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These guys rip you off on invoices and then hold your server to ransom if you dispute their invoices. Stay away!
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About Micron21

Founded in 2001, Micron21 Pty. Ltd. has grown from a reseller status to become a fully fledged datacentre based in the outer east part of Melbourne. We control and own the entire infrastructure enabling us to provide fully managed cost effective services with the flexibility to provide custom solutions tailored to each individual client no matter how big or small. Our clients benefit from an extremely fast, secure and redundant network complemented by superior individual customer service and support available 24/7.

Micron21 has made a significant investment in securing redundant optic fibre and licenced microwave conections to our own outer easten facility. We control every aspect of this facility which is monitored 24/7/365 by local Micron21 staff. Founded on the philosophy that quality of service is paramount, Micron21 prides itself in offering small to medium businesses the type of support and facilities usually reserved for multi-rack clients. As such we believe that we hold a niche position in the market, offering quick turnarounds to solutions ranging from single websites to complete enterprise grade datacentre solutions.

Environmentally Aware
Micron21 is committed to an Environmental Management Plan and is a member of the National Greenhouse Challenge Plus Program. In addition, we are working with the EPA on the Victorian Carbon Innovators Network with the aim to be carbon neutral.

Why choose Micron21

Micron21 - No Contract Agreement
We believe our services and support are second to none and it is our view that if a client is not happy in the first month then they will never be happy. So why lock them into a contract? Any Micron21 Pty Ltd client (excluding those taking hardware leases) are free to leave our services at any time, no strings attached. That said, we’re sure our services and support will delight anyone who entrusts their IT services to us..

We're here to stay
Micron21 Pty Ltd is a self funded private company – we own our building, the equipment and all technology associated with the datacentre. We hear all too often from clients who joined a 'cheap' hosting company based on pricing alone only to wake up one morning and realise their web site and associated services are gone.

Sites hosted on High Quality SuperServers
Many hosts and providers choose the cheapest option they can when purchasing hardware. In many cases the 'server' is of a quality that you wouldn't even trust for your home PC. We use high quality Dell servers and our constant R&D ensures our servers are robust and built to perform.

Latest technology - Hardware Replacement
Hardware will fail, it's just a matter of when. To reduce the risks we have a maximum lifecycle policy of 3 years on our servers to always keep our fleet up-to-date with the latest technology.

Low contention Ratios Ensure Server resources are not Overloaded
The common trend by most hosting providers that offer 'cheap' pricing is to squeeze as many customers onto each server, in some cases over 500+ accounts on a single server. This leads to never ending problems due to system resources constantly running at a high load. Micron21 Pty Ltd has a policy of allowing any given server to reach only 70% utilisation, before it's deemed full.

Independent Redundant Name Servers and Backup Mail Server
Name servers are responsible for transferring your domain name into an IP address. This is how computers find your website when someone looks up your domain name. Most hosting companies run their name servers on the same network as your website and in many cases on the same server. If that goes down, so does your website and your email. Micron21 uses geographically dispersed name servers for increased redundancy, which also translates into faster response times for looking up domain names.

Micron21 Courier Service
Micron21 has its own courier service for the transportation of sensitive data and servers across Melbourne. This service allows our Melbourne customers to have their data and or hardware delivered directly by Micron21 staff safely and securely.

Fast, Multi-homed, Redundant Australian Network
Our Cisco powered redundant core network and multiple concurrently connected carriers, ensures there is no single point of failure within our network. Micron21 Pty Ltd, unlike other providers, has a policy which enables our network never to be flooded or oversaturated. Our SLA agreements state that once our links reach 70% capacity, that they will be upgraded.

Micron21 IP address allocation
Micron21 Pty Ltd has full control of its IP address, issued by APNIC the governing body of internet resources. This means as long as you’re hosted within the Micron21 enterprise your IP technology will always be assigned to your services.

Monitoring and Alerting
Micron21 has experience in monitoring and alerting and can take this to any level or requirement. If your server is particularly sensitive for any reason, please discuss your monitoring needs with us. We monitor all switches and connectivity to ensure the integrity of our connectivity.

PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant Facility
All cabinets are locked with separate keys
Intrusion Detection Systems
24/7 Temperature and Humidity Monitoring
24/7 Strict Physical Security Access
24/7 Support and Network Monitoring
24/7 Full PTZ Camera Monitoring

24/7 365 days a year Network, Server and physical building security Monitoring
Our network, servers and physical building security are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year both physically and through third party providers. This electronically allows us to always know exactly what is going on within our infrastructure.

