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Top 10 cities where are located webhosting companies in this country are:
(19), Bucharest (13), Timisoara (7), Cluj-Napoca (5), Brasov (3), Iasi (3)

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(Bucharest, Bucuresti) - our vision We intend to become the operator of integrated number 1 on the Romanian market, a position sustainable in all segments and geographic areas, capitalizing on synergies fixed-mobile along the value chain to have a business model very efficient and focused - everything provide ...

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(Bucuresti, Bucuresti) - We are one of the largest telecommunications companies in the local market leaders in innovation in technology. We offer television services (digital, satellite and analogue), broadband Internet and telephony in approximately 200 cities. Digital services offered by UPC Romania ii 1.1795 million clie
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Crios Web /

(Targoviste, Dambovita) - We take care off all website related stuff The option of having a single service provider for all web-related services, from the website development, to maintenance, web hosting, SEO, has proved to be the most affordable and efficientă method for the customers, especially since such a provider ...

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  • Alexa Rating195,248
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Comparison of the new added plans for providers in Romania

Plan NameBrandProduct TypePlatformDiskSpaceTransferPriceHosted Websites /
Free Domains / IP's
Date Plan
5GB Icondedicatserver.roShared HostingLinux5 GB SSDunmetered€ 0.00/mo.2 / 0 / 02019-02-07
BUSINESS Iconbtstelecom.roShared HostingLinux50 GBunmetered$ 28.36/mo.unlimited2018-12-01
Hosting Iconhosterion.roShared HostingLinux60 GBunmetered$ 18.16/mo.unlimited2018-12-01
B r o n z Iconnav.roShared HostingLinux10 GBunmetered$ 4.53/mo.52018-12-01
Business Iconzooku.roShared HostingLinux/Windows20 GBunmetered$ 12.43/mo.122018-12-01 Iconedomenii.roShared HostingLinux40 GB SSDunmetered$ 22.69/mo.202018-12-01
10 GBhzone.roShared HostingLinux10 GBunmetered$ 3.39/mo.unlimited2018-12-01
Advancedquality-host.roShared HostingLinux10 GBunmetered$ 5.67/mo.62018-12-01
Package Icondreamserver.roShared HostingLinux512 MB250 GB$ 0.66/mo.12018-12-01 Iconmaghost.roShared HostingLinuxunlimitedunmetered$ 11.24/mo.unlimited2018-12-01 Iconhostclean.roShared HostingLinux5 GBunmetered$ 6.80/mo.252018-12-01
Unlimitedrazhost.comShared HostingLinuxunlimitedunmetered$ 10.00/mo.unlimited2018-12-01
HOSTING Iconhostingspace.roShared HostingLinux10 GB300 GB$ 2.85/mo.102018-12-01 Icontoxic-host.roShared HostingLinux1 GB SSDunmetered$ 0.99/mo.unlimited / 15 / 2552018-01-28 Iconxenonhost.roShared HostingLinux500 MB SSDunmeteredRON 6.00/mo.unlimited / 0 / 02017-12-15
Activ Iconrohost.comShared HostingLinux10 GBunmetered$ 0.93/mo.unlimited2017-12-01
Start Iconhostx.roShared HostingLinux5 GB SSDunmetered$ 2.19/mo.52017-12-01 Iconnshost.roShared HostingLinux2 GBunmetered$ 1.30/mo.12017-12-01 Iconnxthost.comShared HostingLinux25 GBunmetered$ 12.49/mo.1002017-12-01 Iconwebfactor.roShared HostingLinux2 GB40 GB$ 1.25/mo.22017-12-01
10GB of Iconmioritichost.comShared HostingLinux10 GBunmetered$ 12.45/mo.unlimited2017-12-01
1simplisimo.roShared HostingLinux1 GB40 GB$ 1.19/mo.12017-12-01
Gazduire HostingLinux2 GB99999 GB€ 0.99/mo.1 / 0 / 02017-03-26 Iconvirtono.comShared HostingLinuxunlimitedunmetered$ 5.18/mo. 2016-12-01 Iconshape.hostShared HostingLinux51 MBunmetered$ 0.01/mo. 2016-12-01

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