Jun, 2002 : Tier 1 Releases Mass Market Hosting Report

📅 - Internet Infrastructure software and services industry research and consulting firm Tier 1 Research (tier1research.com) announced on Friday that it has released an in-depth analysis and forecast report for the shared and low-end dedicated Web hosting market, entitled Mass Market Hosting.

Co-Authored by Tier 1 Research founder and president Andrew Schroepfer and vice president of research and development Joshua Beil, the 44-page report combines interviews with industry leaders and survey data and makes use of the broader analysis found in Tier 1's Internet Infrastructure Bible v2.0.
Divided into three sections, the report separately covers market overview and industry trends, market forcast and market share and vendor profiles.
Among the report's key findings are a projected 11 percent increase in mass market revenues to $3.4 billion, led by Verio, Interland and XO with the top 10 providers sharing almost 20 percent of the market; the breakdown of mass market hosting revenue, with 76 percent from shared hosting, 11 percent from low-end dedicated hosting and 12 percent from domain name registration; a total of more than 90,000 servers currently hosting sites in the mass market sector, led by Interland, Rackspace and Verio; and a predicted growth in the number of entities using mass market hosting services of 23 percent, to nearly 13 million.
"Our research should be an excellent aid to companies looking to understand their position in this fragmented market as well as those companies and investors looking to participate in the ongoing consolidation of the sector," says Lead-Author Joshua Beil. "Our latest report, Mass Market Hosting, coupled with our online competitive intranet service, offers a superior perspective on this important segment of the hosting market."
38 companies are detailed in the report, which is priced at $1,500 and available immediately.

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