Combination of both Cisco and Juniper Routers, Switches and Firewalls configured in N+1 across the entire Network

Multiple Redundant UPS Systems
Multiple Redundant Air-Conditioners
Onsite diesel generator 750L of diesel on site - 24 hour refueling contract
Licensed Carrier Grade Microwave for network media independent redundancy
A/B/C/D Power feeds per rack
Individual VLANS per client service, providing internal data integrity
Each rack has Cisco 48 port managed switches dual fibre uplinked network core
HP 10,000 series 47RU racks 1200mm deep to suit 900mm rails
HP Power Distribution Units
Early Smoke Detection Alarm System
Electronic proximity card access

Customer Guarantee

24/7 365 days a year Support
General support (network and advice) is available around the clock free of charge. Plus you can rest easy knowing that our Remote Hands service can perform the work for you. We take your web hosting and co-location seriously.

We guarantee to solve any problem
Whatever it takes, we do it. Our support engineers are experienced Microsoft, Linux and Cisco certified developers with intelligent, informed solutions for any issue or problem. We will stay with a problem and escalate it until it is resolved, no matter whether it is application, operating system or firmware based.

We guarantee Support, Day or Night
Daytime query or night-time emergency we'll have a trained support person on the phone with you.

We guarantee to respond quickly
Responses to queries, solutions to problems, actions and reactions – we promise that everything we do for you is fast and effective.

We guarantee the highest security
If your data is sensitive or there are privacy issues, Micron21 can give you a total security solution that meets the highest level of security.

We guarantee hardware reliability
We use only Dell rack servers because Dell provides Micron21 with an enterprise grade solution that is backed up with a 3 year same day warranty service.

We guarantee help when you need it most
We believe that it is our responsibility to help you recover from real or potential disasters – major or minor. Our job starts when you have a problem (day or night). It ends when you are ‘live’ and your application is working again. Your problem is our problem.

We guarantee a growth path
Start as small as you need to… grow as big as you want to be. We'll help you get there. Micron21 guarantees never to ‘lock you in’, so you'll never be limited by inadequate or outdated technology. If you need an upgrade, we do it.

We guarantee we'll work with you
We have a wealth of experience and are a valuable business partner. We'll work with you from the beginning of a project and see you through to the end. Where appropriate, we can support your marketing and sales efforts.

Micron21 Melbourne Plesk or cPanel Reseller Web Site Hosting

Micron21 offers high quality, affordable and security-oriented reseller hosting services. Our clients benefit from secure servers, multiple free tools and great customer service. Micron21 web hosting delivers maximum reliability and fast load times, together with the most convenient and comprehensive services and support available. Getting your website up and running reliably and quickly ought to be the least of your worries, but if you choose the wrong web hosting company it can be one of your biggest headaches.

What Makes our Web Hosting Package Special?
Our web hosting package uses the full capacity of Micron21’s datacentre, delivering fast response times with high-speed downloads and processing of dynamic content, allowing your customers to navigate more quickly and intuitively, with minimum fuss. And that's a big tick for your business.

Micron21 does not allow overselling at any level, resellers can only allocate system resources which they have been allocated. This insures that no single reseller account can over allocate system resources which maintains and creates a high quality hosting experience.

Melbourne Colocation - Micron21

Micron21 Melbourne Co-Location allows you to place your server in our secure datacentres around Melbourne within our client rack space and share our bandwidth as your own. Co-Location generally costs more than standard web hosting, but much less than it would cost to install a comparable amount of bandwidth directly into your business. Micron21 provides you with the bandwidth you require, stable power to your server and a network SLA of 99.9% which ensures your server is always online. The key difference with Micron21 Co-Location services is that all data is stored on client owned equipment housed within our secure datacentre.

Melbourne Dedicated Servers :: Micron21

When it comes time to expand your business you need more than just a server, you need a solution. Micron21 can supply your business with a dedicated server solution that features the latest Dell PowerEdge Server technology, high quality bandwidth and exclusive server management.

A managed Dell dedicated server at Micron21 includes full server monitoring and recovery, patches and upgrades, advanced technical support, and enhanced security features. By partnering with leading vendors such as Microsoft, Red Hat, cPanel, Plesk and many more, we are able to offer a solution that meets the needs of your organisation.

