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If you are looking for cheapest hosted solution, going with shared web hosting (or budget hosting) is basically your best choice. However, you should expect the most unreliable service (compared with VPS, Cloud or Dedicated) and here great sysadmins and top customers support are crucial. For a small website and NON critical email communication, you can definitively give a try to such service. In latest years, most companies tried to offer very good shared hosting service, because the ROI is maximal here. Most of them are offering plans with unlimited space, traffic, email accounts, free domain registration and unlimited hosted domains.

Kami memilih yang terbaik 5 rencana tersedia di pasar sehingga Anda dapat memutuskan mana yang akan diambil, berdasarkan kebutuhan Anda!
niagahoster.co.id logo
Total Tinjauan: 5
Rating rata-rata: 9 / 10
Ulasan yang bagus: 5
Ulasan: 0
Tanggapan Resmi: 0
Rumah Web
rumahweb.com logo
Total Tinjauan: 0
Rating rata-rata: 0 / 10
Ulasan yang bagus: 0
Ulasan: 0
Tanggapan Resmi: 0
Domo Square
domosquare.com logo
Total Tinjauan: 0
Rating rata-rata: 0 / 10
Ulasan yang bagus: 0
Ulasan: 0
Tanggapan Resmi: 0
Indo Website
indowebsite.co.id logo
Total Tinjauan: 0
Rating rata-rata: 0 / 10
Ulasan yang bagus: 0
Ulasan: 0
Tanggapan Resmi: 0
exabytes.co.id logo
Total Tinjauan: 123
Rating rata-rata: 8 / 10
Ulasan yang bagus: 123
Ulasan: 0
Tanggapan Resmi: 102
HargaIDR 237.600,00/thn TONG 10% exc
IDR 20.000,00/bln.
IDR 5.000,00/bln.
IDR 120,00/thn TONG 10% exc
IDR 15.000,00/bln.
Nama paketUnlimited Hosting - BayiProfessional 250MBDS 100New StudentPaket Website - EBiz Lite
Tipe ProdukHosting Bersama
Hosting Bersama
Hosting Bersama
Hosting Bersama
Hosting Bersama
Ruang Disk500 MB250 MB100 MB1 GB10 GB
Bandwidthtidak terukurtidak terukur40 GBtidak terukur200 GB
IP khusus0000 
Domain gratis00011
Domain yang diinangi112-11
PembayaranKartu Kredit / Debit / Prabayar, PayPal, Transfer rekening, Pembayaran Check, Money OrderKartu Kredit / Debit / Prabayar, PayPal, Transfer rekeningKartu Kredit / Debit / PrabayarKartu Kredit / Debit / Prabayar, PayPal, Transfer rekeningKartu Kredit / Debit / Prabayar, PayPal
Control panelCPanelCPanelCPanelCPanelCPanel
FiturCadangan, CDN, Wordpress, Dikelola sepenuhnyaDNS   
Opsi dukunganEmail, Bantuan, Telepon / Bebas Pulsa, Mengobrol Langsung, Tersedia 24/7Email, Bantuan, Telepon / Bebas Pulsa, Mengobrol Langsung, Tersedia 24/7Email, Bantuan, Telepon / Bebas Pulsa, Mengobrol LangsungEmail, Bantuan, Telepon / Bebas Pulsa, Mengobrol Langsung, Tersedia 24/7Email, Bantuan, Telepon / Bebas Pulsa, Forum, Mengobrol Langsung, Tersedia 24/7
Lokasi Server
Gunakan kode kupon YEAY60 diskon sebesar 60% untuk paket hosting unlimited
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Perbandingan cepat dari atas 54 paket dalam kategori ini diurutkan berdasarkan peringkat merek

