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travis (travis@j...) / travisreems.com
Time Hosted: under 1 month.
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
2M Host is a Scam
After a couple of days trying to setup my account, it became clear that the advertised services as a part of the bundled package were not going to be offered. I requested to use the 30-day guarantee and they made a partial refund. PayPal stepped-in, and after an investigation, returned all the funds. At that point 2M Host took my domain hostage and won't return emails. Avoid this host/registrar at all costs.
-anonymous- (chris@t...) / blitson.com
Time Hosted: 6 mo. to 1 year
Global rating
Absolutely the worst hosting company I have ever dealt and I've been doing web development for 17 years. Extremely unprofessional, rude, and they make up their own rules as they please, such as charging you for anything at anytime. When you have an issue on your site, which is because of their lack of security, they will ban your account and not provide you a refund, even when you tried to fix the problem for them but they only give you 2 minutes.
-hidden- (-hidden-) / thefouryears.com
Time Hosted: 1 to 2 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
They Screwed Me
I Had investors ligned up for a magazine and this was a huge project as well as I'm a web developer who brought clients to this company. Today they tell me my site is sending out spam, they give me an hour and then shut it down and won't give me my domain. I could lose out $10,000 minimum here.

I will be suing and I will be informing the internet of what crooked pieces these are.
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Services: Web HostingDomain Registration

About 2MHost

Why 2MHost?
What thousands of others have already discovered!
Award-Winning Service and Solid Reputation
Founded in 2001, 2MHost is a stable, privately held hosting provider serving over 10,000 clients on six continents. Our services have been recognized internationally for excellence by dozens of trade publications, review sites, and independent end users.

Realistic Plans and a Guarantee of Excellence
Unlike many providers, we stand strongly against the practice of outrageous overselling. Overselling results when hosting companies sell their customers unrealistic large and practically impossible hosting plans to attract more customers with the hopes that customers will never use the resources promised then the host has to impose strict usage restrictions on their customers (limit the number of hits, limit the max files number or file size, restrict the usage of media files, ..etc) just to keep the servers operating.

We will never offer a hosting plan that we cannot support, and our servers will always be fully equipped to handle our customers’ current and future needs. In addition, our easy to understand Terms of Service agreement is specifically written to protect our customers not to limit their choices.

Our Motto: ‘Cheap Prices, Not Cheap Hosting’
We believe that all hosting customers have fundamentally one need—to receive quality, user-friendly hosting and responsive support, at an affordable rate. For seven years, we have made it our priority to maximize quality, while maintaining an aggressive, competitive pricing structure with flexible configurations. We recognize the difference between cheap prices and cheap hosting, and we strive to guarantee world class services for our customers at competitive rates.

The Flexibility You Deserve
Instead of purchasing our servers, we choose to rent. In doing so, we are free to quickly and seamlessly upgrade to newer technologies as they become available. Recently, we upgraded our entire fleet of servers to quad processors with quad cores (a whopping 16 physical processors in each server). We are able to make major leaps forward—like this one—in a matter of days, without any major expenditure. We are able to pass this flexibility onto our customers, who are free to instantly upgrade or downgrade as their needs change. .

Industry's Top Support site
Our knowledgeable and friendly support team delivers outstanding customer care and guidance to our clients.
At 2MHost, we proudly stand by our 1-Hour response time guarantee.

Tier-1 Network and Secure Facility
Our servers are located in one of the largest tier-1 datacenters the Texas, United States. Internet backbones include Abovenet, Verio/NTT, Internap and SAVVIS.

Free with every hosting account

* Unlimited email boxes
* POP3, SMTP & IMAP support
* Secure email access over SSL
* Unlimited email forwarders
* Unlimited email auto responders
* Spam and email filters
* Webmail access


* Apache 2.2 + mod_rewrite
* PHP 5.2x
* PHP 5.3x (optional)new
* Perl/CGI, SSI
* MySQL 5 database
* .htaccess support
* Cron jobs

Data protection

* Mirrored hard drives (RAID)
* Twice per week backup


* cPanel Control Panel
* Browser based file manager
* Browser based FTP Client new
* Detailed visitors statistics
* Customizable error pages
* URL redirects

Data center locations

* Dallas, Texas USA
* Washington DC, USA

Server locations:

Tampa Sydney London

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PlansWebsite Products

Shared - Linux Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
2MHost Personal PackagefeaturesThe 2MHost Personal Package is ideal for small projects, personal sites, and small business web sites that want to make their web presence truly professional with really affordable prices.

This plan enables to succeed with advanced tools to [...]
$1.95/mo.100 MB10 GB
PHP5 Developer upgradablefeaturesThe 2MHost PHP5 Package is ideal for PHP web developers and webmasters with recent PHP5 programs. Get stable PHP5 enabled web space with the most common PHP5 modules installed with the 2MHost PHP5 Package. Order PHP5 Hosting today and get live chat [...]$2.95/mo.200 MB25 GB
2MHost Typo3 PackagefeaturesThe 2MHost Typo3 Package comes with a free, feature rich, Content Management System built with PHP and powered by MySQL. It currently runs on about 70,000 websites worldwide. Sign up for the 2MHost Typo3 Package and get the Typo3 installer, which [...]$3.00/mo.200 MB10 GB
2MHost - All Inclusive packagefeaturesAll features under one low price.

1. Free Domain name
we will register your domain name and renew it for free as long as you are using our web hosting services.