Virtual Dedicated Servers - Virtualization

VMware vSphere provides a feature-rich virtualisation solution that delivers the production proven efficiency, availability and dynamic management needed for the most demanding virtual server tasks. Micron21 can offer its clients a wide range of custom Virtual vSphere Dedicated Server configurations ranging from 512MB to 64GB of memory, from single to multiple core processing power, and array of high availability options, such as Fault Tolerance, DRS, vMotion and HA.

Key Benefits of Micron21 VMware Virtual vSphere Dedicated Solutions

BYO Operating system or VM image- Any Operating system 32bit or 64bit
True console administration of your virtual machine via web console
The ability to remotely mount and boot ISO images
The ability to remotely shutdown, suspend or restart your VM
Ability for complete live backup’s of the entire VM – Daily, Weekly Monthly
Completely scalable processing, memory and hard disk capacity
Redundant multi homed BGP media independent Network

Micron21 Additional Virtual Dedicated Server Features
- Environment friendly allowing server consolidation, while reducing your carbon IT footprint
- Turn your Virtual Dedicated Server into a webhosting platform with cPanel or Plesk
- Individual Server Monitoring via email and SMS notifications
- Online bandwidth statistics including real time Netflow data
- Free standard migration from your Existing Host including P2V
- Juniper SRX Firewall – Any port, Any protocol complete security control
- Full Root / Administrator to your Virtual Dedicated Server
- Hosted on the latest Dell Enterprise Fully Redundant Server Hardware
- Ability to HOT add resources, without rebooting your Virtaul Dedicated Server
- Managed, or unmanaged you choose from 3 levels of support, Mild, Extreme or Ultimate Support
- Ability to migrate a Virtual Dedicated Server from one physical server to another live using vMotion

Micron21 - Geographical High Availability

Micron21’s Geographically Redundant IP Service is designed for the most mission critical hosting: whether you have a Co-Located, Physical Dedicated or Virtual Dedicated Server. Imagine - Two Virtual or Physical Servers existing in real time synchronization on independent, fully redundant hardware in two geographically separated datacentres but with the SAME public Facing IP address, providing a secure and stable high availability environment. This is the definition of our “Micron21 Geographically Separated Fault Tolerance IP Service”.

Normally services in different datacentres have difference IP addresses, causing issues when you start planning high availability services. The typical solution for redundancy or load balancing is to rely on DNS for failover. Unfortunately this method of redundancy has many common issues such as TTL (Time To Live) problems and incorrect IP addresses being cached on local DNS servers, resulting in extended downtime (not uptime) in the event of any service going off line.

Micron21 has solved this problem by being able to supply you the same public facing IP address in two independent geographical separated locations, which provides you with completely transparent redundancy and avoids all DNS issues. Our Geographical Redundant IP Services can be provided as a fully redundant Active – Standby service across two locations, or as a fully redundant and load balanced Active – Active service across two locations.

The technology driving our Micron21 geographical redundant IP service is based on a combination of OSPF, RIP and BGP routing, bringing the heart of Internet redundancy routing technology to individual client services. We can deploy this technology to an individual physical Ethernet port anywhere on the Micron21 Network right the way down to an individual Virtual Dedicated Server running any compatible operating system.

Micron21 can customize the time of the fail over response time the primary site to the secondary site from an almost instant fail over, to minutes or hours if required, or we can load balance each service in real time across both independent geographical separated locations with each location fully redundant from the other. The level of redundancy, response and high availability configuration is entirely up to you!

Geographically Separated Key Features
- Complete live backups daily, weekly and monthly of your Co-Location Server, without the need to shut down your image
- Geographically separated backup storage
- Synchronization data purchased either on the usage level, or mbit level
- Any Operation System – Both 32 and 64 bit
- Juniper Hardware Firewall Physical Port per customer
- Instant automatic fail over to the second location, upon the primary server failing
- 120 second or less fail over if the entire primary datacentre goes off air (limited to the speed of BGP routing)
- Independent mains power with both UPS and Diesel generated power at each locations
- Fully Independent redundant BGP multi homed Internet Connections at each location

Detailed Technology Overview
Micron21 achieves this level of redundancy by allocating each High Availability Service 5 routable /29 (or /30) IP address allocations. (A1, A2, B1, B2 and C)

The Primary and the Secondary sites are located in independent datacentres, on independent networks with independent power on totally independent hardware.

The Primary site is allocated two /29 IP routable allocations A1 and A2 accessible fully independently from each other and the secondary location.

The Secondary site geographical located 45km away from the primary site is allocated two separate /29 IP routable allocations B1 and B2 accessible fully independently from the primary location.

