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Richard (1head@t...) /
Time Hosted: 2 to 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
Galaxy vision ripped me off
I have been with for a couple years hosting my business however as from last week they closed down my account without even giving me a reason or allowing me to get my site files from the server

I have done nothing wrong apart from being a loyal customer and they have stolen my business and not even given me a reason why they closed my account

i am really upset as I have now lost my site and they refuse to even reply or answer my emails

Use this company at your own risk as if there is any problems they will not hesitate blaming you and ripping you off

One other issue I have is that it seems impossible to cancel your credit cards that they keep on file .

This is a absolutely rubbish company and I really recommend that you use a trusted hosting company or you can end up totally ripped off
Pascal Charbonneau (p.charbonneau@s...) /
Time Hosted: 1 to 2 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Their technical support has one of the fastest response time I have had with host companies over the years. Even as a VPS user the response time was in minutes thanks to their Live Person support. I have had basically no downtime with them and when some connection issues arised they were very fast in looking into it for me...even to the point of fixing the IIS permissions directly for me.

I am now one of their dedicated servers customer and even more happy about their uptime and support.

Paulo (info@b...) /
Time Hosted: 2 to 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
Very good customer support. I have over two racks there and they are the biggest helps ever. They constantly help me with burning images, seting up KVM for me and being in brazil they replace defective HW for me all the time. Would recommend to anyone and everyone for VOIP


Services: Web HostingDomain Registration

About Galaxy Visions was founded in 2001, and provides affordable managed web hosting solutions for companies of all types and sizes. They supply all of the servers, software, bandwidth and management tools needed to run almost any web hosted application - from small to enterprise server solutions.

With a mission to provide companies of all sizes the unparalleled combination of usable, functional, reliable and valuable web hosting services, is committed to excellent quality service.

10 Reasons Why You Should Host With GalaxyVisions

GalaxyVisions is a superior hosting provider with our own Datacenter facilities located in New York City. We have one of the most competitive pricing structures in the market today and quality of service to back it up. We provide Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and Colocated hosting services along with custom enterprise solutions per your request. From a small Shared Hosting solution to a large clustered web-farm GalaxyVisions has the expertise and facilities for your business to maximize its highest ROI potential.

Uniqueness That Separates GalaxyVisions From The Rest

We have been running for 7 years and have been a profitable company from the 3rd month of operation. We are not resellers and we will not forward you to a call center ran by a 3rd party. Our support staff are all in-house trained and employed exclusively by GalaxyVisions. At anytime you are welcome to visit our world class facility. We built our Datacenter from the ground up and its being reminiscent of a Telco house like most datacenters you see these days is a thing of the past. GalaxyVisions provides you with the best security such as CCTD cameras recording 24/7/365 in all areas of our facility with biometric readers to enter our datacenter. Our spacious conference room is available for your scheduled meetings or simply a workstation for you to sit down.
Prompt Customer Support Response

Simply Write us an email at or call us for immediate assistance. Our average response time to emails is within 10 minutes with most issues being resolved in under an hour. GalaxyVisions managed solutions offer our clients an outstanding support level and give them extra attention that they require. Our support team will communicate with you via the source that better suites you (email, phone, etc.).
Friendly And Approachable Support Team

GalaxyVisions has a full well equipped, technically qualified staff that is here for you to help 24/7/365. We try to accommodate your every need as well as resolve any issues that you might encounter with your service. After just a few days of hosting with us, you will notice the extent our support staff goes to, to help you get setup on the server.
Experienced, Knowledgeable And COMPETENT System Admins

When you setup a website, your host is the one that you depend on for speed, reliability, safety of your site and emails. Therefore it is essential for you to be confident that your site is in the hands of qualified people. Our admins have an extend experience in server and system administration. All of our system administrators have worked with just about every operating system that can be deployed to a server.
Network Reliability: WE ARE UNMATCHED!!!

