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Java Server Pages (JSP) technology provides a simplified, fast way to create dynamic web content. JSP technology enables rapid development of web-based applications that are server and platform independent. (works on Linux and Windows OS). We choised the best jsp hosting from our directory, which offers you a great stability. Alternativelly, our best java webhosting plan may be suitable for you.

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关于 JSP Web Hosting

JSP Web HostingJSP - JavaServer Pages is a Java technology that allows software developers to create dynamically-generated web sites (similar like PHP or ASP), with HTML, XML, or other document types, in response to a Web client request. The technology allows Java code and certain pre-defined actions to be embedded into static content.

The JSP syntax adds additional XML-like tags, called JSP actions, to be used to invoke built-in functionality. Additionally, the technology allows for the creation of JSP tag libraries that act as extensions to the standard HTML or XML tags. Tag libraries provide a platform independent way of extending the capabilities of a Web server.

JSPs are compiled into Java Servlets by a JSP compiler. A JSP compiler can agenerate a servlet in Java code that is then compiled by the Java compiler, or it may generate byte code for the servlet directly. JSPs can also be interpreted on-the-fly, reducing the time taken to reload changes.

Architecturally, JSP may be viewed as a high-level abstraction of servlets that is implemented as an extension of the Servlet 2.1 API. Both servlets and JSPs were originally developed at Sun Microsystems. Starting with version 1.2 of the JSP specification, JavaServer Pages have been developed under the Java Community Process. JSR 53 defines both the JSP 1.2 and Servlet 2.3 specifications and JSR 152 defines the JSP 2.0 specification. As of May 2006 the JSP 2.1 specification has been released under JSR 245 as part of Java EE 5.

A JavaServer Page may be broken down into the following pieces:
* static data such as HTML
* JSP directives such as the include directive
* JSP scripting elements and variables
* JSP actions
* custom tags with correct library.

JSP Technology in the Java EE 5 Platform

The focus of Java EE 5 has been ease of development by making use of Java language annotations that were introduced by J2SE 5.0. JSP 2.1 supports this goal by defining annotations for dependency injection on JSP tag handlers and context listeners.

Another key concern of the Java EE 5 specification has been the alignment of its webtier technologies, namely JavaServer Pages (JSP), JavaServer Faces (JSF), and JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL).

The outcome of this alignment effort has been the Unified Expression Language (EL), which integrates the expression languages defined by JSP 2.0 and JSF 1.1.

The main key additions to the Unified EL that came out of tbe alignment work have been:

* A pluggable API for resolving variable references into Java objects and for resolving the properties applied to these Java objects,
* Support for deferred expressions, which may be evaluated by a tag handler when needed, unlike their regular expression counterparts, which get evaluated immediately when a page is executed and rendered, and
* Support for lvalue expression, which appear on the left hand side of an assignment operation. When used as an lvalue, an EL expression represents a reference to a data structure, for example: a JavaBeans property, that is assigned some user input.

The new Unified EL is defined in its own specification document, which is delivered along with the JSP 2.1 specification.

Thanks to the Unified EL, JSTL tags, such as the JSTL iteration tags, can now be used with JSF components in an intuitive way.

JSP 2.1 leverages the Servlet 2.5 specification for its web semantics.

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