Nov, 2015 : Do you Understand why Ruby On Rails is so Special?

November 16, 2015 - Ruby on Rails is a web application foundation for those looking to build a great website. It's been around since 2005 and developers and users are still raving about it. This hot commodity offers an open-source web application framework using “Ruby” as its programming language by utilizing engineering patterns like Convention Over Configuration, Don't Repeat Yourself, Modern View Controller and Active Record Pattern.

Ruby on Rails is becoming the choice for developers because it cuts down on development time for new apps, it has a huge library to increase functionality and it has automated testing to allow you to test your code as your write it. Here is a look at why Rub is so special.

What does Ruby offer?

If you decide on Ruby on Rails, you'll notice the learning curve doesn't take long at all. The construct stream is logical and vibrant. This is proven in the fact that 200,000 sites are currently using Ruby on Rails. It uses a modular design like the gems library to perform actions and options to integrate email or text messages. The gym library is similar to how WordPress plugins function.

What are the capabilities?

Along with building your website here, you'll be able to adapt or develop search engine adaptable URLs. You'll have tightened security, easy-to-see error logs for debugging applications, and action mailer to send mail easily. You'll also have active records, the development program including your database active library and automatic mapping of tables to rows or classes in objects.

With Convention over Configuration, you'll have quicker development. Developers often have to spend a long time on figuring out how to make their code communicate with the database on other programming languages but with CoC, because of the “sensible defaults” it already works with a lot of applications.

This will save you time on setting up your projects. The DRY feature also allows you to avoid replicating code continuously because once you write it once and use it, it will be convenient for future code changes.

Learning ROR is easy for those with knowledge of HTML and CSS but definitely learn those languages before attempting Ruby. They are easy to learn and practice though. Learning the ins and outs of Ruby is enjoyable and offers you a huge advantage when it comes to your website.

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