GalaxyVisions fiber network has been constructed using Tier1 backbone providers with diverse links for optimal redundancy. GalaxyVisions has connectivity presence at major pop locations such as 25 Broadway NY, 165 Halsey Street NJ. 470 Vanderbilt NY, 60 Hudson NY, and 111 8th Ave NY. We have created a fiber ring around these major pop locations to provide the highest level of uptime and redundancy. By using BGP4 technology, our state of the art network infrastructure will determine the best available routes from your servers, located at GalaxyVisions datacenter to your host. The Rings provided have a total of 180Gbps of redundant network connectivity between all our pops. GalaxyVisions is also able to utilize its backbone network to provide our customers with direct cross connects with over 400 IP Providers.
Our Service Comes Highly Recommended from Current Customers

GalaxyVisions at any moment is servicing individuals and businesses from over 75 countries around the world. GalaxyVisions is a host to thousands of content customers. From Webforum reviews or word of mouth, our level and expertise do not go un-noticed. While we have new clients signing up each day, the level of referral of business is tremendous. Clients, who migrate over to GalaxyVisions, tend to stay with us.
Reliable, Stable And Secure Servers

Servers are connected directly into multiple Tier-1 major backbone providers which ensure stability and reliability of the network. All servers are monitored and facility staffed 24x7. Whenever an issue occurs, it is attended to immediately and without any delays! Our network is setup to re-route traffic immediately without any administrator intervention if for any reasons one of our providers go down. Here at GalaxyVisions we feature powerful and fast Dell, HP and SuperMicro servers to ensure maximum stability for your website. Servers can be RAID configured, for immediate data recovery in case of hard drive failures. We offer extensive custom solutions from simple firewalls, web farms, or a multi node cluster!! Before our hardware gets racked up and given to the client, we put it through a series of rigorous tests to make sure there is no impending failure that we foresee in the future that would cause any downtime.
GalaxyVisions Is Big Enough To Provide Enterprise Solutions, Yet Small Enough To Maintain That Personal Touch

With top quality equipment and a network backed by multiple Tier-1 upstreams, our infrastructure is as sophisticated as they come. While we consider ourselves a larger host, we still maintain one huge advantage that larger hosts lose, individuality. We maintain a customer base which is large enough to make us a serious host, yet small enough to allow us to provide support on a more personal level. GalaxyVisions is privately owned and both owners are directly involved in daily business operations.
Unbeatable Value For Money

All of our packages are carefully priced to offer top service for the best price. We have one of the best pricing offerings on the web for our services. By having our own facility we were able to provide competitive pricing with better specs and excellent service.

At GalaxyVisions all of our packages are carefully priced to offer some of the best services in the industry at rock bottom prices. By having our own facility we are able to provide competitive pricing with better hardware specifications and excellent customer support and service. Our technical staff will help you get settled on your new server and even help you with the migration if necessary *Plan Specific. If your business relies on the World Wide Web, you can rely on GalaxyVisions to get the job done!!
Quick And Easy Account Setup

Based on your account choice it will be setup anywhere from 15 minutes to 4 hours of placing your order, SOMETIMES LESS (Plan Specific) !! All orders are checked manually for fraud prevention. Once your order has passed through security verifications (can take up to up to 4hours) your account is activated and you will be emailed all your account information. Beware of companies that offer "instant activation". Our studies of search engine data have showed that "instant account activation" is the keyword most widely searched with by fraudsters. "Instant activation" is a magnet and an invite for spammers, hackers and other fraudsters to get into the network and endanger the server. Manual verification for fraud is a MUST and immediate account activation is something to steer away from.

Web Hosting Network and Connectivity

Our network boasts over 8Gbps (8,000mbps) of bandwidth connectivity. We have handpicked premium providers and peering arrangements to ensure your site is always hosted at lightning speeds and with multiple redundant routes to use.

Network Equipment

GalaxyVisions's network operates on industry-leading network equipment from Cisco Systems. All our switches and routers are developed by Cisco. Our network is based on gigabit technology, which means that it runs at a speed of 1000 Mb per second - most web hosting networks are limited to 100 Mb per second.

