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DLNA issue: Media Server error update on Asus RT-N65U (solved)

Quite many peoples asked to get some feedback from our end. Since we do now many other things, we decided to share some of the stuff we experiment.

So, recently we got a problem with a router Asus RT-N65U (same issue is reported on other models, like: DSL-N55U)

The problems started once logged on the rooter (via web interface, usually something like and clicking on the “USB application” (left menu)
There was a link closed to “Media Server” which mentioned that there is a new version and a link to update.

Once clicked the update link, the old version of MediaServer has been uninstalled and the new one started the installation process. Unfortunately the process stopped with an error, like “Failed to upgrade the application. This may be caused by an incorrect file or an error in transmission.” Retrying after that, ended with other error like “Enable Error”.
Asus RT-N65U web interface using USB HDD

So, here is the solution (we don’t guarantee that will work for anybody, worked for us, so use at your own risk)

  • You need to manually update the Firmware for your asus router (i used to have version which using the Administration -> Firmware Upgrade -> “Check button” is mentioned being the latest version (which is wrong).
    Go to RTN65U support page (search for your router model in case is different), select Other for instance and then download ASUS RT-N65U Firmware version Asus Website of Firmware update
  • Clean the old directory from the router where such MediaCenter files are kept. Be careful, if you use other services too (like Download Master). The simplest way is to connect over samba (so go to \your-router-ip using TotalCommander or even Windows Explorer) and rename the directory asusware to any other name.
  • Optionally, you can also delete the files like .___var.txt, .__admin_var.txt .. (from root directory), will be recreated later on.
  • Now unmount the USB HDD. Using your web interface which is connected to the rooter, go to Network Map, then click the USB device (may be called “Generic External” and then at “Safely Remove disk” press “Remove”.
  • Once previous step is finished, just remove and connect again your external HDD on the USB port of the router. The process to mount the hdd will start.
  • Now, go to the web interface of your router and follow the normal steps: USB Application -> Media Center (Install) and worked just fine.
    Asus Media Server interface

A Media Server can help you share your content using DLNA. Many peoples are using such application for their TV's. For Samsung TV's, phones, tablets a new version of Samsung AllShare has been recently released, called Samsung Link (Terminated)

You can optionally use another firmware for a Media Server working for ASUS RT-N56U/RT-N65U which is really nice.

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Nov 8, 2013

nope, it didn’t work.

i didn’t update router FW, i tried only the steps from renaming asusware folder and reinstalling apps. DM worked but Media Server not. :(


Arne Rogndalen
Dec 8, 2013

Same problem for me.
I have the correct FW version as mentioned on this page, deleted asusware directory and all strange files. Still same problem on my WD Passport. It worked on an earlier FW version, but not anymore. Very frustrated now…

Ralf Schumacher
Dec 16, 2013

I got another problem since I’ve made the mediaserver update.
I can’t find ALL entries with my DLNA Hardware. Doesn’t matter if I use TV, AVR, Smartphone, Tablet. I have 5 main folders on the external HDD. Per DLNA I only find 2! but per PC or Android tools I can see the 5 folders…
The next problem is, If I upload data to the external HDD I don’t find it per DLNA, just with the PC etc… That`s really disappointing…

Dec 18, 2013

This worked perfectly for me!! The following are the steps I took.

1) I unmounted the drive using the Asus app.
2) plugged in the USB drive to a laptop
3) Manually removed all the var.txt files and renamed the “asusware” directory to “asusware_old”
4) Plugged in the drive to the router
5) Waited for the drive to connect (Mounted) in the Asus Network Status panel
6) Installed “Media Server” under the USB screen
7) Set File Directory and waited for it to finish scanning the directory

Thank you for your advice, this helped a lot.

Jan 4, 2014

thanks a lot. I had the same problem like many others with the RT N56U media server with the latest FW. Did the same as per the instructions – deleted the files from my hard disk and attached it again. It is working well now. Able to stream movies from the router to my TV via AppleTV.

Hopefully this will work. Had a lot of struggle and wasted time.

A big thank you

Craig Rough
Jan 4, 2015

Good to see Asus are keeping on top of this and all the other replies on the net.
Oh no, wait… they couldn’t care less, that’s what it is!

Jun 17, 2015

Dear Dommie and everyone,

Thanks for the great support and guide, same fix worked for ASUS DSL-N12U_C1, after doing so many changers I was able to fix the issue because of you guys. Thanks a lot.