Plan #39188, .com .net .org .info, $ 12.99/mo. on Domains

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iFast Net
Bulman House, Regent Centre, Gosforth
Newcastle Upon Tyne ne3 3ls
Phone +44.1912475854
  • Plan Name: .com .net .org .info (sku #p39188)
  • Category: Domains
  • Price:$ 12.99/mo.($ 14.99 after first term)
  • Disk Space: -
  • Traffic bandwidth: -
  • Setup Fee: free
  • Payment: Credit / Debit / Prepaid Cards, PayPal
Payment Methods :Credit / Debit / Prepaid CardsPayPal
Control Panel :WebminOpenVZ
Support Options :EmailHelp DeskPhone / Toll-Free
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Plan description

TLD Min. Years Register Transfer Renew
info 1 $12.99USD $12.99USD $14.99USD
biz 1 $12.99USD $12.99USD $14.99USD
org 1 $12.99USD $12.99USD $14.99USD
com 1 $12.99USD $12.99USD $14.99USD
net 1 $12.99USD $12.99USD $14.99USD 1 $29.99USD $0.00USD N/A
mobi 1 $20.99USD $20.99USD $22.99USD
cc 1 $20.00USD $20.00USD $22.00USD 1 $6.99USD N/A $14.99USD
bz 1 $22.99USD $22.99USD $24.99USD
us 1 $12.99USD $12.99USD $14.99USD
name 1 $12.99USD $12.99USD $14.99USD
in 1 $12.99USD $20.99USD $21.49USD
co 1 $30.00USD $30.00USD $32.00USD
es 1 $14.99USD $12.99USD $14.99USD 2 $37.98USD $0.00USD $39.98USD 1 $29.99USD $0.00USD N/A 1 $29.90USD $0.00USD N/A 1 $29.99USD $0.00USD N/A 1 $29.99USD $0.00USD N/A 1 $29.99USD $0.00USD N/A 1 $29.99USD $0.00USD N/A 1 $29.99USD $0.00USD N/A 1 $29.99USD $0.00USD N/A 1 $29.99USD $0.00USD N/A 1 $29.99USD $0.00USD N/A
ru 1 $12.99USD $12.99USD $12.99USD
me 1 $12.99USD $28.99USD $28.99USD
la 1 $35.99USD $35.99USD $37.99USD
menu 1 $35.99USD $35.99USD $35.99USD
uno 1 $29.99USD $29.99USD $29.99USD
berlin 1 $50.39USD $50.39USD $50.39USD
buzz 1 $38.99USD $38.99USD $38.99USD
blue 1 $14.39USD $14.39USD $14.39USD
kim 1 $14.39USD $14.39USD $14.39USD
pink 1 $14.39USD $14.39USD $14.39USD
club 1 $15.59USD $15.59USD $15.59USD
chinesewebsite 1 $37.19USD $37.19USD $37.19USD
chineseonline 1 $37.19USD $37.19USD $37.19USD
vc 1 $35.99USD $35.99USD $35.99USD
dance 1 $21.59USD $21.59USD $21.59USD
democrat 1 $28.79USD $28.79USD $28.79USD
pw 1 $12.99USD $12.99USD $12.99USD
cn 1 $12.99USD $12.99USD $12.99USD
eu 1 $8.99USD $8.99USD $14.99USD
de 1 $12.99USD $12.99USD $12.99USD
asia 1 $16.49USD $24.00USD $24.00USD

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