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Plan #39679, .com, € 6.99/yr. on Domains

.com has been updated on (added )
Aruba S.p.A., Piazza Garibaldi 8
Soci (ar) , PIEDMONT 52010
Phone 0575050607
  • Plan Name: .com (sku #p39679)
  • Category: Domains
  • Price: 6.99/yr. VAT exc
  • Disk Space: -
  • Traffic bandwidth: -
  • Setup Fee: free
  • Payment: Credit / Debit / Prepaid Cards, PayPal, Wire Transfer
Payment Methods :Credit / Debit / Prepaid CardsPayPalWire Transfer
Support Options :EmailHelp DeskPhone / Toll-FreeLive ChatAvailable 24/7
screenshot of .com from aruba.it

See also initial .com plan location on their website!

Plan description

.it .com .cloud .eu .net .es .name .org .biz .info .co.uk .org.uk .us. .gov and geographic domains 9.99 € + VAT/year

Register your domain!
Create and protect your identity, make yourself known online and open your window to the web now!
Enter the domain name, search and select the service that's right for you! You will be able to select a basic solution such as DNS Management and Redirect or select the Linux and Windows Hosting bundles or one of the “turnkey” SuperSite and e-Commerce services.
The basic solution includes:

1 domain
DNS Management or Redirect
Control panel
Dedicated 24/7 support Dedicated 24/7 support
With the DNS Management services you can register your domain name and point Name Servers according to your configuration, thanks to a user-friendly panel that allows you to manage the DNS Records (A, AAAA, MX, CName, TXT, Name Server).

With the Redirect service you can register your domain name and redirect it to another web address.

If you choose one of the hosting services, you will be able to take your pick among the multiple bundles, all inclusive of domain, disk space and UNLIMITED traffic.
On the other hand, if you prefer a “turnkey” solution such as SuperSite to build a website, or e-Commerce to create your online store, enter the domain name in the form and select one of these in the following pages.

.cc .tv40.98 € + VAT/year
.cc .tv
.fm79.33 € + VAT/year
New extensions Category A17.49 € + VAT/year
.click .club .link .one .space .top .work .xyz
New extensions Category B24.99 € + VAT/year
.agency .audio .bet .blue .business .capetown .center .city .cologne .company .cymru .desi .diet .directory .durban .education .email .equipment .exposed .football .futbol .fyi .gallery .gift .graphics .gratis .help .hiphop .host .institute .international .ist .jetzt .joburg .juegos .kim .koeln .lighting .management .miami .moe .nagoya .network .ninja .pet .photography .photos .pics .pictures .pink .promo .red .reisen .report .rip .rocks .run .schule .sexy .soccer .solutions .store .supplies .supply .support .systems .technology .tips .today .tokyo .vip .wales .yokohama
New extensions Category C32.49 € + VAT/year
.academy .accountant .associates .auction .band .bargains .beer .bid .bike .boutique .builders .cab .cafe .camera .camp .cards .care .casa .cash .catering .chat .cheap .christmas .church .cleaning .clothing .coffee .community .computer .construction .consulting .contractors .cooking .cool .country .cricket .dance .date .deals .democrat .digital .direct .discount .dog .domains .download .earth .enterprises .estate .events .exchange .express .fail .faith .family .farm .fashion .fish .fishing .fit .fitness .florist .flowers .forsale .foundation .garden .gifts .gives .glass .gripe .guide .guitars .guru .haus .horse .hosting .house .how .immo .immobilien .industries .ink .istanbul .kaufen .kitchen .kiwi .land .life .limited .live .loan .lol .love .marketing .mba .media .men .moda .money .news .online .parts .party .photo .place .plumbing .plus .productions .properties .property .pub .racing .rentals .repair .republican .review .reviews .rodeo .sale .sarl .school .science .services .shoes .show .singles .site .social .solar .soy .studio .study .style .surf .tattoo .team .tools .town .toys .trade .training .uno .vacations .vet .video .vision .vodka .watch .webcam .website .wedding .wiki .win .works .world .wtf .yoga .zone
New extensions Category D43.99 € + VAT/year
.actor .amsterdam .apartments .bayern .bingo .black .blackfriday .brussels .buzz .capital .careers .claims .clinic .coach .codes .condos .coupons .cruises .dating .degree .delivery .dental .design .diamonds .engineering .expert .finance .financial .flights .frl .fund .furniture .golf .healthcare .hockey .holdings .holiday .insure .irish .jewelry .lease .legal .lgbt .limo .london .ltda .maison .memorial .menu .mom .ngo .partners .pizza .poker .recipes .rest .restaurant .scot .ski .srl .surgery .tax .taxi .tennis .theater .tienda .tours .tube .university .ventures .viajes .villas .vin .vlaanderen .voyage .wien .wine
New extensions Category E59.99 € + VAT/year
.bio .tech .vegas
New extensions Category F138.99 € + VAT/year
.accountants .archi .bar .best .build .bzh .ceo .college .credit .energy .fans .global .gold .green .investments .loans .press .tires
New extensions Category G374.99 € + VAT/year
.casino .creditcard .movie
New extensions Category H558.99 € + VAT/year

More details https://www.aruba.it/en/domain-price-list.aspx

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