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Cloudinary /

(Sunnyvale, California) - Cloudinary is the market leader in providing a comprehensive cloud-based image and video management platform. Cloudinary is being used by hundreds of thousands of users around the world, from small startups to large enterprises. We are here to cover your every image and video-related need. ...

  • No. user reviews: 0
  • No. plans: 4
  • No. testim: 0
  • Alexa Rating2,783
  • Links Count: 8,402

(Lansing, Michigan) - Liquid Web Inc. is an organization established in 1997 with three entirely possessed server farms in Lansing, and a fourth area in Scottsdale, AZ. As a pioneer in the expert web facilitating industry, we have a resolute devotion to giving the best facilitating items accessible and premium client bol

  • 1 TB
    : $ 130.00/mo. : CDN
  • No. plans: 25
  • No. testim: 4
  • Alexa Rating14,024
  • Links Count: 1,162
Stack Path /

(Dallas, Texas) - StackPath is a platform of secure internet services built at the cloud's edge. StackPath services enable developers at organizations of any size to build protection and performance into any content delivery network (CDN) and cloud-based solution - from SaaS to web publishing, gaming, media ... updated Apr 2018

  • No. user reviews: 0
  • No. plans: 3
  • No. testim: 0
  • Alexa Rating48,425
  • Links Count: 56
Cloud Flare /

(San Francisco, California) - In 2004, Matthew Prince and Lee Holloway set out to answer the basic question: “Where does email spam come from?” The two of them built a system that allowed anyone with a website to track how spammers harvested email addresses. Project Honey Pot was born. Project Honey Pot quietly grew over ...

  • No. user reviews: 0
  • No. plans: 4
  • No. testim: 0
  • Alexa Rating966
  • Links Count: 5,246
Incapsula /

(Redwood Shores, California) - Imperva is a leading provider of data and application security solutions that protect business-critical information in the cloud and on-premises. Founded in 2002, we have enjoyed a steady history of growth and success, generating $234 million in 2015, with over 4,500 customers and 300 partners in mo

  • No. user reviews: 0
  • No. plans: 3
  • No. testim: 0
  • Alexa Rating42,544
  • Links Count: 655

Comparison of the new added plans for providers in Cdn

Plan NameBrandTransferPriceSetupHosted Websites /
Free Domains / IP's
Date Plan
20 GBstackpath.com25000 GB$ 20.00/mo.0unlimited2019-04-09
CDNhostpro.uaunmetered$ 0.05/mo. ($ 0.05/GB)0unlimited2019-04-04
30TB CDN - 100$/mohostry.comunmetered$ 100.00/mo. ($ 0.005/GB)0unlimited2019-04-04
1 Gbps free testhostiserver.com330000 GB$ 0.00/mo.0 2019-03-26
1 TBliquidweb.com1000 GB$ 130.00/mo. ($ 0.15/GB)0unlimited2019-02-16
CDN Basiccodero.comunmetered$ 0.00/mo.0unlimited2019-02-15
CDN Bandwidthsoftlayer.comunmetered$ 0.00/mo. ($ 0.12/GB)0unlimited2019-01-23
Pro Planiweb.comunmetered$ 59.00/mo.012019-01-04
50 TB Monthlycdn77.com50000 GB$ 599.00/mo. ($ 0.029/GB)0unlimited2018-12-18
pairCDNpair.comunmeteredon request ($ 0.1/GB)0unlimited2018-12-11
InfraStructure CDNovh.ie1000 GB€ 9.99/mo.010002018-12-11
Business Bronzeamimoto-ami.com1000 GB$ 600.00/mo.0102018-12-01
Static GB$ 0.00/mo.0unlimited2018-12-01
Enterprise 1cdnify.com10000 GB$ 500.00/mo.0unlimited2018-12-01
Defend Packourhost.azunmetered$ 49.40/mo.0unlimited2018-12-01
Advancedskyparkcdn.io25000 GB$ 1,000.00/mo.0unlimited2018-12-01
CDNbluehostingserver.com10 GB$ 0.00/mo.0152018-12-01
Premium CDNscaleforce.netunmetered$ 0.00/mo. ($ 0.15/GB)0 2018-11-29
CACloud CDNcacloud.comunmeteredCAD 0.00/mo. (CAD 0.08/GB)CAD 10 2018-11-29
Freecloudinary.com25 GB$ 0.00/mo.0unlimited2018-11-22
Proincapsula.comunmetered$ 59.00/mo.012018-10-11
Custom or Private CDNgaranntor.ngunmeteredon request0 2018-08-22
CDNhyperhost.uaunmetered$ 1.00/mo.012018-07-31
CDNxlhost.com1000 GB$ 0.00/mo. ($ 0.049/GB)0unlimited2018-03-13
CDN InfraStructureovh.de1000 GB€ 11.90/mo.010002018-01-14

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