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  • Plan Name: RapidSSL (sku #p122016)
  • Category: SSL Certificates
  • Price: 49.00/yr. VAT exc
  • Disk Space: -
  • Traffic bandwidth: -
  • Setup Fee: free
  • Payment: Credit / Debit / Prepaid Cards
Hosted domains :1
Payment Methods :Credit / Debit / Prepaid Cards
Support Options :EmailHelp DeskPhone / Toll-Free
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Plan description

Single certificates are used to secure a single hostname (e.g. config.domain.com). The certificates are issued automatically by checking an e-mail address . "Domin Control Validated" is displayed as the owner in the certificate. These certificates are ideal for protecting internal web logins or similar.

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    Domain Validation
    maximum encryption 256-bit
    exhibition duration expected 24 hours
    Browser Compatibility 99+%
    Secure encryption of all transmitted data
    https gives your website visitors a subjective [...]
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    Usable for corporate customers
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