AvaHost Cloud Advanced, $ 9,96/bln. pada Linux Cloud

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  • 💡 Nama paket: Cloud Advanced (sku #p39558)
  • 🔧 Kategori: Cloud / Linux
  • 💰 Harga:$ 9,96/bln.Stok Habis
  • 💿 Ruang Disk: 30 GB
  • 📶 Bandwidth lalu lintas: tidak terukur
  • 💲 Biaya Pengaturan: gratis
🔌 Domain yang diinangi :21
🆓 domain gratis :1
📌 IP khusus :0
💳 Metode Pembayaran :Kartu Kredit / Debit / PrabayarPayPal
🔨 Control Panel :CPanel
🔧 Kategori :Pembuat Situs Web
✍️ Opsi Dukungan :EmailBantuanTelepon / Bebas PulsaMengobrol LangsungTersedia 24/7
🌏 Lokasi Server :Amerika Serikat
tangkapan layar Cloud Advanced dari avahost.net

URL paket asli tadinya https://www.avahost.net/hosting/cloud-hosting/

📜 Deskripsi

Sub-domains: 200
Backup of sites: Daily
Money Back 60 Days

All hosting plans include:
Advantages of cloud hosting:

Failover cloud technology
High performance of the system
Redundant and high performance SAN RAID 10 storage

E-mail capabilities :
Email address with your domain «name@domain.com», Access your Email through a browser, POP3, SMTP server, E-mail Autoresponder, E-mail forwarding, Mailing Lists, Anti-spam features.
Website builder :

With the help of a website builder you’ll be able to create and develop a professional looking website through your browser, without any technical knowledge.
General features :

MySQL DB: Unlimited
CGI-Bin support
Perl, Python
Zend Optimizer/ IonCube
FTP accounts
Online File Manager
Password protected catalogs
Server Side Includes (SSI)
FrontPage support
website builder
Visitors Statistics
CPanel control panel (demo)
.htaccess support
Cron — task scheduler
MIME type Editor
Access to Raw Log files
Access to Error Logs
Error page editor
GD / cURL Libraries
SSH access (upon request, may not be available for all plans)
SSL certificate/ static IP (optional)

Popular scripts auto-installer :

Automatically install in 2 clicks — more than 300 popular free scripts. (CMS, Blogs, Stores, Content Management, Forums, Galleries, Feedback forms, Classifieds and much more…
Promotion package :
Webmasters tools: Search Engine Submitter, Analyzer, Position cheker.
Articles and links: Promotion, Marketing, Search engine optimization.
Free credit for ads on Yahoo! and Microsoft AdCenter.
Collection of programs for a webmaster.
Additional services:
Single domain registration Free
Additional domain registration from $12.95 a year
Additional storage space $1/3Gb a month
Static IP $29 a year
SSL certificates $49 a year
Additional website accounts (more, than what’s included with the plan) $1 a month

Inexpensive web hosting in a Cloud
Reliable and fast shared hosting with CPanel in a cloud server, in a professional data center located in Europe.
Cloud technology for usual shared web hosting provides the highest level of reliability and performance today.

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