План #38543, MS1, $ 170,00/ Мес. на Linux Удалось

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Unit No. 501, 5th Floor & Unit IT Building No. 3 NESCO IT Park
Mumbai , MH 400063
Телефон +91 22 3079 7676
факс +91 22 3079 7679
  • Название плана: MS1 (sku #p38543)
  • категория: Управляемый хостинг / Linux
  • цена:$ 170,00/ Мес. | Настроить плату: свободно
  • дисковое пространство: 1000 GB | Пропускная способность трафика: 5 TB
  • Расположение сервера:
  • Оплата: Кредитные / дебетовые / предоплаченные карты, PayPal
CPU / Сердечники :Intel E3-1220LV2 Dual Core
RAM :4000 MB
Размещенные домены :неограниченный
бесплатные домены :0
Выделенные IP :1
Способы оплаты :Кредитные / дебетовые / предоплаченные картыPayPal
Панель управления :CPanel
категория :Полностью управляемый
Варианты поддержки :Эл. адресСправочная службаТелефон / бесплатныйForumДоступно 24/7
Расположение сервера :Соединенные Штаты
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Описание плана

Intel E3-1220LV2
2.30 GHz Dual Core w/HT
1000 GB HDD in RAID 1
5 TB Bandwidth
2 Free IPs

Setup, Security, Monitoring & Support - Fully Managed

cPanel Installation
Full Web Server Support

Antivirus & Malware Scans
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Managed Hosting Specs

Server Setup
cPanel Installation
Firewall Configuration
CMS Optimization
3rd Party App Support
Full Web Server Support
24x7x365 Support
Security Enhancements

Complete Control Panel Support
Software Issue Repair
App Updates
MySQL Optimization
Log File Analysis
Timely Secure Audits
OS Hardening
Antivirus & Malware Scans

Managed Servers
Fully Managed Support: Our expert support team will handle every single aspect of the server setup, monitoring and maintenance as per your requirements relieving you of the need to deploy resources towards this task. We are just a call away and will help you with a comprehensive list of support tasks which you can check on the Compare Servers.

Infrastructure: Tailored for high potential clients, our managed server hosting boast 17 fiber-optic providers & the best infrastructure in the world. Located in the high fiber-optic connectivity & frugal latency area of Dallas, these servers are extremely reliable. Independently powered by 2 power stations producing 400 MW each for maximum underground electrical feed, there are chilled-water cooling systems in place for load balancing.

Full control and Instant Provisioning: You can take control of your managed hosting server with root access & core-managed support. Instant provisioning enables them to go online instantaneously without any waiting period or extra set-up costs.

Technical Specifications: Our managed servers are powered by Intel Xeon HyperThreaded processors, DDR3 RAM & 7200RPM SATA drives. With up to 1Gbps speed, every server is paired with an in-built & expandable 1TB mirrored 7200 RPM SATA hard drive on RAID configuration.SuperMicro Blade Chassis servers consume less power & have lesser cooling requirements,adding an element of feasibility to these premium managed hosting services.

Backup and Storage: You don't need to worry about manually installing & configuring a sturdy firewall for protection. Backups can be additionally scheduled over SAN. All popular CMSes & add-ons are automatically setup & configured with the help of softaculous.

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