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HighSpeed Web
420 Dave Lyle Blvd.
Rock Hill SC 29730

Sales Hotline: 800-498-8054
Tech Helpline: 803-327-7766

This company is listed on WebHostingTop since 2006 and last updated on Aug 20, 2019

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  • 5 customer reviews ;
  • 0 customer testimonials
  • targeting one country (United States ) ;
  • no hosting discount ;
  • 5 plans into category: Shared ;
  • OS platforms: Linux, Linux/Windows ;

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The company has 5 products on Shared (with the following platform distribution: 3 plans on Linux and 2 plans on Linux/Windows).

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About: High Speed Web inc. Facebook channel, where you can find odds and ends. Please feel free to contact us!
Products: Dedicated and Virtual Servers, Web hosting, and IT services for business
Websites: https://www.highspeedweb.net/
Phone: +18033660560

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For over a decade, High Speed Web has been servicing the hosting community with quality dedicated servers, shared hosting, and VPS hosting. Having recently invested a small fortune in upgrades and high availability infrastructure, our network is built to handle 99.999% uptime and automatic failure for core processes.
Company Type: Privately Held
Industries: Internet
Employee Count Range: 11-50
Specialties: Website HostingDedicated HostingShared HostingVPS Hosting
Phone: 800 498 8054
Fax: 803 366 1068