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Compare web hosting reviews market in 2018

We decided to compile a list of our competitors (some of them were live even in 2004 when we started). As a conclusion, we are #4 worldwide based on Alexa Rating.


So, here are some facts, based on SEO tools Alexa and SemRush.

WebsiteAlexa Rank
(lower is better)
SemRush Rank
(lower is better)
Listed providers
whtop.com (est. 2004)98,363234K Traffic 5.1KAround 25,000
hostingadvice.com (est. 2004)24,596 14.6k Traffic 153kAround 60
whoishostingthis.com (est. 2007) 39,79427.3K Traffic 73.5kAround 420
hostadvice.com (est. 2009) 41,21460.5K Traffic 28.1kAround 4,100
webhostingsecretrevealed.net (est. 2008) 99,48357.5K Traffic 30.0KAround 60
hostingfacts.com (est. 2011)116,53139.8K Traffic 46.9KAround 30
webhostinghero.com (est. 2008)142,653243K Traffic 4.9KAround 53
webhostinggeeks.com (est. 2005)147,779103K Traffic 14.7KAround 24,000
digital.com (re-est. 2017) 159,67297k Traffic 15.7kAround 100
bitcatcha.com (est. 2014) 160,548313k Traffic 3.5kAround 38
hostingchecker.com (est. 2003)234,370493K Traffic 1.9KAround 1,556
hostsearch.com (est. 1997)278,148103K Traffic 14.7KAround 2,030
hostingmanual.net (est. 2013) 290,816197k Traffic 6.4k
websitehostingrating.com (est. 2016) 400,568453k Traffic 2.1k
tbwhs.com (est. 2012)495,038445k Traffic 2.2k
hosting.review (est. 2017, closed from 2023)601,950441k Traffic 2.2k

Other competitors with good Alexa rank, bad very bad Semrush rank!

WebsiteAlexa Rank (lower is better)SemRush Rank (lower is better)
top10bestwebsitehosting.com (est. 2010)67,4665.0M Traffic 40
webhostingbest10.com (est. 2015) 185,2448.1M Traffic 10
editorsreview.org (est. 2012) 168,9673.7M Traffic 75
hosting-review.com (est. 2003) 493,4842.2M Traffic 194
reviewplan.com (est. 2016) 2,102,8162.0M Traffic 235

Other competitors which are now having very low rank and traffic

WebsiteAlexa Rank (lower is better)
top11hosting.com (est. 2009)544,731
hostingreviewbox.com (est. 2015)550,621
thewebhostingdir.com (est. 2004)676,643
hostucan.com (est. 2011)881,107
reviewhell.com (est. 2013) 888,315
webhostingsearch.com (est. 1999)1,246,375
webhostingsearch.com (est. 1999)1,246,375
hostreview.com (est. 1998) 1,312,550
hostjury.com(est. 2005) 1,333,437
10-cheapwebhosting.com (est. 2002) 1,416,539
sitegeek.com (est. 2002)1,463,098
webhostingstuff.com (est. 2003) 1,552,615
ananova.com (est. 2012)1,576,776
top10-websitehosting.co.uk (est. 2014)1,801,949
whdb.com (est. 2002)1,975,858
hosting-reviews-exposed.com(est. 2007)2,624,520
webhostingreviews.com (est. 2000) 3,283,334
findmyhost.com (est. 2000)4,635,207
webhostdir.com (est. 1997)4,798,987
tophosts.com (est. 1997)5,375,053
top10webhosting.com (est. 2002) 5,434,581
alreadyhosts.com (est. 2008 with alreadyhosting.com)5,627,317
webhostranking.com (est. 2003) 6,227,266
top-10-web-hosting.com (est. 2004)7,232,954
whreviews.com (est. 2003)7,563,555
hostaz.com (est. 2002)12,717,011
ratemyhost.com (est. 2002)17,871,329
webhostingmasters.com (est. 2006) 18,260,209
upperhost.com (est. 2000)19,325,469
askwebhosting.com (est. 2002) 0
webhostingratings.com (est. 2001) 0
castironhosting.com(est. 2008) 0
hostingrating.com (est. 2004)0 (closed)
hostingratings.com (est. 2005)0 (closed)


digital.com and whoishostingthis.com are having the same management.
webhostingsecretrevealed.net ( webhostingsecretrevealed.com ) and bitcatcha.com are also having the same owner.

Based on Alexa Ratings we are #4 most important website for web hosting reviews & ratings worldwide

Looking to the current values and considering the trend, whtop.com is one of the best website resource for web hosting reviews. We are still looking for editors if you are interested.

If we miss any other web hosting reviews website (or web hosting directory) with high quality info, feel free to write a comment about it and we will add to the list.

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