Our network also utilises 100% CAT6 network cable, which contains four pairs of copper wire and, unlike CAT5, utilises all four pairs. CAT6 supports Gigabit (1000 Mbps) Ethernet and supports communications at more than twice the speed of CAT5e, which is the other popular standard for Gigabit Ethernet cabling

Our core BGP+ network is built on Cisco 6500 series switches running 720 3BXL supervisors, connected to our core server network based on Cisco 3500 series catalyst switches. GalaxyVisions chose the Cisco 3500 series to be at the heart of its internal core network.

Each unit runs a combination of 10/100, 10/100/1000 along with short haul fibre interfaces and functions fully redundantly. GalaxyVisions maintain a full set of spares, including chassis, blades, power supply units and supervisor modules for the 3500 series catalyst switches they have in operation, and the 6500 routers.

Network Redundancy

From our redundant core, we supply two diverse network connections from two separate core switches. While only one connection is used to route traffic, the second connection is a hot-standby circuit ready to route traffic in the event of problem. The change-over to the hot-standby circuit happens instantly without any changes to the network configuration.

Additional network POPs maintained in 3 other NYC datacenter facilities.
Dual network cable drops to all racks ensuring no single point of failure.
Duplicate core and edge equipment ensures no downtime in event of hardware failure.

Connectivity and Bandwidth Providers

Here at GalaxyVisions by implementing only multiple Tier-1 providers and direct internet connections, it gives us the ability to bypass slower ISP's and shorten the path between our IT-Infrastructure and your clients. With our topology designed in this particular manner we provide lower latency, unmatched speeds, and top-notch reliability that you will not find anywhere else. To Recap, GalaxyVisions can provide you with the neccessary tools, bandwidth and stability that you need today to run your mission critical applications.

Maximum speed and redundancy from premium bandwidth providers including:

XO Communications

Fastest Route, Less Hops, Less Latency

Most Enterprise-ISP networks send traffic to its destination using Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). BGP is a network protocol that chooses how to send information through the Internet based upon the fewest number of available network hops. One challenge with BGP is that it does not take individual network quality or performance into account when making these routing decisions. Using BGP alone is not enough to ensure predictable network performance.

While the GalaxyVisions network utilizes BGP, we take it one step further. GalaxyVisions employs the use of several network metric tools to determine the quickest and most reliable path to the end user. This is done by taking network samples using very small probes (UDP) across all available paths from our datacenter to the end user. Once the best path has been determined, the BGP routes are then manipulated to improve network performance. These improvements are done in real-time to allow for quick changes on an always changing Internet. The result is consistent end-to-end network performance for business critical applications.

In-House Datacenter

GalaxyVisions In-House Data Center is one of the very few carrier-neutral premier class data centers in Brooklyn, NY located only 5 minutes from the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. Our datacenter features 24/7 security with visual ID checks before entering our facility and entrance to the data floor is limited by biometric palm scanners and pass card readers.

GalaxyVisions offers the best quality bandwidth from their 6 redundant providers and multiple peering arrangements. Bandwidth is routed through powerful Cisco equipment with a mixture of Tier1 transit and Gigabit Ethernet handoff's on redundant dual-paths straight to the network equipment. There is a central focus on redundancy allowing its network to rapidly self-heal failures without interruptions to connectivity. Our network has been designed to accommodate clients demanding the highest quality network performance.