Nama Paket Merek Tipe Produk Platform Ruang Disk Transfer Harga Situs Web Yang Dihosting /
Domain Gratis / IP's
Rencana Tanggal
Bisnishostinger.co.idHosting BersamaLinux30 GB SSDtidak terukurIDR 43.285/bln.tanpa batas / 1 / 0 5 Apr, 2019
PAKET VENTUREjagoanhosting.comHosting BersamaLinux20 GB SSDtidak terukurIDR 225.000/bln.tanpa batas / 1 / 011 Jan, 2020
PLUTOjetorbit.comHosting BersamaLinux300 MB SSDtidak terukurIDR 12.650/bln.2 / 0 / 021 Peb, 2020
Personalidwebhost.comHosting BersamaLinux90 GB1 GBIDR 700/bln.1 / 0 / 0 7 Agu, 2018
Gloldhostnic.idHosting BersamaLinux500 MB SSD10.000 GBIDR 20.000/bln.223 Jun, 2018
SMILEmasterweb.comHosting BersamaLinux1 GBtidak terukurIDR 10/bln. / 0 / 019 Jul, 2019
Basicjogjahost.co.idHosting BersamaLinuxtanpa batastidak terukurIDR 14.900/bln.1 / 0 / 019 Jan, 2020
10GBcloudkilat.comHosting BersamaLinux10 GB SSDtidak terukurIDR 50.000/bln.tanpa batas / 0 / 011 Jan, 2020
HELLOardetamedia.comHosting BersamaLinuxtanpa batas SSDtidak terukurIDR 10.000/bln.tanpa batas / 0 / 011 Jan, 2020
GAYObeon.co.idHosting BersamaLinuxtanpa batastidak terukurIDR 149.000/bln.1 / 1 / 021 Peb, 2020
CORP 25ardhosting.comHosting BersamaLinux25 GB SSDtidak terukurIDR 650.000/bln.tanpa batas / 1 / 017 Peb, 2020
HEMAT SMALLrumahhosting.comHosting BersamaLinux200 MBtidak terukurIDR 8.000/bln.1 / 0 / 019 Peb, 2020
Paket Adapurhosting.comHosting BersamaLinux300 MB5 GBIDR 100.000/thn1 / 0 / 015 Peb, 2020
DA Starterwarnahost.comHosting BersamaLinuxtanpa batas SSDtidak terukurIDR 21.500/bln.1019 Des, 2019
WD-Pelajarpusathosting.comHosting BersamaLinux1 GBtidak terukurIDR 8.000/bln.tanpa batas / 0 / 019 Jan, 2020
Dhy-1dhyhost.comHosting BersamaLinux250 MB SSDtidak terukurIDR 60.000/thn5 / 0 / 019 Peb, 2020
Combo 1GBwhplus.comHosting BersamaLinux1 GBtidak terukurIDR 120.000/thn5 / 0 / 018 Jun, 2019
Single Hostingbuycloud.idHosting BersamaWindowstanpa batas SSDtidak terukurIDR 80.000/bln.1 / 0 / 019 Peb, 2020
Basic SGhostingan.idHosting BersamaLinux256 MB SSD25 GBIDR 5.000/bln.tanpa batas / 0 / 021 Mei, 2016
20,000 MBdedoho.pwHosting BersamaLinux20 GB200 GBIDR 40.000/bln.tanpa batas / 0 / 019 Peb, 2020
CI-1000IIXconnectindo.comHosting BersamaLinux1 GBtidak terukur$ 2,70/bln.10 1 Des, 2018
Alfacitrahost.comHosting BersamaLinux500 MBtidak terukurIDR 10.000/bln.tanpa batas / 0 / 020 Peb, 2020
Basicunlimited.idHosting BersamaLinuxtanpa batastidak terukurIDR 19.900/bln.1 / 0 / 021 Peb, 2020
1 GB SSD Hosting Singapore Servercirebonhosting.netHosting BersamaLinux1 GB SSD50 GB$ 21,00/thntanpa batas / 0 / 0 1 Apr, 2019
PRO USA 50 Mbboc.co.idHosting BersamaLinux50 MB10 GB$ 1,00/bln. 18 Jan, 2012
Economy 1pasarhosting.comHosting BersamaLinux102 MB10 GB$ 0,07/bln.tanpa batas 1 Des, 2017
DIJAMINMURAH.comdijaminmurah.comHosting BersamaLinux1 GB30 GB$ 29,00/bln. 27 Okt, 2008
Businesscloudmatika.co.idHosting BersamaLinux/Windows100 GBtidak terukur$ 13,10/bln.20 1 Des, 2018
Basicindoreg.co.idHosting BersamaLinux1 GBtidak terukur$ 4,00/bln.6 1 Des, 2018
50MB Simplee-padi.comHosting BersamaLinux50 MB SSD10 GBIDR 20.000/thn1 / 0 / 016 Sep, 2019
US-Ikuncihost.comHosting BersamaLinux100 MB10 GB$ 0,05/bln.1 1 Des, 2017
Package Avkios.comHosting BersamaLinux/Windows500 MB10 GB$ 3,66/bln.1 1 Des, 2017
