to Superb's e-mail support, with 24 hour turn around.
Bobby Buchanan (wehobobby@y...)
Time Hosted: 2 to 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
We were on a shared server plan. This company is a HUGE loser. Do yourself a favor and go find some other hosting company. 16 months ago, they had a hard drive failure on our server and when they went to do the backup, they discovered the BACKUP was useless. We lost 100% of our files, documents, etc.,and had to recreate our site from scratch or files that we still had on our end. Now, just this week (5/19/08) they've had ANOTHER hard drive failure on the same server, and after 72 hours of complete downtime and our websites being offline, they STILL have not completed the restore process, which leads me to the inevitable conclusion that this back up will prove no better than their last one. A complete hack and a VERY amatuer customer support. This kind of service is not only appalling, it's simply unheard of for a hosting provider. Trust me - they will LOSE ALL of their customers that were on that server, I'm sure!
windHaven (-no email-)
Time Hosted: 2 to 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
I have been hosting with for over 2 years. It is a plain jane hosting service. You don't get access to many things - no raw log files, no detailed server stats, no cron job and their control panel is very basic.

The customer service over the email is pretty useless - Your hosting option does not allow - this. You will need to upgrade...

Downtime is rare though. In all these years I have had only 5 downtime lasting about a day each time. If you think this is normal that is.

Yes. They have a reasonably fast server and connectivity is fairly decent.
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