1&1 IONOS VPS M, $ 4.00/mo. on Linux/Windows VPS

VPS M has been updated on 📆 (added 📅 ), Aggregate Rating (1 out of 10 from 4 reviews)
701 Lee Road, Suite 300
Chesterbrook , PA 19087
☎ Phone 1-484-254-5555
  • 💡 Plan Name: VPS M (sku #p64749)
  • 🔧 Category: VPS / Linux/Windows
  • 💰 Price:$ 4.00/mo.($ 7.00 after 6 mo.)
  • 💿 Disk Space: 80 GB
  • 📶 Traffic bandwidth: unmetered
  • 💲 Setup Fee: free
💪 CPU/Cores :2 vCores CPU
🔋 RAM :2000 MB
🔌 Hosted domains :unlimited
🆓 free domains :0
📌 Dedicated IPs :1
💳 Payment Methods :Credit / Debit / Prepaid CardsPayPal
🔨 Control Panel :Plesk
✍️ Support Options :EmailHelp DeskPhone / Toll-FreeLive ChatAvailable 24/7
🌏 Server Locations :Germany Spain United States
screenshot of VPS M from ionos.com

See also initial VPS M plan location on their website!

📜 Plan description

Windows $10/month extra
Plesk $5 /month

Server can be set up in 55 seconds You can set up your server in just 55 seconds with the high-performance IONOS Cloud.
Data center location You can pick the location of the data center for your vServer at no extra charge. selectable
KVM console Convenient access to the server console using the IONOS Cloud Panel.
Interactive invoicing Full billing transparency: access and forecast your costs as an aggregate or per-minute amount, based on your use.
Architecture VMware virtualized server.
SAN storage system Your server data is saved to redundant storage networks. SAN keeps your data available, even if a storage node fails.
Traffic Unlimited traffic, without any automatic throttling.
24/7 support 24/7 support by server experts.
Free email support Free email support from our qualified team of experts.

Full list of features at https://www.ionos.com/pro/vps/features/

📄 Editorial Review

1&1 IONOS is the biggest hosting company in Europe and a member of the United Internet group. The company is focused on providing everything needed in order to set up small and medium-sized businesses. Starting with 1988 when it was established (firstly named 1and1), the objective of this company was clearly structured from the beginning: to offer their customers a remarkable experience through the acquisition of a powerful and secure product. In 2018, 1 & 1 combined its applications, as well as server and hosting products with the cloud infrastructure belonging to ProfitBricks in order to bring the customers even more to the centrality of its purpose and thus together, the two companies became 1 & 1 IONOS.

A 30-year experience in server hardware and a sophisticated approach of the mass-market hosting have made 1 & 1 IONOS a great hosting leader. Not only does it offer considerable hosting solutions, but it has become the greatest domain registrar in Europe.

The company comes with the best tools for you, such as flexible packages, professional interaction with the customers and competent guiding provided by employees. Through the flexibility they offer, you can upgrade or downgrade packages according to your needs. The company offers its customers a selection of products generated both with standard and customized features. Some of the packages are: Web Hosting, Website Builder, WordPress Hosting, Dedicated Hosting or Cloud Hosting. It is mainly easy to use even for someone who hardly has any experience with web hosting. The Migration Policy might not be complete, but 1 & 1 IONOS still offers great guidance on its website.

The company uses different websites/offices for other countries like: ionos.de for Germany / ionos.es for Spain / ionos.co.uk for UK/ ionos.it for Italy / ionos.ca for Canada (full list at 1&1 partners brands)

NOTE 2019: Now with all VPS, Virtual Dedicated and Cloud packages: $100 starting credit for the first month!

👪 Most Recent Customer Reviews

-anonymous- (-hidden-)
⏳ Time Hosted: 6 mo. to 1 year
Global rating
😠 I bought IONOS dedicated server on a monthly contract basis. During the contract, I was told that they only charge for server availability. After a couple of days, I have canceled the service, still, I was charged 165$ for the whole month (includes a server cost 130$ and 35$ for windows license) and an additional $37.99 one last time fee for windows licensing. I contacted the billing department about it, they were like once the invoice is generated we can't help you with the refund. This is ridiculously they are literally robbing us. I don't recommend this company for any kind of hosting services.
-anonymous- (taylor@w...) / 719hosting.com
⏳ Time Hosted: 1 to 2 years
Global rating
😠 The Merger Killed Their Billing System - Stay Away and Save Yourself the Headache
Ever since 1&1 and Ionos merged their billing system has taken a nosedive. We are locked out of our VPS contracts because they couldn't process payments through their customer panel properly. Since the billing issue occurred through their customer panel they sent a Paypal link. We immediately submitted payment and now they have to wait for the funds to transfer before their billing system automatically unlocks the contracts. None of their customer support team members (Joseph Cooper) from the Philippines and USA were able to help. "It is the billing system's issue and there is no magic button to unlock the contact," is the go-to line they all had. Don't trust this company. They are officially a scam.
-anonymous- (legacygamesinc@g...)
⏳ Time Hosted: under 1 month
Global rating
😠 I was using another company vps and since IONOS sold me the idea that is a great company with outstanding support plus it had as they say... a killer offer wich was 1 dolard per 6 months and then regular price.

So i ended up changing to IONOS, i was so happy about it, i couldnt belive i would have a cheap vps in a ''good company``
But things didnt went as expected.

First when i purchase the vps package it said i need to wait 48h maximum for it to be applyed.... so i waited but meanwhile i started mailing and chatting with support to see if they can give me what i bought faster....
Days passed and i didnt get what i paid for, contract said blocked and after that they canceled the contract and changed pricing on their site.

I have tried to use the live chat but it was like speaking with a robot, no solution at all, the ``person`` could not inform me why my contract was blocked then canceled...and it gave like automated answers.
I olso sent a mail to every mail i could find of ionos and the ones they gave me and im waiting for a reply since days..... nobody from the company contacted me to tell me what the issue was or reply my mails.
I did speak with my personal support lewis ongieri or something, he could give me any information at all, or answer any of my questions nor nothing........
And the worst thing is my payment is still there frozen in paypal as they cancel the contract.

So the support was really lame, nobody knew nothing or could let me know what was the issue and i wasnt given what i paid for.
My guess is that i bought the product and they went out of stock as the next day the promo was gone... or simply they didnt want to maintain me the promo. I honestly dont know and have been waiting for them to contact me for days.

In the end i lost days of vps wich i use it to work, so they damaged me economically and now i need to return to my old vps provided wich i never had such an issue.
I olso set my phone in the section were they call you back, the system acepted my number and never called.

Im really frustrated about this. This is not how a honest and caring company should work. Maybe their vps and so are the best but the support is really a nightmare.

I think i diserve at least an explanation wich was never given.

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