2. Full featured web hosting account
Everything from secured personal email to [...]
$5.75/mo.1 GB50 GB
2MHost MoveableType PackagefeaturesWant to express yourself online but don$6.95/mo.500 MB25 GB
2MHost Business PackagefeaturesThe 2MHost Business Package will meet the needs of truly, mission critical web hosting.
Ideal for established projects and business web sites, the 2MHost Business Package comes with ample storage space and huge monthly data transfer limit. As an [...]
$7.50/mo.5 GB250 GB
Reseller - Linux Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
2MHost Mini Reseller PackagefeaturesRemarkably, not all web-hosts use real web-servers. Some hosts utilize desktop computers as web servers to save money, and some use low-quality computers to host their client$24.00/mo.10 GB250 GB
2MHost Starter Reseller PackagefeaturesSet up your own hosting company with the 2MHost Starter Reseller Package. The 2MHost Starter Reseller Package gives both you and your clients advanced tools to manage your content and enhance your web site. Sign up today and get a FREE 128-bit SSL [...]$44.00/mo.6 GB100 GB
2MHost Pro Reseller PackagefeaturesSet up your own hosting company with the 2MHost Pro Reseller Package. The 2MHost Pro Reseller Package gives both you and your clients advanced tools to manage your content and enhance your web site. Sign up today and get a FREE 128-bit SSL [...]$79.00/mo.20 GB200 GB

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Targeting: Egypt
Details for https://www.2mhost.com/
Website DNS: MX::2mhost.com => ( Tampa ) / NOC4HOSTS Inc. - noc4hosts.com
dnsa.2mhost.com => ( Tampa ) / NOC4HOSTS Inc. - noc4hosts.com
dnsb.2mhost.com => ( Tampa ) / NOC4HOSTS Inc. - noc4hosts.com
Server Software: Apache|PHP/5.4.45
Website IP:
IP Location Country/State/City: United states / Florida / Tampa - see top providers in United States, Florida
ISP Name / ISP URL: NOC4HOSTS Inc. / noc4hosts.com (inactive)

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Sales and Promos Roundup - Many web hosts and related firms extended their holiday cheer into the new year, making the week of January 11 to 16 a week full of discounts and giveaways. Hostway announced the first lucky winner of its fall smart phone giveaway. Likewise, Hosting Nation will be giving away a flash drive with one-year contracts regardless of luck.

Hosting Nation Announces Free 8 GB USB Flash Drive Giveaway
Coinciding with the official launch of Hosting Nation's (www.hosting-nation.net) new website this week,
Web Host 2MHost.com Debuts Site Builder - Web hosting provider 2MHost.com (2mhost.com) announced this week that it has released its custom designed site builder entitled 2MExpress. The company designed-site builder enables users with limited Web design knowledge, as well as advanced Web masters looking for a quick publishing solution, to create high-performance, effective Web sites.
"2MExpress is unique because it generates 100 percent pure HTML that is friendly to search engines, and users can see exactly what they are doing as they
2MHost Offering Free SSL Certificates - Web hosting provider 2MHost (2mhost.com) announced on Wednesday that it would offer 128-bit StarterSSL secure socket layer certificates free of charge with all its business and reseller hosting packages. The certificates normally retail for $49. "We're extremely proud to be able to offer SSL certificates to our customers," says Mike Noman, owner of 2Mhost. "It will allow our clients to conduct business online in a much more secure manner."
 The company says the move to offer free SSL ...
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-anonymous- (-no email-)
Time Hosted: 1 to 2 years
Global rating
Worst service ever. Problems loading sites. The price is not bad, and overall I don't have too many complaints, but as soon as you have a problem, they like to pretend like it's "your problem" and "not on their end". Terrible service. They just don't care.
scalpthis (scalpthis@g...) / imindshop.com
Time Hosted: under 1 month.
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
terrible terrible terrible!!!
this is the absolute WORST company. after cancelling with them during the trial period, they hijacked my domain name and sold it to another company. . Please don't go with them. This company will give you hours of headaches and problems
tony (jobs@n...) / yes
Time Hosted: over 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
I do not recommend will cut you off with no warning. do not use see other reviews they are true. look someplace else. do not try to do a news letter
Patricia Vincent-Piet (pvincent96@a...)
Time Hosted: 2 to 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
2MHost is the registrar for my domain www.ablewriter.com. I've been trying to get ahold of them for 3 days and have not heard anything! My site's been down this whole time. I am really getting annoyed.
Kami (sept08@j...)
Time Hosted: 1 to 3 months
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
I think that this host forgets that we actually pay them and not the other way around and that we have choices. PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF THE TROUBLE -- THIS COMPANY IS NOT WORTH YOUR TIME. USE A MORE RELIABLE PROVIDER.

My story...

I spent an extensive amount of time reviewing VPS providers because I needed a plan that would allow heavy mysql usage. I chatted with a representative from 2mhost that assured me that they would be able to accommodate my needs. I paid for three months in advance and low and behold, they could not handle it. They shut down my site after 1.5 months because of heavy mysql usage and would not refund my money. I gripped and so they finally refunded 1 month. At this point, I am just hoping that they don't abuse my credit card information. Actually, it would probably be better to cancel my credit card information that they have and get a new card issued. Here is the response from customer service:

"I'm sorry, we will not able to offer you refunds, You [read more...]
Me (-no email-)
Time Hosted: 6 mo. to 1 year
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
If you need to stream video, this is not the host for you. Customer service is extremely rude.
daniel (daniel@c...)
Time Hosted: 1 to 2 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
2MHost is the single worse hosting company in the world. Server has been down about 2 to 4 times a month. Its even down when their server is up and my site is still down.

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