1/8 Rack Basic - Düsseldorf, € 99,00/ Мес.

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Am Gatherhof 44
Düsseldorf , NW 40472
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  • 💡 Название плана: 1/8 Rack Basic - Düsseldorf (sku #p42540)
  • 🔧 категория: Колокейшн Хостинг
  • 💰 цена: 99,00/ Мес. НДС 19% вкл
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📜 Описание плана

The ⅛ racks are aimed at start-ups and small businesses and are ideal as a separate backup location. They are therefore the start-up variant of rack colocation in Düsseldorf and can therefore be rented cost-effectively.

You will receive 5 rack units in your own connectable 19" rack segment of the data centre in Düsseldorf. With your server rack, you will receive 24/7 access to the data centre with your own personalized access key and power connection and a 1,000 MBit Internet connection.

Traffic billing €0.09 per GB
Number of rack units Accommodates 5HE
Rack width 600 mm
Connection performance 2 x 5 amp (power redundancy)
Cost per kWh €0.28 (plus EEG, combined heat and power and electricity tax)
Network port 1 GB
Connection to 340 GBit backbone yes
Redundant network design Available at an extra charge
IP addresses – IPv4 / IPv6 included in accordance with RIPE guidelines
Guaranteed network availability 99,9 %
Access possibility 24/7 with private access key
24/7 video surveillance and security services
Redundant air conditioning

Rack solutions of myLoc managed IT AG
Tier III+ data centres in Düsseldorf

Find the right rack product for your IT infrastructure in one of the three tier III+ data centres in Düsseldorf. The data centre in North Rhine-Westphalia can accommodate over 65,000 servers and has redundant external connections to all major carriers.
99.95% guaranteed availability of electricity

The Colocation Rack solution from myLoc is offered with guaranteed electricity availability of 99.95%. The data centres have about their own UPS power supply, which is additionally protected by an emergency standby power system (NEA). Power redundancy is included with all offers.
Highly efficient air conditioning

In the rack, your server hardware will benefit from highly efficient and climate-friendly air conditioning using GE air conditioners. Thanks to the hot and cold aisle system to dissipate heat, your servers can be "cool" at work.


Cost reduction, flexibility and agility combined with data security

myLoc managed IT AG offers racks for rent in their own data centres. All racks are housed in one of the three carrier-neutral data centres in Düsseldorf. Colocation rack products have space for 5 rack units up to 46 rack units. Now you can find a new home for your servers with our colocation rack.

Are you looking for a new home for your high-performance Cloud server farm? We have the right one for you – the new flat rack products.

Our new flat-rate products bring numerous benefits. You will generally lower your IT operating costs by outsourcing your infrastructure and use your resources specifically for your business. You will be able to plan the resulting data centre costs and not have to worry about consumption-dependent, fluctuating bills. Because with our flat racks, power consumption and the traffic volume are already included in the price.

Do you know what you need and have a strongly fluctuating performance? Then our new basic rack for rent is the right product for you, because you only pay for what you actually use!

When establishing new IT infrastructure with strong growth potential, the cost-benefit ratio of the outsourcing is an important factor for future success, especially when you are just starting out. Our basic rack products are ideal for this purpose. From the outset, you rent a private colocation rack and pay only for the price of the land. Electricity and traffic volume are always subject to consumption and increase in proportion to the growth of your infrastructure.

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