Jun 1, 2007 : Czech Web Host Uses Virtuozzo

forpsi.com logo!Jun 1, 2007 - Web hosting control panel developer SWsoft (http://www.swsoft.com) announced on Friday that Czech Republic Web hosting provider FORPSI (forpsi.com Total Reviews: 3
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) has launched new virtual server offerings powered by SWsoft Virtuozzo virtualization software.    

FORPSI Virtual Servers use SWsoft's patented Virtuozzo technology to create virtual private servers on a single physical server and operating system, optimizing the use of hardware, software and other resources. FORPSI Virtual Servers provide a range of Web hosting services, including administration of Web sites, FTP, DNS, email and databases. 

The Web host offers two basic and professional virtual servers. The basic server provides a control panel for 10 domain names with 1Mbps of guaranteed bandwidth and 3GB disk storage, while the professional server includes 30 domain names with 2 Mbps of bandwidth and 15GB of disk storage. Both servers are available for Windows or Linux, and start at 300 Czech crowns a month (approximately US $14).

"SWsoft is excited to extend the benefits of Virtuozzo to FORPSI's customers in the Czech and Slovakian markets," says Soeren von Varchmin, managing director for SWsoft's European and Asian Operations. "Virtuozzo provides a cost-efficient solution that will allow FORPSI to deliver more hosting services with minimal resources and cost, and take advantage of improved integration resulting from our ongoing OPEN FUSION initiative."

SWsoft announced last month it opened its first office in Paris, France to tap into increasing demand for its Virtuozzo virtualization software.

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Company: Forpsi

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