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Top 10 cities where are located webhosting companies in this country are:
Thessaloniki (6), Athens (5), (3), Heraklion (3), Chania (2), Volos (2)

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(Volos, Magnesia) - Web Art Design is a growing company providing integrated internet solutions such as web hosting, web design, eshop development, SEO, and domain name registration. Our partnership with technologically advanced and secure Data Centers in Europe provides our customers with high quality VPS and ... updated Apr 2018
  • No. plans: 31
  • No. testim: 0
  • Alexa Rating6,931,206
  • Links Count: 8
Pointer /

(Thessaloniki, Gr) - For 16 years we provide web hosting for various websites. Large companies have chosen us to host their emails and data. We provide hosting for every need at very reasonable prices. Linux hosting or Windows hosting, Plesk or cPanel, plus database or not, easy-to-install Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, etc updated Apr 2018
  • No. user reviews: 0
  • No. plans: 25
  • No. testim: 0
  • Alexa Rating262,438
  • Links Count: 184
  • No. plans: 7
  • No. testim: 0
  • Alexa Rating570,682
  • Links Count: 167
Hostsun /

(Chania, Crete) - Φιλοξενία ιστοσελίδων φιλοξενία σελίδας στην Ελλάδα web hosting στην Ελλάδα κατοχύρωση ονόματος κατοχύρωση domain gr domain names ssl certificates. Αξιόπιστη φιλοξενία ιστοσελίδων, κατασκευή σελίδων, κατοχύρωση domain, Dedicated Servers στην Ελλάδα, από το 1998! τιμές Web Hosting, VPS πακέτα φιλοξενίας σελίδων σε ιδιόκτητους servers σε Ελλάδα και Ευρώπη πακέτα φιλοξενίας ιστοσελίδων updated Mar 2018

    : € 0.00/yr. : Linux Shared
    : € 1.90/mo. : Linux Shared
    : € 3.50/mo. : Linux Shared
  • PRO
    : € 7.90/mo. : Linux Shared
  • No. user reviews: 0
  • No. plans: 4
  • No. testim: 0
  • Alexa Rating604,020
  • Links Count: 74 /

(Pylaia Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki) - Welcome to Internet Promotional Services (IPS Ltd). We are an ultramodern web design, development and hosting company with eighteen years experience. We are open-minded, hard working and fluent in all the latest technologies, from codes and hardware, to software and cloud hosting. We offer ... updated Nov 2017

  • No. user reviews: 0
  • No. plans: 4
  • No. testim: 0
  • Alexa Rating4,050,381
  • Links Count: 291

Quick comparison of the last added cheapest plans for brands in Greece

Plan NameBrandProduct TypePlatformDiskSpaceTransferMemoryPriceHosted Websites /
Free Domains / IP's
Date Plan Iconpointer.grShared HostingLinux500 MB SSDunmetered € 1.90/mo.12018-04-04 Iconhostsun.comShared HostingLinux500 MB SSD4000 GB € 1.90/mo.1 / 0 / 02018-03-05 Iconweb-artdesign.grShared HostingLinux300 MB SSDunmetered € 1.80/mo.1 / 0 / 02018-03-05
Blue Iconiphost.netShared HostingLinux1 GBunmetered $ 2.49/mo.12017-12-01
Stock Iconmultihosting.grShared HostingLinux512 MBunmetered $ 1.25/mo.12017-12-01 Iconkapaweb.grShared HostingLinux2 GB205 GB $ 59.83/mo.unlimited2017-12-01
Cloud Professional Iconips.grShared HostingWindows1 GB SAS80 GB € 90.00/yr.1 / 0 / 02017-11-21 Iconaweb.grShared HostingLinux100 MB SSD1000 GB € 1.70/mo.2 / 0 / 02017-06-04 Iconthewebpower.comShared HostingLinux500 MB HDD 15000 RPMunmetered € 1.33/mo.12017-04-27 Iconziz.grShared HostingLinux560 MB5 GB € 36.90/yr. 2017-03-28 Iconhyperhosting.grShared HostingLinux1 GB SASunmetered € 3.92/mo.2 / 1 / 12017-03-10 Icontop.hostShared HostingLinux/Windows153 MBunmetered $ 2.09/mo. 2016-12-01 Iconpapaki.comShared HostingLinux100 MB1 GB € 0.00/mo.1 / 0 / 02016-08-30
Standard Cloud Iconhostmein.grShared HostingLinux1 GBunmetered € 34.80/mo. 2016-03-31
Hosting Plan Icondomainmarket.grShared HostingLinux3 GB10000 GB $ 1.40/mo. 2015-12-18 Icondnhost.grShared HostingWindowsunlimitedunmetered $ 10.00/mo. 2014-12-01 Iconmyip.grShared HostingLinux500 MB5000 GB $ 7.01/mo. 2009-06-12
Luckyhost Economy Iconluckyhost.grShared HostingLinux100 MB1 GB $ 10.49/mo. 2008-10-27
Netstudio Iconnetstudio.grShared HostingLinux10 MB1 GB $ 5.24/mo. 2008-10-27 Iconwebhosting4u.grShared HostingLinux5 GBunmetered $ 11.80/mo. 2008-10-27
Site Plan (starter) Iconintechs.grShared HostingLinux100 MB10 GB $ 11.80/mo. 2008-10-27
MyIP net-Works Iconmyipnetworks.comShared HostingLinux1 GB10000 GB $ 7.87/mo. 2008-10-27
NetDynamicsnetdynamics.grShared HostingLinux100 MB1 GB $ 4.72/mo. 2008-10-27
INNOVIEW Iconinnoview.grDedicated HostingLinux1 GB SSDunmetered32000 MB€ 61.00/mo.unlimited / 0 / 02018-01-08
Intel® Core™ i7-6700 HT (32GB) Iconprohoster.grDedicated HostingLinux8000 GBunmetered32000 MB$ 59.83/mo.unlimited2017-12-01

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