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Vox Telecom
9 Pieter St, Highveld Techno Park
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I'm disgusted with Vox. I've had problems from day 1 and it's still not working properly. I've just given up and paid the account. They will not see me again after the year has passed. Everyone talks a different language and no department knows what the other does. All you get is tickets. You get promised excellent WiFi but once installation is done, then your problem starts. The some of the technicians has the audacity to tell you Vox will give internet to the router but cannot guarantee any Wi-Fi coverage. Just to find out that the routers they supply is a entry level which I'm being told only covers to around 15 meters. Bull, it's even less. I've had 4 technical visits and numerous calls where tickets get opened. On this ticket you get numerous calls just to explain the whole story over and over. Then there's cocky technicians being sent out to your house just to listen to the same crappy excuses and explanations. I will not recommend Vox to anyone, no wander everyone around me is with other companies which they are happy with. If you install your own router they will not support you. Then they are quick to give you solutions but very quick to say it's for your cost.
Why would anyone be happy to be WiFi restricted in your own home!!!
I wonder if the CEO of Vox is actually aware of all these negative reviews, or is he just ignoring these facts like the rest of the workforce?

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