WoW 1sengked.comHosting BersamaLinux1 GB SAStidak terukurIDR 240.000/thntanpa batas / 0 / 014 Mar, 2017
BASICindosatm2.idHosting BersamaLinux500 MBtidak terukur$ 1,21/bln.10 1 Des, 2017
Personal Web Hosting IIXbestariwebhost.comHosting BersamaLinux100 MBtidak terukurIDR 4.000/bln.2 / 0 / 0 1 Jul, 2018
PRO-PLAN-1jakhoster.comHosting BersamaLinux5 GB SSDtidak terukurRP. 40.000,00/bln.5 / 127 Des, 2017
Corporate Hosting - Gold1stserver.comHosting BersamaLinux8 GB SSDtidak terukurIDR 219.000/bln.tanpa batas / 0 / 010 Jun, 2020
PERDHANAHOST Shared Hosting - MINI Serieswheehost.comHosting BersamaLinux250 MB15 GB$ 0,50/bln.  7 Agu, 2010
Litesorabit.comHosting BersamaCloud1 GB SSDtidak terukurIDR 20.000/bln.tanpa batas23 Sep, 2019
Web Hosting Siswaunmetered.co.idHosting BersamaLinux350 MBtidak terukurIDR 3.000/bln.tanpa batas / 0 / 029 Mar, 2018
Personal Hosting IIX-256bestariwebhost.co.idHosting BersamaLinux256 MB SSDtidak terukurIDR 8.000/bln.4 / 0 / 023 Jun, 2018
Bronzeeazysmart.comHosting BersamaLinux1 GB10 GB$ 1,12/bln.1 1 Des, 2017
Basicindowebhoster.comHosting BersamaLinux200 MB20 GB$ 0,31/bln.5 1 Des, 2017
PRIVATE Bussiness 75iixmedia.comHosting BersamaLinux/Windows75 MB10 GB$ 0,43/bln.tanpa batas 1 Des, 2017
SharedHosting USAidreg.netHosting BersamaLinux200 MB SSD20 GBIDR 9.000/bln.tanpa batas / 0 / 122 Mar, 2019
Plik100usaplikhost.comHosting BersamaLinux100 MB8 GB$ 0,83/bln. 27 Okt, 2008
WebSpace Basicreadyspace.co.idHosting BersamaLinux10 GB SSD20 GB$ 2,50/bln.1 / 0 / 026 Mei, 2019
Neo Hoster Celeron 2.4 GHzneohoster.comHosting BersamaLinux60 GB2.000 GB$ 50,00/bln. 27 Okt, 2008
Medium US IDWEBSPACE.comidwebspace.comHosting BersamaLinux/Windows512 MB1.000 GB$ 2,25/bln. 27 Okt, 2008
Corporate 100MBcyberspace.co.idHosting BersamaLinux100 MB2 GB$ 0,83/bln. 27 Okt, 2008
SOHO-15telkomhosting.comHosting BersamaLinux15 MB10 GB$ 0,74/bln.tanpa batas 1 Des, 2017
Bisnis USA 2000axiadata.co.idHosting BersamaLinux2 GB80 GB$ 7,00/bln. 16 Jun, 2012
Starter Packagepandanaran.comHosting BersamaLinux10 MB1.000 GB$ 0,50/bln. 27 Okt, 2008
EAR10earhost.bizHosting BersamaLinux1 GB5 GB$ 1,00/bln.  1 Des, 2014

Tentang Shared Web Hosting

Shared Web HostingA shared webhosting service refers to a web hosting type where a lot of websites reside on one single web server. Each site has it's own resources on the server to keep it separate from other sites.
This is generally the best economical option for hosting, as many people share the hole cost of server hardware and maintenance. In most of the cases, providers are splitting the web services over multiple machines, one for webserver, one for database, one for DNS and one for databases.
When choosing such a hosted solution, you should pay attention for support and uptime, since most brands are offering today "unlimited" features on such budget plans.

- The greatest advantage is the low price which is a decisive factor for most of the customers.
- You don't need to perform technical maintenance on the server when running website, email or databases.

- Limited resources which may get overloaded by other customers.
- Not being able to install custom modules on the server if you need to run your special programs.

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