IP Address Allocation C forms your public facing High Availability IP address which automatically floats via BGP and RIP routing between each physical location providing for a fully geographical redundant service.

In the event of a local issue on the physical hardware or even individual Virtual Dedicated Server, traffic within 5 seconds is re routed internally to the secondary site 45km away.

In the event of an upstream provider issue or even an entire datacentre issue at the primary site traffic is re routed automatically via BGP within 30 to 90 seconds.
There is no need to change name servers or DNS records the change is completely transparent and automatic.

Both the Primary and Secondary site can be accessed independently via fully independent connections at any time. Each service is kept in Synchronization via a dedicated network between IP address Allocation A2 and Allocation B2, configured with either manual or fully automatic real time Synchronization.

In the event of even more redundancy you can add to the mix features such as VMware vMotion or even Fault Tolerance.

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Dedicated - Linux/Windows Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedRAM /
Dedicated IPs
Dedicated ServersfeaturesPayment Methods : Credit / Debit / Prepaid Cards
Support Options : Email, Help Desk, Phone / Toll-Free, Available 24/7
RAM : 16000 MB
CPU : 4 x 2.4GHz
free400 GBunmetered 16 GB
VPS - Linux/Windows Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedRAM /
Dedicated IPs
Virtual ServerfeaturesPayment Methods : Credit / Debit / Prepaid Cards
Support Options : Email, Help Desk, Phone / Toll-Free, Available 24/7
RAM : 1000 MB
CPU : 1 x 2GHz
free100 GBunmetered 1 GB
Cloud - Linux Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedRAM /
Dedicated IPs
Cloud Web HostingfeaturesPayment Methods : Credit / Debit / Prepaid Cards
Control Panel : CPanel
Support Options : Email, Help Desk, Phone / Toll-Free, Available 24/7
RAM : 8000 MB
CPU : CPU Core Allocation
Hosted domains : Unlimited
Free domains : 0
Dedicated IP's : 0

cPanelEnjoy reliable and premium cPanel web hosting with dedicated technical support.
Customise your Cloud Hosting
Up to 50GB Storage
Unlimited Data transfer per month
Support varies
1 cPanel account
Up to 8 GB Memory
Up to [...]
Plan URL : https://www.micron21.com/services/cloud-infrastructure-services/webhosting/
AUD 16.00/mo. VAT exc.50 GBunmetered 8 GB

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Owner: Micron 21 Pty Ltd
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Targeting: Australia, New Zealand
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Links to the site: 40
Details for https://www.micron21.com/
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Server Software: nginx/1.10.2|PHP/5.6.30
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ISP Name / ISP URL: Micron21 Melbourne Datacentre / micron21.com
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Micron21 Pty Ltd (est. 2001) is a Privately Held entity having 59 followers on LinkedIn and 11-50 employees, industry Information Technology & Services.
Micron21 Pty Ltd account is having 16 followers and 0 plus one count. Last activity on Jun 30, 2014. See recent Google Plus Posts:
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- Ever wondered how we manage your Micron21 services?Take a look Inside The Micron21 SOC & NOC.http://www.micron21.com/micron21-soc-noc.php Micron21 Melbourne’s Eastern Datacentre - Melbourne Data : Micron21 Systems & Network Operation Centre
- Happy Mothers Day to all the Mum's out there!From everybody here at Micron21 we hope you have a very special day. #mothersday
- Micron21 is pleased to announce the launch of our DDoS Soak, Scrub and Polish service designed to protect single or multiple servers or websites internal or external to Micron21’s Network and Infrastructure. Micron21 Melbourne’s Eastern Datacentre - Melbourne DDoS Protection

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Richard (richard@f...) / Flying Monkey Multimedia
Time Hosted: 1 to 2 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
Micron21 are excellent
I work as a web designer and maintain a small hosting arm to my business through a Reseller account. I moved to Micron21 from Ilisys after they were taken over by MYOB. I had an ongoing argument with Ilisys about the small space they provide for Reseller packages (only 1GB for $99 p/month!).

In contrast, I have 5GB with Micron21 which, at $61 p/month (+ GST), with full support and total reliability I consider to be very good value.

Micron21 have been really fantastic since I started with them. I chose them because they are Australian and serious about providing a high quality, stable product.

Their communication has been amazing, any support queries I have had have been answered promptly and informatively.

The only issue I have with them is the lack of a hotlink for clients to login to webmail or cPanel. I got around that by providing these links on hidden pages in my clients' websites.

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