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If you are looking for cheapest hosted solution, going with shared web hosting (or budget hosting) is basically your best choice. However, you should expect the most unreliable service (compared with VPS, Cloud or Dedicated) and here great sysadmins and top customers support are crucial. For a small website and NON critical email communication, you can definitively give a try to such service. In latest years, most companies tried to offer very good shared hosting service, because the ROI is maximal here. Most of them are offering plans with unlimited space, traffic, email accounts, free domain registration and unlimited hosted domains.

我们选择市场上最好的 3 计划,因此您可以根据自己的需求决定选择哪一个!
west.cn 商标
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bizcn.com 商标
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sudu.cn 商标
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价钱CNY 288.00/年。
CNY 120.00/年。
CNY 150.00/月。
计划名称Tw000Living in LiteProfessional 1
磁盘空间300 MB无限200 MB
带宽10 GB10 GB20 GB
支付PayPal, 电汇信用卡/借记卡/预付卡信用卡/借记卡/预付卡
Control panel[室内]  
特征 备用 
支持选项电子邮件, 服务台, 电话/免费电话, 在线聊天电子邮件, 服务台, 电话/免费电话电子邮件, 服务台, 电话/免费电话, 在线聊天
更新10月 201910月 201912月 2019


计划名称 产品类别 平台 磁盘空间 传递 价钱 托管网站 /
免费域名 / IP's
6000 MB35.com共享主机Linux6 GB100 GBCNY 5,800.00/年。无限 / 0 / 0 6 12月, 2019
SEO Basic Editionzitian.cn共享主机Linux5 GB未计量CNY 769.00/年。无限 / 0 / 114 2月, 2020
G172e.net共享主机Linux/Windows1 GB85 GB$ 3.95/月。无限 1 12月, 2017
US cloud hosting website space US100PHPonlinecq.com共享主机Cloud3 GB50 GB根据要求无限 / 0 / 014 2月, 2020
Basic Chinasinohosting.net共享主机Linux5 GB25 GBRMB 1,000.00/年。无限 / 0 / 0 4 12月, 2019
Free DIY 300Mbohan-it.com共享主机Linux300 MB未计量CNY 2,400.00/年。无限 / 0 / 019 2月, 2020
Package host 200Mbootchina.com共享主机Windows200 MB未计量CNY 190.00/年。20 / 0 / 015 2月, 2020

关于 Shared Web Hosting

Shared Web HostingA shared webhosting service refers to a web hosting type where a lot of websites reside on one single web server. Each site has it's own resources on the server to keep it separate from other sites.
This is generally the best economical option for hosting, as many people share the hole cost of server hardware and maintenance. In most of the cases, providers are splitting the web services over multiple machines, one for webserver, one for database, one for DNS and one for databases.
When choosing such a hosted solution, you should pay attention for support and uptime, since most brands are offering today "unlimited" features on such budget plans.

- The greatest advantage is the low price which is a decisive factor for most of the customers.
- You don't need to perform technical maintenance on the server when running website, email or databases.

- Limited resources which may get overloaded by other customers.
- Not being able to install custom modules on the server if you need to run your special programs.

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