High-Tech security with 24/7 live monitoring
Multiple connections to major internet backbone carriers and 24/7/365 monitoring
HVAC environmental systems
Digital surveillance with biometric palm scanners and pass card access
Conditioned uninterruptible power
Controlled temperature and humidity with 24/7 monitoring Cover
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PlansWebsite Products

Shared - Linux Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
Unix Shared $4.00/mo.55 GB30 GB
GalaxyVisions UNIX HostingfeaturesTraditionally used in mission-critical environments such as NASA and the Pentagon, UNIX is known for it's performance, security, and superiority. The GalaxyVisions UNIX Hosting has the same semblance of reliability and is capable of being the total [...]$4.95/mo.550 MB30 GB
Single Server COLOfeatures1U Rackmount Server
3 Amps of Power
1Mbps of Burstable Bandwith
24 x 7 Unlimited Access to Datacenter
Free Hard/Soft Reboots
RPC Control Panel for Reboots
Personalized MRTG Graphs
3 Usable Ips
24 x 7 Support
UPS and [...]
$69.99/mo. $99.99 Setup FeeunlimitedN/A
Shared - Windows Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
GalaxyVisions NT HostingfeaturesBased on the Windows 2000 Platform, the GalaxyVisions NT Hosting sounds just right for anyone looking to start a personal or small business website.
Server Specs Provided:Pentium 4Operating System:WindowsWeb Server Software Offered:IISDatabases [...]
$4.95/mo.550 MB30 GB
Shared - Linux/Windows Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
GV-Special MGD-1featuresP4 2.6GHz CPU
• 1024 MB RAM
• 80 GIG IDE Storage
• Full Root Access
• Fedora, CentOS, Windows OS
• Plesk or Cpanel with Fantastico
• Unmetered Transfer
• 3 Usable IPS
• RPC Included at no extra cost
• Personalized MRTG Graphs
• Managed [...]
$99.99/mo.80 GBN/A
Dedicated - Linux Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
GV-Special-D-1 $89.00/mo.80 GB1 TB
WSGVB1 $99.00/mo.80 GB300 GB
GV-MGD-1 $119.00/mo.80 GB1 TB
WSGVE3 $299.00/mo.160 GB900 GB
Dedicated - Windows Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
WSGVB2 $149.00/mo.80 GB225 GB
Colocation - Linux/Windows Keep mouse
over features!
Price Transfer UpdatedDedicated IPs
COLO-1U $34.00/mo. 300 GB
GV-HalfRack $299.00/mo. 1 TB
GV-Full Rack-3 $599.00/mo. 2 TB
Reseller - Linux/Windows Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
GalaxyVisions Reseller HostingfeaturesThe GalaxyVisions Reseller Hosting is a perfect solution if you would like to start your own web hosting reseller company or if you have multiple websites that you would like to manage in one reseller hosting account.
Server Specs Provided:Pentium [...]
$9.99/mo.1 GB200 GB

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Owner: GalaxyVisions, Inc
Web Site Title: Dedicated Server Hosting, Colocation & VPS: GalaxyVisions
Website Description: Galaxy Visions offers Managed Web Hosting, Server Colocation, Dedicated Server & VPS for all type and size companies.
Targeting: United States
Site in business since:
Links to the site: 73
Details for
Website DNS: => ( Brooklyn ) / Galaxyvisions Inc => ( Brooklyn ) / Galaxyvisions Inc => ( Brooklyn ) / Galaxyvisions Inc => ( Brooklyn ) / Galaxyvisions Inc => ( Brooklyn ) / Galaxyvisions Inc => ( Brooklyn ) / Galaxyvisions Inc
Server Software: Apache/2.2.25 (CentOS)
Website IP:
IP Location Country/State/City: United states / New york / Brooklyn - see top providers in United States, New York
ISP Name / ISP URL: Galaxyvisions Inc /
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StumbleUpon: 6

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News Launches new Corporate Website and Product Offerings - Launches new Corporate Website and Product Offerings
GalaxyVisions, Inc. is a full service company providing managed, dedicated, collocation, and shared web services at competitive industry rates with high levels of network availability, 24/7/365 support, and is conveniently located in Brooklyn, NY just 5 minutes from Manhattan.
Visit to learn more about GalaxyVisions and the services it offers, and schedule your Datacenter tour today. Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) -- GalaxyVisions, a managed, dedicated, collocation, and VPS services company has finished redesigning its new corporate website. The company has totally revamped its entire site and launched many new and exciting products for its new and existing clientele. The site took a bit over 6 months to rebuild and GalaxyVisions has taken a huge opportunity at that time to rebrand itself. GalaxyVisions new site will feature 3 new products that they have not offered yet, Green Server Solutions, Web ... [search all news]

