Jan, 2002 : Rackspace Launches Security Watch for Servers

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), a provider ofmanaged hosting services, yesterday announced the launch of a new securityportal on the company's customer help site, my.rackspace.com . The securityportal provides Rackspace customers with timely information on potentialsecurity threats to their servers.

Rackspace customers can log in daily and view current information on newoperating system and software vulnerabilities, viruses, and other securityloopholes that could compromise the safety of their servers and data. Theportal is maintained by Rackspace security engineers, who monitor varioussources to uncover new risks to the integrity of the servers.
Each potential threat is catalogued on my.rackspace.com with a fulldescription of protection measures and fixes. The portal includes links toinformation on security patches, virus detection tools and help resources.New vulnerabilities can be searched either by operating system or by mostrecently added and customers can see which of their servers may be affectedby the vulnerability.
"Although maintaining secure systems is critical for our customers, keepingup with security updates can be overwhelming," said Graham Weston,Rackspace's CEO. "We realize that our customers need to focus theirattention on running their business instead of anticipating security risks.We do the homework for them."
My.rackspace.com, a password-protected site, allows Rackspace customers toview their account and server information online. Customers are encouragedto log in to check the status of support tickets they have submitted,monitor their bandwidth usage and the company's network status, and browsethe Knowledge Base - a huge repository of articles and hosting "how- to's"contributed by Rackspace technicians. Additionally, the site has a billingfeature that allows customers to view their current account balance and paytheir bills online.
Future plans for the portal also include a security subscription listfeature, due to be launched later this month, which will allow customers tosign up to receive e-mail notification of the latest security alerts andvulnerabilities for the operating systems they are running.

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