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Fast Next
Singapore 079903
☎ Phone 1-(973)-333-4826
🔐 Domains protected :1
💳 Payment Methods :Credit / Debit / Prepaid Cards
🔨 Control Panel :CPanelPleskWHM
🔧 Category :Backup
✍️ Support Options :EmailHelp DeskPhone / Toll-FreeLive ChatAvailable 24/7
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📜 Plan description

Verifies ownership of the domain name, pesonal data and company's registration. Available for individuals and legal enteties.

📄 Editorial Review

We always seek the best talent in order to provide a high level of service quality. We also research new platform configurations that will help us to make our service more failproof. We have already upgraded all our servers to AMD Opterons that use 64-bit Linux operating system in order to provide our customers with the fastest platforms available. Customers data is stored on the RAID-10 array that survives up to 2 HDDs failures without service interruption. We invest in development of the new software like MultiManager, Double backup, etc.

The FastNext are a team of creative and inventive professionals who do their best to develop new hosting solutions as well as provide fabulous quality service. Our mission is to make web hosting affordable while providing our customers with outstanding support as well as a fast and reliable network, thus giving them a taste of fast hosting!

Due to the lasting cooperation with the leading software developers we can provide you with the most advanced software solutions as well as the newest versions of the software available. We are an authorized distributor and/or partner of the following companies.

SWsoft Inc. are developers of Virtuozzo visualization technology, Plesk control panel and other software.
The Developer of the cPanel and WHM control panels.
Netenberg designed Fanastico for cPanel.
CientExec is the leading billing solution ever appeared in the industry. Our packages allow you obtain it without any charges.

Double Backup Technology
Each server has 500GB or greater backup storage array or disk. Your data are backed up to that disk daily. It allows for the fastest data restoration possibleshould an OS or server failure occur.

In addition, we deploy backup servers attached to 3.6TB or greater disk arrays over a private Gigabit Ethernet network. Each server has a private connection to this network so as not to impact live customer network traffic. These servers are used for weekly backups of customer data. And yet, these backups are rarely needed because each shared hosting server has 4 or more hard drives in RAID1+0 configuration and can survive 2 simultaneous hard drive failures.

We will restore, however, your account per your request, and encourage you to generate backups on your own. The backup system is fully automated and there is no way to guarantee that a particular file or data will be backed up at the definite time. We do not account for incomplete backups and render no compensation for non-current data contained in the backups.

We provide hosting services for different types of customers. Our shared hosting packages are always competitive, reseller packages are profitable and VPS packages are powerful. We are aware that managing customer accounts on modern servers is not enough, and that is why we choose software to meet all hosting needs perfectly as well as develop our own.

Vps Plans
Take advantage of this unique way to run your own server affordably! Our Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are a perfect solution for small to medium-sized businesses, programmers, webmasters and web hosting resellers. You can select the Plesk or cPanel/WHM control panel to run your own VPS. Combined with our top-notch connectivity and 24/7 support, this technology is a powerful answer to modern hosting needs. We do not overload our RAID protected servers and constantly keep an eye on our hardware.

All our plans are specially created for multi-domain hosting. We have developed the MultiManager control panel that allows you to create, delete and manage full-featured accounts and control all your sites from one place! With MultiManager, each domain has its own directory structure, mail accounts, ftp accounts, and separate domain control panel (cPanel).

Say good bye to "site is gone"! Our clustered hosting solution ensures failproof environment to special sites with high demands. Load balance technology shares jobs between servers within a cluster. Each server in the cluster has cPanel installed. In addition, Fantastico will make your hosting management "an easy game". Web services as well as database and e-mail services running on each server provide extremely high speed connection. Profits from maintaining sites at clustered hosting are most likely to increase. Your web site is always online even if slashdotted - an event one might only dream about.

Cluster Specifications
Every cluster in our network includes 2 servers. Each server has all necessary software installed, i.e. cPanel and WHM, mail services, ftp servers, database structure etc. Servers are mirrored through a private Ethernet connection to quickly transfer data. If it happens that one server within a cluster fails, another one takes all functions and duplicates entire clustered system. Server load is balanced with a special technology, so actual resources usage might be even beyond a single server limits. Our clustered hosting advantages high speed, reliability and safety.

Reselling Linux Hosting
With each reseller account you get 2 web-based control interfaces. With Web Host Manager (WHM) you can easily create and manage your customer accounts, add/remove accounts on a server, park or redirect domains, control bandwidth, disk space, etc. Using cPanel Control Panel as an end-user solution will definitely give you the advantage above competitors in so far as it is the most popular hosting control panel in the industry. We have developed plans for 2-Stage ResellingTM. See the table below for details.

All our reseller plans are Private Label, i.e. all servers are completely anonymous, thus, your clients will never learn about our existence. Be sure that every single day your customers will receive extremely professional hosting service and will not even guess that you are a reseller. Private name-servers: & will give you the look of an Independent Web-Hosting Company; leaving us completely in the background.

EasyStart - new reseller plan. EasyStart Plan is the choice for those, who would like to start own hosting, but don't know not for sure what to start with. Our EasyStart plan includes standard reseller hosting features and provides WHM control panel access. We didn't set limits for domains you can host with EasyStart reseller plan that you could create as many accounts as you need at any time. Host unlimited domains with easy to start and easy to use reseller plan. Make your EasyStart.

Dedicated Servers
Our dedicated servers feature high speed and performance. Every professional server comes with these features, free of charge:

* Around-the-clock support.
* Ping, service, system and process monitoring (on request).
* Remote reboot port.
* Network Access at 100Mbps.

You also can order many optional services, including: hardware upgrades, network backup storage, hardware firewall, on-demand load balancing, port filtering, clustering, SQL offloading, back end switches for database or backup connectivity, KVM-IP (remote console), redundant power supplies, and much more.

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