Social Networks
About: GalaxyVisions is a superior hosting provider with our own Datacenter facilities located in New York City. We have one of the most competitive pricing structures in the market today and quality of service to back it up. We provide Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and Colocated hosting services along with custom enterprise solutions per your request. From a small Shared Hosting solution to a large clustered web-farm GalaxyVisions has the expertise and facilities for your business to maximize its highest ROI potential.
GalaxyVisions (est. 2003) is a Privately Held entity having 47 followers on LinkedIn and 11-50 employees, industry Internet.
No official account on Google+ yet!
Galaxy Visions Blog First post from Feb, 2012, with total 6 articles, language en. See recent blogs summary posts:
- GalaxyVisions Once a Year Best Offer - Don't miss out on this once a year holiday offer! Get 3 months FREE When you prepay for 1 year, that's 15 months of hosting for the price of 12!!! or Get 1 year FREE When you prepay for 2 ...
- GalaxyVisions and ColoGuard Withstand Hurricane Sandy - Planning, Power Keep NYC Hosting, Colocation Providers Running During Storm NEW YORK (Nov. 2, 2012) — ColoGuard and GalaxyVisions, the New York metropolitan area's leading provider of colocation serv
- Forex VPS For Less - NEW YORK, NY (March 31, 2012) — GalaxyVisions, the New York metropolitan region's leading provider of virtual private servers for foreign exchange traders, today announced a special deal for investors

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John Wang (john@v...) /
Time Hosted: 1 to 2 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
GalaxyVisions very good company for voip. They have fast route to china and my customers very happy. Low hop count and good support people. Even with bad english they help very good.

John Romeo (-no email-)
Time Hosted: 2 to 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
The have turned out to be one of the worst hosting companies I've used, and owning hundreds of domains I have used quite a bit of them.
They're down at least twice a month. They will not respond to support tickets nor answer their phones.
They completely ignore the fact that they were down for hours and hope you will just forget it about it.
It's a never ending cycle. I'm canceling my service and never looking back.
Sam (-no email-)
Time Hosted: 3 to 6 months
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
Galaxy just sucks!!!!!! They are the worst company i've ever seen.
They just ignore your tickets.... Stay away from them!
techclan (techclan@y...)
Time Hosted: over 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
Galaxy Visions was down for many hours again today, and their own website was unreachable. Calling their support would get a "Voicemail is full now" and as usual support tickets are not responded to during outages.
Same thing happened on July 7th and today 3 weeks later my support ticket is still open with no response.
Kim (kims.09@l...)
Time Hosted: 2 to 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
GalaxyVisions is the best hosting company ever by far I tried many, but when I came here the support staff and the admin shown me great kindness and support and help me every step of the way and provided for me and my site. I strongly and highly recommend this hosting for anyone big or small. They are Awesome and Kick ass Hands down. Thank you so much
Janik (janikz2009@g...)
Time Hosted: 3 to 6 months
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
I have used a number of hosting companies over the past few years and I have NEVER had such awesome tech support. Most of the times I wait for hours to get a ticket handled and your crew took are of it extremely fast. So fast I was SHOCKED.I will recommend that ALL of my clients consider changing to your hosting service. Thank you for your time
Tom (tomdu@l...)
Time Hosted: 2 to 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
"I've been with GalaxyVisions for over 3 years now and am still thrilled with them. I knew nothing when I started and the more I searched for how to do what I needed to do (build a site that gets traffic), the more confused and overwhelmed I became because there are a million choices out there and everyone says their way is the best. The cool thing about GalaxyVisions is that you can know nothing about how to build a site and can build a beautiful site. GalaxyVisions allows me to concentrate on building my online businesses without hassling with all the complicated tech stuff that makes me go crazy. Their tech staff is excellent too."

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