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☎ Phone +44 203 657 2727
☎ Phone +1 408-228-3700
  • 💡 Plan Name: CDN360 - Standard (sku #p117096)
  • 🔧 Category: CDN
  • 💰 Price:$ 0.00/mo.
  • 💿 Disk Space:
  • 📶 Traffic bandwidth: unmetered ($ 0.057/GB)
  • 💲 Setup Fee: free
Traffic price :$ 0.057/GB
🔌 Domains Allowed :unlimited
💳 Payment Methods :Credit / Debit / Prepaid Cards
🔨 Control Panel :[In-house]
✍️ Support Options :EmailLive Chat
🌏 Server Locations :Australia Austria Brazil Cambodia Canada China Egypt France Germany Hong Kong India Indonesia Ireland Italy Japan Korea Netherlands Poland Portugal Romania Russian Federation Singapore South Africa Spain Sweden Thailand Turkey United Kingdom United States Viet nam
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📜 Plan description

Additional charge of $0.99 per million HTTPS requests.

For consistency, server hardware is largely the same across server groups. The main difference between different server groups is the bandwidth cost charged by our vendors (ISPs). A PoP in the “ultra” group is more expensive than one in the “standard” group, but does not necessarily deliver better performance than a “standard” PoP. Performance experienced by each end user is determined by the connectivity between the user and the PoP. Adding the “ultra” group to serve a region just provides our GSLB algorithm more PoPs to choose from, such that the end users in that region are more likely to get a PoP with better connectivity.

CDN360 is dedicated to providing customers with the finest self-service experience, including the capability of balancing cost with performance. CDNetworks’ global points of presence (PoPs) are organized into four “server groups” based on cost.

We define different prices for traffic served from the four groups. Customers are empowered to self-configure the “server groups” for each country and ISP. In this way, they can fully customize performance and cost for different regions in the world. CDN360 covers the most significant areas on the planet, and continues to expand its global network reach at a rapid pace.

Depending on your needs, you can choose the server groups to use for your visitors according to country and ISP. This lets you maximize performance and minimize costs.


Ashburn, USA
Atlanta, USA
Boston, USA
Chicago, USA
Dallas, USA
Denver, USA
Los Angeles, USA
Miami, USA
Montreal, Canada
New York City, USA
San Jose, USA
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Seattle, USA
Toronto, Canada

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Ankara, Turkey
Bucharest, Romania
Cairo, Egypt
Cape Town, South Africa
Dublin, Ireland
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Istanbul, Turkey
Lisbon, Portugal
London, UK
Madrid, Spain
Marseille, France
Milano, Italy
Moscow, Russia
Paris, France
Stockholm, Sweden
Villach, Austria
Warsaw, Poland

Bangkok, Thailand
Chennai, India
Delhi, India
Thanh pho Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Incheon, South Korea
Jakarta, Indonesia
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Manila, Philippines
Melbourne, Australia
Mumbai, India
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Surabaya, Indonesia
Seoul, South Korea
Singapore, Singapore
Sydney, Australia
Taipei, Taiwan
Tokyo, Japan


Bayannaoer , Beijing , Changchun , Changde , Changsha , Chengdu , Chongqing , Dalian , Foshan , Fuzhou , Guangzhou , Guiyang , Haikou , Handan , Hangzhou , Harbin , Hefei , Hohhot , Huanggang , Huhehaote , Jiaxing , Jieyang , Jinan , Jinzhou , Lanzhou , Lhasa , Lianyungang , Luohe , Meishan , Nanchang , Nanjing , Nanning , Ningbo , Qianxinan , Qingdao , Qinhuangdao , Quanzhou , Shanghai , Shaoxing , Shenyang , Shenzhen , Shijiazhuang , Siping , Taiyuan , Taizhou , Tianjin , Tianshui , Urumqi , Wenzhou , Wuhan , Xiangfan , Xiangtan , Xiaogan , Xianyang , Xinzhou , Xining , Xixian , Xuzhou , Yangzhou , Yichun , Yinchuan , Yuxi , Zhengzhou , Zhongwei , Zhuhai , Zibo

📄 Editorial Review

Active in the business for over 13 years, CDNetworks is an App Delivery Network serving over 17,500 international websites. They are one of the largest content delivery networks on the market with a global scale of 1,500 PoPs.

Based on Edge Computing Platform, this is a guarantee that your network runs on low latency and ensures high bandwidth/performance. You get flood shield – protection against DDoS attacks (cloud-based) to keep you safe from malware and security threats.

Customers will also benefit from cloud VOD which is an end-to-end solution that helps with uploading/processing/publishing your data.

They provide 4 server groups all configured in such a way that customers can choose the one that is most suitable depending on the country and the ISP.

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