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Ruby on Rails is usually rare feature included into web hosting plans, being not so popular like other web programming languages, e.g. PHP or ASP. However, some hosting companies started to offer Rails in order to attract more hosting customer on shared hosting plans, dedicated servers or VPS, mainly on Linux platforms.

We choose the best 5 plans available on the market so you can decide which one to take, based on your needs!
CompanyBlue Host
bluehost.com logo
Total Reviews: 64
Average Rating: 4 / 10
Good Reviews: 26
Bad Reviews: 38
Official Responses: 17
a2hosting.com logo
Total Reviews: 140
Average Rating: 9 / 10
Good Reviews: 127
Bad Reviews: 13
Official Responses: 11
Site Ground
siteground.com logo
Total Reviews: 70
Average Rating: 6 / 10
Good Reviews: 41
Bad Reviews: 29
Official Responses: 2
InMotion Hosting
inmotionhosting.com logo
Total Reviews: 48
Average Rating: 6 / 10
Good Reviews: 33
Bad Reviews: 15
Official Responses: 6
hostinger.com logo
Total Reviews: 86
Average Rating: 9 / 10
Good Reviews: 83
Bad Reviews: 3
Official Responses: 2
Price$ 3.95/mo. VAT exc
($ 7.99 after 36 mo.)
$ 2.99/mo.
($ 8.99 after first term)
€ 5.99/mo. VAT exc
(€ 10.39 after 12 mo.)
$ 6.39/mo.
$ 0.80/mo.
Plan nameBasicStartupStartUpLaunchSingle
Product typeShared Hosting
Shared Hosting
Shared Hosting
Shared Hosting
Shared Hosting
Disk space50 GB SSD100 MB SSD10 GB SSDunlimited SSD10 GB SSD
Bandwidthunmeteredunmeteredunmeteredunmetered100 GB
Dedicated IPs00000
Free domains00010
Hosted domains11121
PaymentsCredit / Debit / Prepaid Cards, PayPalCredit / Debit / Prepaid Cards, PayPal, Skrill (Moneybookers)Credit / Debit / Prepaid CardsCredit / Debit / Prepaid Cards, Check Payments, Money OrderCredit / Debit / Prepaid Cards, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Bitcoin
Control panelCPanelCPanelCPanelCPanelCPanel, [In-house]
FeaturesBackup, WordpressBackup, DNS, CDN, Green Hosting, Wordpress, Fully ManagedBackup, DNS, CDN, Wordpress, Fully Managed, Website BuilderBackup, Green Hosting, Wordpress, Website BuilderBackup, Website Builder
Support optionsEmail, Help Desk, Phone / Toll-Free, Available 24/7Email, Help Desk, Phone / Toll-Free, Live Chat, Available 24/7Email, Help Desk, Phone / Toll-Free, Live Chat, Available 24/7Email, Help Desk, Phone / Toll-Free, Live Chat, Available 24/7Email, Help Desk, Live Chat, Available 24/7
Server Location
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About Ruby on Rails Hosting

Ruby on Rails HostingRails or RoR, is an open source web application framework for the Ruby programming language. It is intended to be used with an Agile development methodology that is used by web developers for rapid development.

Like many web frameworks, Rails uses the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture pattern to organize application programming.

Ruby on Rails includes tools that make common development tasks easier "out of the box", such as scaffolding that can automatically construct some of the models and views needed for a basic website. Also included are WEBrick, a simple ruby web server, and Rake, a build system. Together with Rails these tools provide a basic development environment.

Ruby on Rails relies on a web server to run it. Mongrel is generally preferred over WEBrick at the time of writing but it can also be run by Lighttpd, Abyss, Apache (either as a module - Passenger for example - or via CGI, FastCGI or mod_ruby), and many others. From 2008 onwards, the Passenger web server replaced Mongrel as the most used web server. Recently, the Unicorn web server has become a favorite of new deployments.

Rails is also noteworthy for its extensive use of the JavaScript libraries Prototype and Script.aculo.us for Ajax. Rails initially utilized lightweight SOAP for web services; this was later replaced by RESTful web services.

Since version 2.0, Ruby on Rails by default offers both HTML and XML as output formats. The latter is the facility for RESTful web services.

Ruby on Rails is separated into various packages, namely ActiveRecord (an object-relational mapping system for database access), ActiveResource (provides web services), ActionPack, ActiveSupport and ActionMailer. Prior to version 2.0, Rails also included the Action Web Service package that is now replaced by Active Resource. Apart from standard packages, developers can make plugins to extend existing packages.

Ruby on Rails is intended to emphasize Convention over Configuration (CoC), and the rapid development principle of Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY).

"Convention over Configuration" means a developer only needs to specify unconventional aspects of the application. For example, if there is a class Sale in the model, the corresponding table in the database is called sales by default. It is only if one deviates from this convention, such as calling the table "products sold", that the developer needs to write code regarding these names. Generally, this leads to less code and less repetition.

"Don't repeat yourself" means that information is located in a single, unambiguous place. For example, using the ActiveRecord module of Rails, the developer does not need to specify database column names in class definitions. Instead, Ruby on Rails can retrieve this information from the database based on the class name.

Ruby on Rails is often installed using RubyGems, a package manager which is included with Ruby. Many Linux distributions also support installation of Rails and its dependencies through their native package management system.

Ruby on Rails is typically integrated with a database server such as MySQL and a web server such as Apache. As an alternative to manual installation, a pre-integrated TurnKey Rails appliance can be used to deploy a ready-to-use server.

Rails hosting providers such as Engine Yard and Heroku support deployment of Ruby on Rails applications as a cloud service.

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