Symantec Announces Virus Protection For Lotus Notes/Domino

📅 - Symantec Corp. (, a provider of Internetsecurity, yesterday announced an array of antivirus products for Lotus Notesand Domino servers at IBM's Lotusphere in Orlando, Florida.

Symantec AntiVirus 2.5 for Lotus Notes/Domino is designed to provideadministrators with automatic protection against today's blended threats. Inaddition, administrators will soon be able to define alerting rules andactions in the event of an email virus outbreak using the OutbreakNotification feature of Symantec AntiVirus/Filtering 3.0 for Domino.
Symantec AntiVirus 2.5 for Lotus Notes/Domino provides reliability and virusscanning efficiency, as well as protection and management ease with minimalperformance impact, the company said. Because all operations are completedin native Notes format, the product is easy to manage. Administrators canconfigure protection either locally or remotely on the Solaris, AIX, AS/400and OS/390 platforms. In addition, administrators can set differentconfigurations for various servers; choose realtime, on-demand, or scheduledscanning; and are able to repair, quarantine, and delete infected files.
Symantec AntiVirus 2.5 for Lotus Notes/Domino uses heuristics technology todetect and protect against macro and file viruses. LiveUpdate software letsadministrators download the latest virus definitions and deploy themthroughout the Notes environment from one location without having tore-install software. Using LiveUpdate, administrators can downloaddefinitions from internal FTP sites or file servers. The solution alsoincludes malicious code scanning, improved reporting, remote managementcapability and automatic, centralized updates.
Symantec AntiVirus/Filtering 3.0 for Domino, initially available on the NTand Windows 2000 platforms, will integrate antivirus protection with contentfiltering. This product is planned to provide the same protection offered bySymantec AntiVirus 2.5 for Lotus Notes/Domino, as well as information andbandwidth management using Symantec's patented Dynamic Document Review.Another key feature planned is the heuristic-based Outbreak Notification,which defines outbreak rules to set up alerts and actions when there iseither an email virus outbreak occurring, or there is a reasonable suspicionthat one is occurring.
An additional new feature expected to be included in SymantecAntiVirus/Filtering 3.0 for Domino is Server Group Management which createsa virtual group of servers allowing the administrator to develop a singlesettings document for all servers in that group. The planned Trusted Serverfeature improves performance by not scanning messages that come from"trusted" servers - servers that have already performed a scan on theincoming message.
Symantec AntiVirus 2.5 for Lotus Notes/Domino is currently. Organizationscan be connected with Symantec resellers or distributors in their areas byvisiting the Symantec Solution Provider locator at AntiVirus/Filtering 3.0 for Domino on NT/Windows 2000 is scheduledto be available at the end of Feb.

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