Equant, Packeteer to Showcase Performance Analysis at Comnet

📅 - Equant (equant.com), a provider of IP and data services formultinational businesses, and Packeteer, Inc. (packeteer.com), a provider ofapplication performance infrastructure systems are showcasing Equant'sApplication Performance Analysis service, enabled by Packeteer technology,at Comnet 2002.

Equant's Application Performance Analysis service gives IT managers anaccurate view of the traffic traversing their network and equips them with atool to both control non-critical traffic and manage the performance ofmission-critical traffic. The application monitoring and classificationcapability enabled by technology from Packeteer is a key element of itsNetwork Analysis consultancy service.
"Our customers understand that supporting the business is the real objectiveof their network, yet most providers are only able to report on bandwidthutilization and similar metrics related to the network 'plumbing.' AtEquant, we've built a service using our professional services expertise andPacketeer's products that makes it possible for customers to understand andmanage the behavior of applications on their network. Armed with thisinsight customers have the ability to control traffic on their networks,improve the performance of their networked applications and better alignnetwork resources with business priorities," said Karl Heinzelmann, head ofprofessional services, Equant.
Packeteer is a developer of application-intelligent traffic and bandwidthmanagement systems for applications running over the WAN and Internet.Combining layer 7 classification, analysis, control, and reportingcapabilities, Packeteer's products are designed to enable networkadministrators to optimize their existing network resources.
"We are enthusiastic about showcasing the Application Performance Analysisservice with Equant at COMNET 2002," said Todd Krautkremer, vice presidentof marketing for Packeteer. "Recent studies showing that a majority of U.S.firms report bandwidth problems due to increasing user numbers and trafficon the Internet. IT and network executives face a growing challenge incontrolling their WAN resources and ensuring the performance of criticalnetworked applications and Equant's Application Performance Analysis serviceis well positioned to address the issues that they face."

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